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Sony A6300 4K 100mbit 14 stops DR little monster, official topic
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  • @cehkc:

    Let´s wait for the final firmware. PLUS: You get at least full scaling in 24P.
    (And a crop around 2x isn´t THAT bad. It´s the same with the G7 / G70 ^^.)


    Good question - Got the G70 (PAL model of the G7) for under 400€.
    So it´s still the WAY better deal for sure (especiall as you can also go for the Ninja Blade,
    which you can get easily unter 400 bucks too - Used).

  • I agree...the newz of the 30p crop is depressing my interest !

  • Im guessing it is because they couldnt handle the data from the 6k sampling at 30 fps, so they scaled it down. I guess its better to have a sharper image with a bit of a crop than a softer image with a wider crop.

  • I hope it writes timecode…

  • Something no one has mentioned, is that beyond the obvious lacks, something that Sony implemented as in A7RII, is that capacity that can be read via adapter third party lenses and AF. That would become this great camera into something really unique and great difference for the APSC segment.

  • I've seen from multiple sources that the 6300 focus system works very much like the A7Rii's system where you can put either LA-EA3 adapter or metabones adapter and shoot Sony A-mount or Canon glass. Jason Lanier talks about it at the 3:45 mark in this video...

  • @bozfx, and hopefully Nikon lenses too.... autofocus adapters for Nikon to E mount have arrived already!:-D

  • I have a Commlite EF to NEX smart adapter that works horribly on the a6000. Definitely hoping it works better on the a6300.

  • Contax G and the Techarte adapter should be interesting then. Even the 28mm might work on APS-C (soft corners on FF).

  • @IronFilm can you point to one that's in production? I looked the other day and couldn't find one available to purchase. I think Commlite had some issues and somewhere on a blog I read they emailed a customer and said their Nikon F to NEX Emount adapter with AF would ship in mid January. I don't see them for sale anywhere.

  • Im a little concerned about slog on this camera. If the min ISO is still 1600, we are going to have some serious noise issues unless they have turned this into a mini A7rii. ISO 1600 was starting to get noisy on the a6000 in a normal profile.

  • Looking just at the specs - is there any reason to choose the a7rII over this except the 5-axis stabilisation?

  • Looking just at the specs - is there any reason to choose the a7rII over this except the 5-axis stabilisation?

    some ;-)

    1) Full frame 2) professional 3) still camera 4) 42MP 5) 5-Axis stabilisation.

  • @joethepro slog2 on the RX100 IV is at a base ISO of 1600 and looks pretty clean in decent lighting on that camera. Since the sensor on the A6300 is bigger, I'd imagine that 1600-3200 will be just fine.

  • @eatstoomuchjam Do the colors look ok at that ISO on the RX100 IV? Id imagine that things would start to degrade a bit due to noise, but hopefully the a6300 is clean enough to have some usable ISO headroom.

  • @joethepro The colors are about what I'd expect from Sony and are about as good or bad as the LUT I'm using will allow. Since it's slog, the colors right out of the camera are terrible and washed out, but that's sort of to be expected. :)

  • Wondering how this camera will compare with the upcoming GH5 in low light. Other than the features/price value, the 120 fps/1080p & superior continuous auto focus are the most compelling features for me but yea no touch screen for easy focus pulls is a bummer. I'd consider purchasing the A6300 for use with a G Master lens but then without stablization in camera or lens, I'm not very motivated.

  • @CFreak check out the Sony Alpha Rumors blog, they've covered a couple of the Nikon adapters

  • @crowbar ....? Que.....what gh5 ? Did I miss something ?

  • @crowbar The a6300 will be here in march, and the GH5 is probably 12+ months away at least (guessing). Just get the sony and sell it later if you want the gh5.

  • @joethepro....I guess I don't get comparing cameras that haven't even been rumored to be released ! The gh5....if there actually is a gh5 in someones future...could be light years away . In fact ....before the gh5 could arrive, panasonic ( and , or sony ) could declare bankruptcy , or wwIII could start ! Now, I can see comparing the a6300 to the gh4...when and after the a6300 is actually released....but not before ...even then. None of the a6300 hand-on'ers had a camera with the final firmware, if memory serves me my experience is....wait for reviews of the released camera, at the very least. With all the expectations, we shouldn't have to wait too long after march 10th.

    ps....look what happened to the an example

  • @kurth No I agree, I was just saying not to worry about the gh5 precisely because it hasnt even been announced yet and we dont know if it will exist. So if @crowbar was trying to make a decision between the 2, I said to go with the a6300 and sell it later if you find a better cam.