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Any good school or courses in digital photography in New York or somewhere else in the US?
  • My son is in his early 20s, apassionate digital photographer from Barcelona and would like to go for a 3 months stay in NY or somewhere else in the US to do some advanced digital photography course. He found this one here: (School of visual art in NY) The reviews do not sound very encouraging; some call it a "money bag". Does anybody know this school? Or somebody may be would kindly give us some hints about serious courses that you guys heard of or know about that don't cost a fortune? Thanks a lot for helping.

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  • I studied 25 years ago in NYC.

    SVA had a good reputation back then.

    The NY Film Academy (NYFA) was born out of the fundamental courses being taught at the NYU film school, with the same high price but without the degree and in a much shorter period of time, or, à la carte. I just saw and see from 1 small building 25 years ago how they now have locations across the globe, they have definitely raked in a lot of $$$ from high tuition.

    There was also NYU's School of Continuing Education (for working adults), which had some summer intensive courses for filmmaking I recall. Here's a link to the non-credit courses (cheaper) and a screenshot of what came up when I searched for "photography"…. I did meet one guy in my 10 years living in Europe that said he went to the NYU film school, and what he had really done was taken a few courses at the NYU continuing Ed School. lol. .. but the truth is no one really knew the difference in Europe unless they knew someone who had been to the school. At $50-$150 per class, it's not cheap either, but, it's a reference point to other NY prices.

    Although if I could go take a course (in film production) today, I would investigate what you can take at the film school in Lodz, Poland.

  • Ahhh, the NY Institute of Photography might be a better bet: at ca. $1000 for a 270 hour course, sounds like a much better deal.

    They have a few other options too.

  • For Documentaries there is also the Maysles Institute, although I know nothing about the Institute. Albert and his decease brother David are world renown documentarians. Albert is probably in his late 80s, so I doubt he is teaching much.

  • @CFreak thanks a lot for your suggestions. We will have a look at all these ideas.

  • @gameb post back what you decided on.

    Also I just realized I confused NYIP with ICP. ICP was there 25 years ago and are still going:

    The cheaper plan is the "Continuing Education" plan which is basically meant for working people and therefore less intensive over a longer period. It basically says it's $10,000 for a 1 year term (3 semesters), which is still a good deal in NYC.

    Also B&H sometimes has a single "course" on gear or software for free. I went to a great 1 hour session on Lightroom when it first came out. Basically a pro showed us his workflow, which was way more beneficial than hearing about what you could basically read in a manual about the software.

    Sometimes the contacts you make in a school are as valuable as the experience and work you produce while there. Returning back to Catalonia afterwards might reduce that benefit from studying abroad, but, images from NYC are sure to be great for a portfolio.

  • Also we had a discussion about working in the media business after school in this thread, if that's of interest: