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Best wireless system on a budget? (for lavalier, but not including lav mic)
  • I've decided to pick up a Rode lavalier mic for $250. I like the warm, clear sound it produces, and it seems to cut well with other Rode products, which is great for me as I currently have a VideoMic and will probably upgrade to an NTG-2 or 3 some time this summer.

    However, I am having a hard time finding a good wireless system to use it with. The cheaper Azden units get mixed reviews. The Sennheiser G3 system includes a decent receiver and transmitter, but it costs $630 and includes another lavalier mic which I don't need... strangely, buying the receiver and transmitter separately costs much more, and doesn't include the microphone.

    Ideally, I'd like to stay under $400 for the wireless system. I don't care about exceptional range. 50ft would be nice, but I could do with just 25-30ft. I do want wireless system that doesn't pick up weird noise from cell phones, etc, though. Beyond that, the only other thing that I'd like is an easy way to mount it to my camera rig (e.g. 1/8"-20 screw hole, or hot shoe).

    Any recommendations?

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  • Try and find a used sennheiser system. Even the G2 are great. I have an older EW100 system that works very well too. In my experience, better than the azden and samson stuff. Just watch out for the freq band that has been banned.

  • For now I'm staying away from Lavs, but when I get into them I'm thinking of getting OST801 becase they emulate the sound of Tram TR-50 so well - check out this thread

    Also, the setup that I want to achieve is: Lav mic plugged directly into Zoom H1, which remains on persons body, and records directly and clean - no wireless intervention. The problem with such a setup is that there's no monitoring. So for monitoring alone I'm thinking of getting dirt cheap wireless transmission system (for under $50) that would plug into the headphone jack of the Zoom H1. I don't know if it would work? Any expert advice?

  • @Sangye

    Let me know how that Azden system works. I sold two sets of the cheap wireless systems they make. They were worthless and purchased a Sony system that's awesome but I was looking at the set you are too.

  • I think you should stay away from anything from Azden. Never heard a good thing about them. For $400, you should be able to get a used g2 set easily or even an old lectrosonic set if you're lucky.

  • Does anybody f you have experience with bluetooth mikes? Like

    Canon WM-V1

    Sony ECM-HW3

    or something like that:

    The videos are just examples, I am sure you find others. They seem to be quite cheap and what I have heared not too bad.

    Would be great to hear soem experiences.

  • @AKED

    I have ECM-HW2 for Sony TD10. Used it for home video only few times.

    You can just sold proper mike, like in

  • Speaking of lectrosonics, are the older units usable in cities? There are some for sale in my area but they operate in the 180 - 182 MHz range which are apparently used by television stations in North America. Anyone have expereince with these units (Lectrosonic 187) and know if they are still usable in an urban setting or is this bandwidth plagued with interference?

  • Ok Vitaliy, interesting solution. The Sony has a frequency of 300 to 9000 Hz. I could not find anything about the Canon.

    The AW2 reciver can be mounted on the Camera but is larger, the AW3 has only a clip. But it is nice and small.

  • @AKED

    Just understand that any of them can't be used in crowded place. Get proper wireless system for this.

  • Good point thnaks, but I need it when I teach seminars. I talk, others listen. May be crowded, but not loud. :-)

  • @AKED

    Loud or not is not so important, but wireless hotspots, smartphones, etc are.

  • In sports gymnasiums there are no wireless hotspots and also not so many cellphones. I give it a try.

  • @kronstadt I read that you were looking into recording with lav directly into zoom recorder, but also using a cheap transmitter plugged into headphone jack for monitoring. Did you try it and did it work? Also curious if you tried the OST801 lav and if so, what you thought of it? Thanks

  • Good video for Sennheiser wireless users

  • What is the max number of bluetooth mics that can be used ? I think 2 Sony HW2 can be used for 2 channels of a camcorder. Is there a solution to add more tracks ?

  • Looks like Roda have introduced a wireless system. I'm very curious to read some reviews. The full kit is $399 at B&H!

  • If you can afford $400 you should be able to find the extra few hundred for G3s. I guess it depends on the work you do, but G3s are well known and very reliable (eg give you credibility when looking for a gig... anything less you would have to explain to client, "yeah, it's basically as good as a G3". That will be their touchstone.)

    I used the RODE mic and G3s for years with excellent results, although have recently upgraded to the new Lectro LTs and COS-11s which are just beautiful. Stretched my budget to the brink but worth it.

    With audio there is never a good argument to be made for cheaping out.... as long as you treat it well it will last a lifetime, or at least a few decades. So buy the absolute best you can just barely afford an you will be happy. It is an investment.

  • Sennheiser AVX

  • @Vitaliy, do you think the Sony ECM-W1M is a decent system? Would you recommend it?

  • Recently purchased the Rodelink units. Works very well at a fantastic price. Google for reviews.

  • Sony ECM AW4

  • Im looking for budget mic for SKP 100 for voxpop and MC kinda situations. Prapably will need two different paterns mic on the end for each use. Im thinking about AKG d5 (good reviews and price) but can't find even how sensitive it is any experience or suggestions: AKG D5 +SKP 100?

    Old post but could not find anything related.