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DxO ONE for your iPhone, 1" sensor and F1.8 lens
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    • 13.2 x 8.8 mm 20.2MP sensor, BSI
    • Video - only 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 120fps (H.264)
    • 32mm F1.8 lens
    • Focus range: 20 cm – Infinity
    • 1/8000 to 15s shutter
    • lack of OIS
    • Tiny OLED screen with settings display, touch control
    • Shoots raw images
    • microSD UHS-I U3 support
    • 108 grams
    • 2.65” x 1.9” x 1”
    • Works with iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad (4th generation), iOS 8 or later
    • $479 at

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  • Yes, they stopped making it.

  • I had never seen this before! Looks pretty cool - I just googled to check out review and unfortunately some bad news related to this product :( - DXO now bankrupt and product discontinued, thats a genuine shame

  • News on Android version

    DxO ONE Early Access program for Android now available

    DxO, a pioneer in digital imaging technology, is pleased to introduce its DxO ONE Early Access program for Android. Open to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet, the program gives users the opportunity to start using the new DxO ONE for Android right away. In addition to helping improve the overall user experience by sharing their feedback with DxO, Early Access participants will receive regular firmware updates with all the latest features. The DxO ONE’s essential features are now available for Android, including photo and video capabilities in all modes (auto, scene, semi-auto, and manual), related shooting settings (aperture, sensitivity, exposure time, exposure compensation, etc.), and Direct Wi-Fi connectivity. The Android app also lets users read, share, transfer, and delete photos and videos when the DxO ONE is connected to the phone. DxO will be adding new features over the next several months, including live video streaming via Facebook Live, time-lapses, manual focus, and the ability to transfer, delete, or share multiple photos or videos at a time.

    Supported Android devices

    The DxO ONE Android is equipped with a Type-C USB connector. To ensure the best possible user experience, DxO has tested a range of Android devices for compatibility. To date, the DxO ONE Android supports the following models:

    • HTC U11
    • Huawei mate 9
    • Huawei P10
    • LG G6
    • LG V20
    • Moto Z
    • Nexus 5X
    • Nokia 8
    • Nubia Z11 mini
    • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
    • Samsung Note 8
    • Samsung S8
    • Huawei Honor 9

    This list will continue to expand to reflect the needs of Early Access program participants. For more information:

  • Finally DxO making Android version!

  • More updates

    The DxO ONE now supports Multi-Camera Facebook Live and Time-Lapse features as well as new accessories and an Early Access Program for Android

    The latest free iOS app update, available free of charge, opens up a number of new opportunities for using the DxO ONE remotely and autonomously, transforming the camera into the perfect photo and video accessory for your iPhone

    PARIS – October 16, 2017 – DxO, a key player in digital image technologies, announced a major update to the DxO ONE, its miniaturized and connected professional-quality camera for smartphones and tablets. Available immediately and free of charge, version 3.0 of the DxO ONE iOS app offers the first pro-quality multi-camera solution for Facebook Live and a new time-lapse option featuring exclusive Auto Ramping technology. The DxO ONE ecosystem of accessories now includes an external Battery Pack that doubles the camera’s battery life as well as a Cable Back Door for the device’s waterproof case, allowing you to use the DxO ONE outside or even underwater for extended periods.

    “While smartphones have made significant progress in terms of image quality, they don’t come close to the photos and videos a real camera like the DxO ONE can offer. Most importantly, you have to hold them in your hand, and you constantly need them for other things, like making calls, sending messages, or checking your social networks,” explains Jérôme Ménière, DxO’s CEO and founder. “The DxO ONE is the first photo and video camera designed to operate as both a handheld and remote device. It’s even able to function remotely over a long period of time — for example, you can use it outside to record a time-lapse or Facebook Live video. Because it works in perfect harmony with your smartphone, it is the ideal photo and video assistant for this device.”

    Multi-Camera Facebook Live capabilities: the ultimate solution for broadcasting professional-quality videos

    With its iOS application update to version 3.0, the DxO ONE revolutionizes video publication using Facebook Live by allowing users to instantly and easily create a live video stream. Its revolutionary Multi-Camera mode, which leverages the DxO ONE and both iPhone cameras, gives users the ability to experiment with shots that can’t be captured with the iPhone’s cameras alone, making it easy to create professional-quality video streams.

