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Best lightweight (500g max) 4K camera
  • Hi, I'm trying to find a lightweight camera for aerial filming with best possible IQ. I'm limited to 400-500 grams as I don't have budget to upgrade my copter now. High bitrate is really important for the wide angle lanscapes with lots of details. I've made some research but would like to read your opinions.

    RX100, Nex-5R, a6000, a5100, NX500 etc ....

    Thanks for your help


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  • There is always this: Big bonus for weight and flexibility. Lens choice is very limited but you could always fit some adapters.

  • I think I will go for sony a6000 and give up the 4K until I build a proper heavy lift copter. 4K is overrated anyway IMO.

  • You could use the Panasonic G7 (410g inc. battery and SD card) and either the 14-42 PZ (95g) or the 12-32 (70g) lens. The PZ lens would be useful if you can use Wifi to control the camera, as you could zoom the lens remotely. The G7 has great 4K video quality!

  • Rx10-2 might be worth the extra payload...

    849g including battery and integrated (badass) zoom lens

  • good to know, so another on is out of the game. Thanks

  • Very pleased with my rx100-4, but has one stupid problem - rolling 4k it overheats after 5min, maybe prop down wash would cool it enough lol.

    Or you could put a 4k hdmi recorder on your bird if it has enough payload capacity but then you blow your 400g weight limit.

  • Unfortunately there is no HDMI output while recording so lx100 is useless for aerial video :(

  • I'd put the Panny LX100 on your list. 400 grams, Excellent Lens and 4K if you can find a way to fly it.