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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • low hanging fuits!

    shot with 96fps-mode, a but of twixtor. GH4 with 100-300 f4

  • Just spent 6 days shooting. I've found the perfect settings for shooting. Skin tones perfect. Cinematic, very gradable. Spot on.

    Keep WB at 5000k always for out door shooting, for indoors keep it at 3000k, then Cine D, 0, -5, -5, -2, 0. H/S 0/-2. Thats it.

  • @nobbystylus Could you upload any samples? Thanks.

  • @nobbystylus I'm curious too. Cine D usually results in awful skin tones unless some serious grading is taking place.

  • Here they are. shot with pancake 20mm SLR Magic 12 and SLR MAGIC 1.x33 with above settings...

    2048 x 1080 - 493K
    2048 x 1080 - 551K
    2048 x 1080 - 581K
    Jaime 2.jpg
    2048 x 1080 - 601K
  • The key seems to be the White Balance setting. Notice that I've set it to 5000k for exteriors, meaning its much less 'pink / orange'.

  • Are those images graded?

  • No grading...

  • @nobbystylus I'd say those second two look good. The first two have that yellow skin cast. A user over at EOSHD Inazuma created a LUT that neutralizes that yellow and orange cast. I've had great success with it in Neutral and Portrait profiles. It may work in Cine D as well. I'd be curious to see.

  • @aaronchicago Thanks for the Inazuma Luts, they certainly do a nice job of tweaking the yellows and getting more life out of skin tones.

  • Has there been a firmware update that allows you to view in anamorphic mode 4:3 on an external monitor without having to buy the Atomos Shogun? I just got my SmallHD AC7 and found out I could not view my image in the anamorphic mode unless I switch it to 10 bit 422 which doesn't do internal recording. The camera should be able to view the image in anamorphic mode on an external monitor and record internally. Shoot it can do with 16:9 and 1.9:1

  • @BrandonObey I believe it's a monitor setting. I know the new SmallHD502 has 3 anamorphic viewing modes.

  • An interesting way of creating the GH4 into a Canon 1D C Log profile for greater LUT compatibility and smoother tonality in shadows / highlight roll off.

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  • @capionStudio - I would check your edit monitor. Those blacks are so crushed I can't see any shadow detail at all. There also seems to be a significant amount of aliasing going on.

  • @mrbill

    Our monitors are properly calibrated and I typically grade with scopes in mind. Please refer to the video description on vimeo regarding blacks in post. Thanks for watching!

  • They were pretty lucky to even catch a picture of that swarm of Dust Devils. Considering that the "Dust Storm" was shot into the Sun, it came out very well. I would not really be concerned about the blacks, but concentrate on the dust funnels. But ya, we all could do better and constructive critique could help.

  • I don't shoot with a GH4 (had GH2s though), but I agree the crushing is bad. If shadows can't be recovered better than that, it's OK as a look, but not general-purpose.

  • ... I don't know the full workflow, but it sounds like the LUTs are expecting a different shadow curve and destroying them. Try adding a gentle shadow boost curve before the LUT.

  • @_gl agreed thanks for the advise. The GH4 Converter Lut and James Miller DeLut really smoked out the blacks so I picked the middle ground for crushing. 0:40 however is underexposed and resulted in either bringing up the exposure and smoking out the blacks further or crushing them. This is a good example of what an under exposure can do with this process of "log" shooting.

    Also just so everyone is clear this is not my cup of tea for shooting/coloring. Please refer to "Image & Color" for a more accurate depiction of our processing. This was a test utilizing the EOSHD Log converter, and still playing with it. I never use LUTs and always build our grades from the ground up. Slight learning curve but interesting to play with! Give the EOSHD Converter and James Miller DeLuts a look and many happy shooting to you all!

  • Cool, yeah ever since I jumped to the BMD Pockets, grading has been a lot of fun : ). I also like to build my own corrections without LUTs, though I can see they're useful & fast if you have one that works for you.

    My own advice to beginners is always to fully grok a luminance curves widget before doing anything else. Once you completely get how to adjust it, converting any global curve to any other, or dialing-in custom contrast and offsets becomes super-easy, all with a single widget. After that you can concentrate on more specific colouring.

  • Hey there, shot with gh4, 25mm panaleica. most of the time 60fps. natural -3,- 5,- 5, 0,0. color correction with davinci resolve.

  • Yes nice. The opening shot looked like the opening of Gladiator with Russel Crowe :-)

  • Noodled around a bit with some older footage (GH2 + GH4).....


    The LUMIX DMC-GH4R comes in response to growing demand from the film production industry. The photo/video hybrid now offers unlimited 4K recording (Cinema 4K: 4096x2160 / 24 fps and QFHD 4K: 3840x2160 / up to 30 fps in MOV/MP4) and V-Log L video capability, in addition to the high performance and functionality synonymous with Panasonic’s range of LUMIX G-CSC cameras. The GH4R will be available from 7th September 2015 and will RRP at £1199.

    V-Log L is also available to existing LUMIX DMC-GH4 users, via a paid software upgrade. By purchasing the DMW-SFU1 Upgrade Software Key and updating the camera’s firmware to version 2.3, users of the original LUMIX DMC-GH4 can also enjoy the benefits of V-Log L functionality for a one off cost of £79.