    DxO ONE’s Live Facebook solution offers a set of advanced controls, including a mini-control panel that allows the user to preview all three views to compose shots, adjust lighting, or prepare the subject before shooting and streaming live from different angles. Just like filmmakers, users can switch from one camera to another at the touch of a fingertip, as well as record sound from the DxO ONE’s or the iPhone’s built-in microphone, and switch the sound source during playback.

    Wi-Fi control also allows users to control the camera remotely while also sending videos over Wi-Fi or 4G, making it easy to experiment with new compositions. And with its large sensor and ultra-bright optics, the DxO ONE offers a natural bokeh that allows users to capture high-quality video.

    Stunning, ready-to-share time-lapse videos

    Version 3.0 of the DxO ONE iOS application’s Time-Lapse feature lets you capture stunning videos and share them without going through a complex post-processing process. The easy-to-use interface guides users through the appropriate settings — duration, interval, and time of shooting — and warns them if their selected settings are incompatible. DxO ONE’s unique Auto Ramping technology avoids flicker effects by providing consistent exposure and white balance across all images. Once the settings are established, the phone can be used normally while the camera continues to take pictures. The videos it produces can then be shared immediately.

    In addition, the DxO ONE iOS 3.0 application’s Time-Lapse feature uses an intervalometer, transforming the camera into an automatic camera that periodically takes professional-quality images in RAW format at a user-defined rate. Advanced users can also create 4K videos in post-processing.

    For long-term use no matter the weather and even underwater, the Cable Back Door connects the DxO ONE to an external battery when the camera is used with the Outdoor Shell — a must-have combination for superb outdoor video and time-lapse imaging.

    New accessories for optimizing the DxO ONE experience

    The new Battery Pack extends the DxO ONE’s battery life. It includes a Cradle, two rechargeable batteries, and a USB adapter. The Cradle attaches to the bottom of the DxO ONE once the back door has been removed so you can connect either one of the two batteries or the USB adapter. Each battery adds up to one hour of battery life, and the USB adapter allows the DxO ONE to be recharged directly from an external battery.

    The new Tilt Stand lets you hold the camera on any surface and choose between five different tilt directions as well as different angles of view, greatly facilitating use of the DxO ONE in standalone mode, or for hands-free remote use when controlled by Wi-Fi.

    DxO seeks out Android users

    Building on the success of its DxO ONE for iOS, DxO has developed a DxO ONE for Android equipped with a type-C USB connector, making it compatible with recent Android smartphones and tablets.

    The DxO ONE Android will be offered in the coming weeks via an “Early Access” program that is open to all. It will allow users to preview the DxO ONE Android and receiving regular updates with the latest application features. The Early Access program will be an opportunity for participants to share their feedback and help improve the DxO ONE experience on Android.

    “Since its launch, we have added dozens of features to the DxO ONE, thanks to feedback from users,” said Jean-Marc Alexia, Vice President of Product Strategy. “Today, DxO is responding directly to one of the most frequent requests by launching the Android version, and we will continue to listen to market needs. "

    Price & availability

    Version 3.0 of the DxO ONE iOS application, along with the application for the Apple Watch, are immediately available for free via the iTunes App Store.

    Version 1.0 of the DxO ONE Android will be available for free in the coming weeks via the Google Play Store, as part of the “DxO ONE Android Early Access program”.

    The Battery Pack ($59,99 | £49.99 | 59,90 €) will be available at

    The Cable Back Door will come with any purchase of a waterproof Outdoor Shell from DxO’s online store.

    The Tilt Stand will be provided with the DxO ONE free of charge.

  • click the link Amazon shown this model is discontinued

  • Next software

    December 14, 2016—DxO, pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announces a major free update to its award-winning DxO ONE pro-quality miniaturized and connected camera for iPhone that will take Facebook Live broadcasting to new heights. The DxO ONE camera iOS app version 2.5 will introduce the world’s first pro-level multi-camera solution for Facebook Live, enabling users to take full advantage of the DxO ONE’s remarkably compact design, outstanding image quality, and integrated internet connectivity while broadcasting to their followers. Available to all DxO ONE users free of charge, the update is expected to be available in early 2017 via the iTunes App Store.

