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Buying used GH2- Things to look out for?
  • Hello, I am new to the community and really looking forward to joining the GH family! These patches and upgrades are very new and exciting to me. I am looking to purchase a used GH2 to shoot short films until I have enough money for a new GH4 next year.

    What are things to look out for when purchasing a used GH2? Low hours/shutter count? Do I have to look for a certain original firmware for the patches to work? There are just so many for sale on ebay & craigslist- any pointers would be great. Thanks!

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  • Try to find a local seller on Craigslist. Inspect the camera but more importantly, inspect the seller.

  • Hi there. Where are you located? I recently purchased a second gh4 and am looking to sell one of my two gh2s. Both have small marks on the LCD screens but are otherwise fine with low shutter counts. Let me know and I can send you pictures.

  • @a3yd If at all possible, by from someone who's been on this site awhile. People on this site tend to be honest, so you're more likely to know how it was used, and if there are any issues. I'm not a big fan of Craigslist. See poster above who is selling one.

  • @JDN is one of your GH2's still for sale? I have been looking into buying a GH2 recently and would be interested in buying one of yours.