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Lavalier Showdown
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  • I know nothing about the MKE 2 iPhone gadget above but I wasted money on the Rode lav that was a similar product, the hiss was terrible and using a phone to record isn't as convenient as some might think, searching for menus etc.

    I don't think anyone has mentioned the cheap, handmade Giant Squid Lav, it gets very good reviews and is dirt cheap. A sound guy in his home makes them. I plan to combine it with a H1 Zoom, it seems a great solution.

  • thanks for that video. sorry, can i ask why you're using Zoom H1 and not a more recent version of the Zoom recorders?

  • Its not an old version it a lower end model. I think you are confused the H2, H4 etc are actually different more higher end models. Ultimately though the H1 does the job for recording a lav cause its smaller and cheaper, you don't really want to have a bulky recorder for this situation, can be slipped in a pocket etc.

  • ok, thanks!

  • Just recently bought a Countryman B2D hypercardioid for noisy environments. The quick take is that it works where an omni is useless and a boom would attract too much attention. First cut at noise reduction using Izotope RX4 sounds pretty good. I'll be posting samples after I finish current project.

  • @4CardsMan Would definitely be interested in hearing that test. What do you think of working with Izotope RX4 in terms of ease of use and effectiveness?

  • Does anybody know which mike is sold with the Rode Link Film maker kit? is it the lavalier? the pin mic? another one?

  • I have one it is the lavalier mic as specs above, comes with the foam and dead cat style wind shield as well all in a nice little bag :)

  • @matt_gh2 - hoping to post next week. I found a tutorial on youtube that helped a lot with RX4. Auto settings for its denoiser are not good enough with a really noisy clip. Using the time-frequency selector and a spectral denoise works much better.

  • Cool - thanks for tips. Will probably be trying RX4 out pretty soon.

  • @4CardsMan looking forward to the post — I could have used one of those recently I think.

    @suresure123 I actually picked up a second H1 recently — I was really impressed with the sound both internally and off the pin. Got bombed for RF filming near a military base and never want to worry about that again, so having two H1s provides a lot of piece of mind. The craziest use so far though has to be putting it in a condom and using it dual system with a gopro for a snorkeling shoot where sync was needed above watter. Worked great.

  • Sennheiser ClipMic

  • Voice Technologies VT500

  • Another comparison