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Timecode syncing multiple GH4 cameras
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  • I doubt that you can get sub-frame sync with consumer cameras, even if you find a way to sync TC.

  • Thanks @DrDave . That method works very well for many uses but I have a couple of special uses that require real timecode. One reason why I want multiple cameras to be synched with exact timecode is so that they will all be recording at sub-frame sync. I haven't been able to find out much about the real capabilities of GH4 timecode.

    I will have a second GH4 this week for testing the Lumix Link app method and will report back. However, if anyone has used timecode on the YAGH (or knows definitively) I'd love to know about whether one YAGH can be used to jam sync for multiple camera bodies sequentially.

  • I just dump the files on the timeline and line up the waveforms, but I would say try the app first in a little test and see if it is accurate enough for what you want. Theoretically, it should get you fairly close. Obviously, if you have the timecode you will also get pretty close, but you still have to bump it a frame or two even with timecode (timecode doesn't factor distance). Clocks usually drift a bit unless they are slaved to a master clock, more recent cameras tend to have better clocks.