    With the update, the DxO ONE app will embrace Facebook Live, providing the ability to quickly and easily create a live stream with only a few taps of the app. When combined with full Wi-Fi remote control, the DxO ONE will operate as a remote broadcast camera, giving users the ability to experiment with camera compositions and placements that are impossible to achieve with the iPhone’s built-in cameras alone. The DxO ONE’s large image sensor and fast lens combine to provide a shallow depth-of-field and natural looking bokeh that lets users live stream with a level of quality that is breathtakingly cinematic.

    The DxO ONE Facebook Live solution provides a sophisticated set of controls, including an elegant multi-camera source panel, that lets you preview all three camera views at once­—DxO ONE, iPhone front and back—so you can recompose the shot, adjust the lighting, or prepare your subject before going live with any camera view. You become the technical director, as you seamlessly cut between each of the three cameras on-the-fly with a quick tap. Your audio feed can be sourced from the DxO ONE’s internal microphone, the iPhone’s microphone, or set to automatically switch between the two as you cut between cameras. And of course, the DxO ONE app will allow you to name your Live stream and let you connect with the people who care most, whether it’s a select group of personal friends, or your fans worldwide.

  • New update

    DxO ONE 2.1 update integrates full RAW processing workflow in an iPhone environment

    PARIS—November 10, 2016—DxO, pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announces a major update to its award-winning DxO ONE miniaturized camera that lets demanding photographers take their mobile image making to the next level. Less than three months after the release of a 2.0 update that brought Wi-Fi as a new feature, DxO continues to extend the use of its pro-quality camera by introducing the world’s first seamless RAW workflow, direct from the DxO ONE to your iPhone or iPad. The version 2.1 update takes full advantage of RAW support in iOS 10, enabling a one-touch transfer of DxO ONE RAW files to the iOS Photos library where they can be processed on-the-go. Available to all DxO ONE users free of charge, the update also enables direct Wi-Fi remote control, and adds other performance boosting enhancements.

    The DxO ONE camera revolutionized mobile photography by being the first to combine a large, high- resolution sensor and fast, razor-sharp lens in a miniaturized design that pairs directly with the iPhone or iPad. From the start, the DxO ONE has allowed photographers to store images in the RAW file format, which offers superior quality over JPEGs and considerable flexibility. Until now, post processing of RAW images necessitated they first be imported to a desktop computer. With this latest update, the DxO ONE camera can seamlessly transfer RAW photos direct to the iPhone where they can be further enhanced by Google Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, and other popular iOS photo editing applications that have embraced support for mobile RAW image processing.

    “I prefer to capture in RAW, because it gives me enhanced dynamic range, which is especially useful in bringing back details in blown highlights and deep shadows,” said professional photographer Camilla Ferrari. “Thanks to new developments by Apple and DxO, I’m now able to transfer RAW images from my DxO ONE camera right to my iPhone with a single tap, where I can process them in Adobe Lightroom Mobile and other iOS apps while I’m still on location. Welcome to the future!”

    To further streamline the new mobile RAW workflow, DxO has introduced a lighter and faster recording speed for RAW files, which squeezes an average of 30% more storage space out of existing microSD cards. Overall responsiveness has also been improved, with a faster boot time for the camera, quicker application start-up, and improvements to the loading speed of the photo gallery.

    The update also adds a number of other enhancements to the user experience, including a direct Wi- Fi connection that provides full remote control over the DxO ONE camera even when no existing Wi- Fi network is available. Version 2 also added a host of innovative features further extending the many uses for the DxO ONE, including the ability to tap into the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already logged into for remote control in-home or in-office, and a Mobile Smart Lighting feature designed to dramatically enhance the dynamic range of photos taken in tricky lighting situations. DxO also recently introduced a complete ecosystem of accessories, including a waterproof outdoor shell, ultra- compact stand and optical adapters, all intended to let photographers take their DxO ONE absolutely anywhere, without restrictions, to extend their creativity even further.

    Pricing & Availability

    The DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Connected Camera for iPhone® and iPad® is available for purchase at, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target and other respected retailers for $499 (US).

    The DxO ONE 2.1 iOS app and companion Apple Watch® app will be made available in November as free software updates via the iTunes App Store®. Every DxO ONE user is invited to download DxO Connect for Mac/PC, or on Mac DxO OpticsPro for Photos – DxO ONE camera only, both of which harness the power of the DxO OpticsPro photo engine designed to make your best photos look even better.

  • DxO has released a 2.0 update of its DxO ONE iOS app for all DxO ONE users and announced that a new accessories ecosystem for the miniaturized DxO ONE pro-quality connected camera will start shipping the week of September 19th 2016.

    Also note that around $50 dollars from item price goes to Apple :-)

  • Wow! Should work with Android via the wifi mode too eventually I bet!

  • PR

    Camera manufacturer DxO announces major updates to the DxO ONE Miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone®, including Wi-Fi remote control and a new waterproof Outdoor Shell designed to further extend its fields of use. Upholding their promise to make the camera even better after you’ve bought it, Wi-Fi Remote Control will be available to all existing users free of charge via a forthcoming 2.0 software update. DxO’s accessories ecosystem also introduces an ultra-compact Stand and a snap-on Optical Adapter, enhancing creative possibilities for the DxO ONE which captures pro-quality photos and videos that you can share instantly to Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and more.

    DxO’s new Wi-Fi Remote Control implementation is remarkable in that it completely eliminates the cumbersome and altogether frustrating Wi-Fi configuration process that plagues every other Wi-Fi-equipped camera on the market. When attached via DxO’s patented Lightning® connector, Apple iOS can seamlessly pass its Wi-Fi authentication credentials from the iPhone to the DxO ONE. In-house or in-office, users can take advantage of this unique DxO innovation that lets the camera immediately tap into the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already logged onto. And when traveling about, or out in the wilderness, your DxO ONE can just as easily create a direct Wi-Fi connection to your iPhone. By enabling remote connectivity between the DxO ONE camera and your iPhone, photographers are free to explore every conceivable photographic angle, while still having control over every capture setting, and the ability to easily view, edit and share their content to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

  • DxO announced today the immediate availability of yet another groundbreaking update to the award-winning DxO ONE professional quality connected camera for iPhone® and iPad®. The version 1.3 update, available for free via the iTunes App Store, introduces several new features that further extend the use of the DxO ONE, including the ability to use the OLED display as a novel framing assistant to help quickly compose while operating the camera with one hand. Additionally, DxO has unbundled their desktop software from the package (DxO FilmPack and DxO OpticsPro now sold separately), enabling even more photographers to get their hands on the revolutionary DxO ONE camera at a new low price of just £399.

    “That is one trippy amazing viewfinder — love it!”, said award-winning photographer, John Stanmeyer. “Even more wonderful, in very low light, the ONE handled all the complexities of ISO, focus, etc., instantly. Amazing. Perfectly fine for those rapid moments when you want to make an image, a RAW high res file, in any lighting conditions we’re placed in.”

    Version 1.3, the second major upgrade to date, enables the DxO ONE to be used as a miniaturized proquality camera that is smaller, easier, and faster to shoot than any other camera on the market. To quickly capture life’s fleeting moments, simply pull the DxO ONE out of your pocket or purse, and in one movement, slide the lens cover open, compose the scene using the OLED display as a framing assistant, then depress the two-stage physical shutter button to lock focus and grab the shot. In standalone mode, the DxO ONE provides a fun, retro-style of photographing without “chimping,” and makes browsing newly captured images a surprising and delightful experience.

    Best of all, when using the DxO ONE in stand-alone mode, all of your preferred camera settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, white balance, etc. are preserved, exactly as you set them in the iOS app. For example, if you prefer to capture portraits at f/1.8, the camera will always be ready at f/1.8 when you pull it out of your pocket. And because the DxO ONE has a physical shutter button, it works even if you’re wearing gloves. So when you’re on the slopes, set the camera to 1/4000s (or higher), then when you pull the camera out of your ski jacket the DxO ONE is immediately ready to freeze fast action. “During an assignment with a very high profile client I had the misfortune of seriously injuring myself during a biking accident”, said Robert Leslie, professional photographer and amateur cyclist. “Much to my client’s surprise I was able to complete the studio session and capture some incredible images while using the DxO ONE in the new stand-alone mode. Now what other camera in the world lets you do a professional shoot whilst your arm is in a sling with a broken collar bone?”

