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Aliasing fix for new X5 camera on Inspire drone
  • For those of you working with Avid NLE's, the new X5 camera is producing some pronounced aliasing. This seems to be more to do with Avid's poor downscaling algorithms than the X5, but we've found a workaround which cleans up the picture no end - apply a gaussian blur with a value of 0.5 (we have the Boris Continuum Complete plugins). The picture still retains good detail in a 1080p project, but the horrible wittering disappears. Those of you on Premier and FCP may not have any of these issues.

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  • May be drop Avid?

    Among video players you can look for MadVR as it has good and high quality implementation of upscaling and downscale argos. By idea some video editors also must be able to work with tunable DirectX filters.

  • Have you posted on Avid Forum? Sounds like a bug. What source file you using? (not that I use Avid- but NLE's need to do this all the time).

    If you are doing lots of digital zooming maybe use proper VFX then render all footage as 1080? BMD Fusion is free?

  • It's a well known issue with Avid - we're using the native dji quicktimes, with very little digital zooming. There are various other workarounds, but this one is the quickest and easiest. You can drop the blur to 0.3 with footage from the Phantom P3P camera, strangely.

  • @mrbill Have you tried using DJI's ProRes transcoding tool? It may help you maintain the quality of your source files while overcoming that Avid bug, if the transcoding times are not too intrusive. I believe there's a setting for both Log and standard color profiles.

  • Interesting - will check that out.

  • The cardboard box with my Avid hardware sitting it has actually started to deteriorate into paper particles. :)

  • @Tron - sadly, the software doesn't do any resizing i.e. transcode from 4k to 1080 - it just brings the footage out of log (it's a lut to all intents and purposes). Thanks anyway