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GH3/4 laggy 25p video
  • Hello can somebody kick me in, i am lost now .. when i try to shot 25p 1/50 or 50p 1/100 video and import to Premiere with 25p sequence, video is laggy - no matter if i slow down 50p shot, even 25p is laggy - tripod pan, is there any settings in GH causing this ? try to switch off mega ois or set 180d shutter angle on gh4 i see that 25p video should be smooth in tripod pan (my 24p shot looks smoother) thanks for any ideas

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  • What is 'laggy'? Maybe you should post an example.

  • well here is it - 25p sequence and i found out its called ghosting ?

  • That looks totally normal to me. I don't know what problem you think you're seeing. There's no ghosting - just the expected motion blur.

    25p is jerky, if that's what you mean by laggy. Try shooting 60p or speeding the footage up to 60p and see if that looks better.

    Or maybe you have a playback problem. Try different playback hardware.

  • try to look at white cable, i think this is not ok :/ another example here

    i dont want to shot at 30fps (i am in PAL region) but i need smoother videos for commercial projects issue in video starting at 0:20 for some reason youtube link doesnt work properly

  • At times the white cable is very subtly showing some flicker, perhaps from a fluorescent light with magnetic ballast, which would flicker at 100 Hz. But otherwise it is doing exactly what I'd expect for 25p with a 1/50 s shutter. The motion blur covers half the distance traveled.

    You will need to be more specific about the problem you are seeing.

  • sorry in the video above is from 0:14 scene starting in hallway - there are a lot of jerkiness and i think video at 25p should be smooth - its not too fast pan

  • Looks normal for 25P.

  • Hallway pan is too fast and the jerkiness is 25p when you pan that fast.

  • well but if i need a project to be exported as 25p what framerate u would choose for pans like that ?

  • If you want to export in 25p then you shoot 25p.

    Your problem is the camera movement is too fast for 25p given how close the camera is. There's just too much motion within the frame for it to be rendered smoothly at a low frame rate.

  • If you change the shutter angle or shutter speed you can increase the motion blur and minimise the effect you are seeing. Try 360deg or 1/25 sec. This is how film cameras get around the issue at 24 fps.

  • Warp stabilizer help too

  • I am sure there are others but this will help maybe.

    I recall I read that the "trick" is that you should have something closer in frame for the viewer to focus on, this is how you can "distract" the brain of the viewer in to not seeing the judder. Once you know this fact try looking at any film pan and it quite surprising what you have been seeing for years without seeing it if you get my drift.

  • well i try shooting at 25p 1/50 this weekend i was try to do as slow pan as i can but there are still some jerkiness in video - i think i never must thinking about pan speed before - i think i am going back to 30p/60p as my videos mostly going to youtube or internet - i did a test with gopro 4 at 25p and there is no jerkiness and video is smooth as 60p. this one shooted at 24p and its still smoother than 25p (

    ) i think there must be something bad with 25p in my pc or camera

  • Stick to 1/50 shutter speed, follow the action, move very slowly, and avoid "unjustified" camera movement, which should be dictated by the narrative and/ or the aesthetic. E.g. pan to show a landscape (follow the vertical lines of the composition), tilt up to show a towering cathedral.

  • i know, i am shooting for 3 years but never had trubles like that look please at this - shooted at 24p with 180d shutter speed this scene, smooth as ... "" and look at this - shooted at 25p 180d shutter "" if my eyes are good and all monitors too, i can say 24p is much smoother - on same shutter rule (180deg.) shouldnt be