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DaVinci Resolve 16 and older 15 and 14
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  • @OzNimbus Coincidentally I noticed that my a6000 audio was not being imported to Resolve 11. Is there a known limitation with Resolve and Sony audio files?

  • Does it finally support a7s audio?

  • For some reason my compatibility settings were turned on and set to Windows 7. I am not sure if it installed this way or was picked up from a previous installation. I turned it off and now it runs flawlessly realtime on UHD 422 10bit Prores.

  • It works in Windows 7.

  • Working nicely on iMac Retina 5k with 4GB GPU. I don't think it will replace my other editing applications, but it is a nice upgrade for DaVinci. The new colour management is very handy and gave nice results with some GH4 V-Log test clips.

  • Does anyone have any idea why my performance is so bad. Playback starts at 12fps and within 5 seconds goes to less than 1fps regardless of project or clip size. This is a system that is always realtime with 4k in ppro. 64Gb ram and 2 GPUs (which Resolve reports correctly). There appears to be a bottleneck prior to the GPU. The CPU stays under 20% but the GPU bounces between 0 and 1 or 2%. Any suggestions much appreciated.

  • Are there are new audio tools available within Resolve, or do they support plugins at least to get audio editing capabilites?

  • Interesting. I'm still using CS5 and am not going to rent from Adobe. This may be a viable replacment.

  • BEWARE, backup (zip), 'cause DR12 will overwrite previous versions!!

    Very first impressions: UI much cleaner, after initial shock it looks and feels "clearminded". Nice work on curves section, greyed out/faded options, all modules and almost all graphics have been streamlined (maximized) and objects and tools given space, just love the simple dotted BG behind the nodes, which are much easier to link now. Search search search dialogs. Not fond of the top section, seems a bit like wasted space. Tuttle and open OFX seem to work (at least as in 11). Fuck me even TT meter (64bits wrapper) is working via VST!!! I still don't see myself editing complex projects here (need further deepfrying chicken wings), but for someone delivering FHD there's not much anyone can offer, for free +)

  • I have dual GTX970 on Windows 8. Davinci reports them but does not seem to be using them.

  • @joethepro just a couple of XAVC-S mp4 from Sony A7s, placed on the timeline to test. Weird things are happening with CUDA on Yosemite, unfortunately, but this GPU memory error seemed to be more related to Resolve. I had no such problems with the previous versions of Resolve

  • I'm on a PC with a GTX 650 TI seems to work well.

  • @flabo is this with 4k or 1080p footage? Busy or simple timeline?

  • Doesn't work well with my iMac with GeForce GTX 680 MX 2GB card. Lots of "GPU memory full" problems. Honestly, it's not an incredible card, but this is a bit overkill ...

  • Links are up now... go get it!

  • The beta is out now. Failed to get direct links to it though.

  • Too early :-)

  • No Download Link for now.

  • Looks like Windows 7 users are out of luck. Their site says it requires Windows 8.1.