    Version 1.3 also introduces a host of other features including motion blur alert, and an elegant new way to dial in white balance, metering and focus modes, which can also be viewed as overlays in the viewfinder along with your iPhone battery level. Browsing photos is faster than ever, with the gallery now sorted in the same order as in iOS Photos. You can be sure your images were successfully shared thanks to a new visual confirmation message, and you can set a preferred JPEG compression level for photos, and bitrate for videos. Of note, an innovative Message Center now provides a direct connection to DxO, with in-app access to current information designed to help you get the most out of your DxO ONE.

    DxO ONE owners are invited to download and install version 1.3, which is available as a free update via the iTunes App Store.

  • Firmware update coming

    DxO announced today the availability of the first major software update for the award-winning DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera. The DxO ONE app version 1.2 will be available early December via the iTunes App Store, and will introduce new camera controls based on direct feedback from DxO's rapidly expanding community of photographers. Version 1.2 makes the DxO ONE camera even more powerful, including new ways to view and interact with advanced photo info, and provides more control over the entire photo and video capture process including via a companion Apple Watch app. The DxO ONE connected camera is now also available in select Apple retail stores nationwide, as well as on Apple's online store.

    "Using the camera has become second nature to me—it's crazy good. I never imagined standing in a pit lane at a major motorsports event and immediately being able to provide a PR rep images of his team's pit stop literally seconds after the car pulled away," said John Thawley, whose images have been featured in print for companies such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Lexus, and Maserati. "I've been equally impressed with the DxO team and their responsiveness to feedback and suggestions. It's nice working with a company that is listening, and I can't wait to see what the DxO ONE team does next."

    The way you interact with the DxO ONE is even better, thanks to new features that let users get instant access to advanced capture parameters and photo information with a simple swipe. Continuous shooting offers users the ability to shoot several photos in a row by simply depressing the shutter button. The manual focus mode now provides one tap access to hyper-focal distance, and the ability to reposition the magnification loupe for critical focusing. At the request of pro photographers, the shutter speed range has been expanded for capturing even faster motion (1/20000) and longer low-light exposures (30s). Users can now capture high quality video with full manual control of aperture, ISO, white balance and more. DxO ONE selfies are now available in every capture setting and mode, including the ability to record high quality video selfies, ready to share with the world. There's even a new companion app that lets users remotely trigger a DxO ONE camera with their Apple Watch.

    The image scientists, engineers, and designers at DxO are committed to refining the connected camera experience. This relentless pursuit of perfection has been aided by the generous outpouring of support and direction provided by DxO ONE photographers, many of whom, like John Thawley, are established and respected members of the professional community. Thanks to this tight feedback loop, DxO ONE owners can expect to receive a regular cadence of exciting new features in the months and years to come.

  • image

    The DxO ONE is a unique product that packs a decent sized sensor into a tiny camera body. The camera produces bright colourful images, even when working with scene modes and is easy to use. Noise is a concern at higher levels but Auto and low ISO levels do produce pleasing results. Lens performance is good and as the DxO ONE is compatible with a variety of Apple devices, it's very easy to share images with friends or store them to the Cloud. Where it's let down is with its battery life which is poor and handling could be better.

    800 x 536 - 74K
  • Betr. admiringlight. Maybe it is a good idea someone tell this guy it is not a good idea making test with f11 on this kind of sensor. (diffraction blur).

  • @dlzn

    Well, wait for refurbished items and sales. Do not rush.

  • Interesting... I own an iPhone 6 and for this price I personally don't think it's worth it. Also considering that with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 you can achieve similar results. If you don't have a similar smartphone, for the money you can easily buy a new DSLR.

  • UK events where you can try this strange beast

    • Wednesday 21st October – Photovision Roadshow, Derby
    • Thursday 5th November – Calumet Autumn Roadshow, Belfast
    • Thursday 19th November – Calumet Autumn Roadshow, Manchester
    • Friday 4th & Saturday 5th December – Calumet Autumn Roadshow, London