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Amazon GH4 body sale
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    We already saw $1300 body price on the gray market.

    But today Amazon sent photo related sites special promotion email, offering GH4 bodies for $899.

    But this offer is limited:

    1. It'll work only for 1 hour : from 12:00 to 13:00 EST
    2. Require you to use unique promotional coupon.
    3. 5 Bodies only per promotion code, 1 in one hands only.

    Use coupon "ROPLMIFLAOIA" on checkout.

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  • This price can push me to buy a GH4

  • Small chance only...

  • 1hr wait.... so this will work for anyone who enters in that code? Or will it only work a limited number of times so if I try it at 12:05 I might be too late? Just trying to work out if it is worth me staying up until 5am!!! (NZ time)

  • Each coupon works for 5 people only.

    If this one won't work, you can PM me, I have two others.

  • Ah I see, I was thinking about getting two bodies. One for me, and one for a person I work for (she is asleep of course... not going to ring to wake her up! But I'm certain she'd be keen on upgrading from her 7D to a GH4, as we've been discussing this). But as it sounds like it would mean others would miss out, I think I'll just get the one body. (hopefully! I shall try at 12:00:01!)

  • I don't even need or want a GH4 but if this was regular price I might even consider one just to have it.

  • Although I suspect that code will not work. 5 sales only, lol...

  • I tried at exactly 12:00:01 and I still got the Promotional Code not valid. Maybe an April Fools Joke?

  • Ditto, I tried at bang on 12:00 as well.... guessing they just disappeared very fast.

  • At least 15 people sent me PM since topic start, hence the issue.

  • Vitaliy may have gotten us. The letters to the promo code can be rescrambled to read "MI APRIL FOOL". Well done Vitaliy. P-V camera obsessed people are the easiest targets. If so, nice one VK!

  • lolol, I fell for this again.

  • @ kevin_kirchman April fools, yeah, I'm so blinded by desire @ 899 I completely forgot about the possibility of an April Fools joke. HAHAHA

  • Ah, well I'm one of the 15... :-P Hoping I get a reply! But I do understand there are only two left.

  • I do admit the possibility of April's fool entered my mind, but... VK is in Russia, and it is long after noon on April the 1st over there? Thus April Fool's is traditionally over.

    Plus the Canon Cinema price drop was real, which gave me hope this one is real too....

  • The code should read: ROTFLMAO

  • So bad, i would like a Sony a7s! Trolollolol!


  • Don't worry. Used GH4s are available on ebay for only $79.00. No April Fools. But you have to wait until May 2022 to buy!

  • @oscillian


  • Exactly: RollingOnTheFloorLaughingMyAssOff

  • Either way, I'm embarrassed that I fell for it. Good one Vitaliy.