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The GH2 Still Amazes
  • Thanks VK

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  • Nice shots! Yeah, it still rocks - unless you need a lot of DR or slomo, GH2 is hard to beat (especially for the price) :P

  • Ooh, creepy! Very good tension :) The GH2 certainly still is valid!

  • @oscillian Thank you! This is the turn-around-in-one-day rough cut; as we shoot more and finesse, I could really see it coming together..

    @brudney The 60p is still pretty great, and all I need most of the time. I am waiting for the perfect cam to arrive to check all my boxes before I switch again, but right now I am following that principle of 'knowing the device completely', and intentionally avoiding getting mired in the technical perfectionism (as I have in the past)

  • Aaah! Can't wait for a part 2! Very well done. Great tension build up. What hack did you use and with what type of lenses? @Sage



  • @dlzn Thank you! Its FloMo 2, with an AIS era Nikkor set.

    It continues to improve in the edit (this was the day-of draft) & next, sound design

  • Per the request of producer, raw frame

    1920 x 1080 - 516K
  • @Sage Hey Sage,

    Did you guys use any extra light?

    Also did you find yourself needing a denoiser in post?

    Also X 2, what profile settings?

  • @sage i still use my 2 GH2´s for a lot of work. Its really a grate camera. hard to beat in 1080p even on expensive equipment, if properly lited you can have some gate percived DR. ill upload the latest thing ive donde with this camera.

  • here it is, password: GH2 (caps lock)

  • Nice work. Looks clean. I use a set of Nikkor AIS lenses but tend to get a lot of flaring with such lighting. Do you have any strategies for avoiding flare?

  • @endotoxic Very nice color grading

  • @endtoxic love the colours. Tops.

  • thanks, many years using this tool. (gh2)

    moont7 patch set of rokinons 24 35 85 t1.5

  • @endotoxic Yes, very nice!

  • @MirrorMan No - I try to get the flare :) The only sometimes problematic side flaring is on the pancake 50, which can be solved with a thread extension ring. A more clinical glass that barely allows flaring is the Sigma 18-35... that is what I dislike about it. For the Ais lenses sans mattebox, you can limit non-motivated (light source not in frame) flaring with a thread on hood if you'd like.

  • @thpluto Yes, here is part of an earlier message to producer: "Sure; beyond available lighting, two lights were used to build on what was already there. One was a battery powered 312 led, that can dial in color balance and brightness. This was used exclusively here to simulate moonlight (blue), and give night exterior a basic level of visibility. A Linco Flora outfitted with 6 low wattage halogen house bulbs (40w?) and a dimmer was used to light the actress, in a way that was motivated by the tungsten lights already in the scene (a linco stand set was used to hold the lights). Plenty of tweaks per shot. Smooth -2 was used, with an ISO of 400 (always, unless 800 w/ worse color is needed, 200 risks banding)"

    Also, never a denoiser, I actually added noise to the export (which looks infinitely nicer than what is online). A bit nicer upload (higher quality playback options available on YT - still does not compare to the real deal):

  • yeah gh2 is great. this was my first film ever shot, chose the gh2. debut music video for Votive. absolutely no grading

  • @MirrorMan

    AI lenses are very organic an have a good resolution for its age.

    for flares, usea a Mattebox for shure, and remeber that every lens has its own characteristics, so flaring may be diferent in each situation and lens.

  • Still.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    Still 3.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 964K
  • keep rockin Sage. Cool stuff. Like the PE at end

  • My gh2 is under used, thanks for posting this to give me a reminder. Is Day 2 shot in anamorphic lens?

  • Nice work!

    Anyone using a Speedbooster on a GH2?

  • @matt_gh2 Thank you - that credit sequence drop is going to be ridiculous

    @bradneffphoto No anamorphic here; its Nikon Ai era lenses. The giveaway for anamorphic is the oval like bokeh

    @bannedindv Me - this is all done with a speedbooster (Nikon mount)

  • This weekend

    1262 x 710 - 21K
  • I really love GH2, it still holds up very well with current standards in video in the terms of picture quality!

    Please check little short film filmed with GH2, kit lens 14-42, Vivitar Series 1 28-70mm and
    Canon TV Zoom Lens 17-102mm c-mount. Color grading in Film Convert.