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AT875R mic phantom powered directly by the GH2
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  • Anyone have an answer to the question of what mic works with the GH3? Seem like the AT mic mentioned is not sensitive enough for use with the GH3. What about a panasonic mic - Panasonic DMW-MS2 Stereo Shotgun Microphone for Panasonic DMC-GH3. If you're getting a hiss then this most lightly a sensitivity issue and not fixable with an amp of some sort. The ATR875 specs say OPEN CIRCUIT SENSITIVITY–30 dB (31.6 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa - and impedance is 100 ohms but I have a $700 mic that is a big brother to this and is slightly more sensitive but is 50 ohms.

  • Ok guys looks like this is the one to get, it has a battery and it's about $250 on amazon - AT897 or At8035. See

    - when I get my GH3 ;) perhaps I will amazon prime them both and see what works.

  • I dismounted my em320e some time ago :D

    now I completely bypassed the original preamp. I removed the XLR connector and I soldered a 2.5mm stereo jack plus cable directly to the electret capsules. They are now supplied directly from the GH2, each separately.

    What I get on recording is 2 separate channels, one for each capsule. Then in post I subtract a certain amount of the back capsule signal from the front capsule signal to get the shotgun effect. Nice that you can play with this to get different effects. It sounds reasonable on level 2, too noisy on level 4 (with thepalalias Pasadena settings) together with izotope noise reduction.

    I plan to get better capsules because the originals are quite noisy. Now that Panasonic 61A are out of production, does anyone now of good replacements? I haven't looked much into this subject.

  • Does anyone have any update with the AT875R on the GH3 or G6?

  • Hi everyone. I have the Hosa XVM-101F cable and AT875R mic. Very good combo for the GH2. Just got my GH4 yesterday. This combo seems to be working, I'm getting good levels with Mic Level Limiter set to off. I'll do more testing but I have the Mic Level Adj set to far so good!

  • That's good news it works with the GH4!

  • @smoke23, thanks and good to know. I can get it know to use on the GH4 when I buy sometime next year. Did you ever tried it with the GH3 to compare the levels with the GH4?

  • @HillTop1 never did purchase the GH3 unfortunately .

  • @John_Farragut

    I have the Hosa HVM-101F cable and the Audio Technica AT875 mic. What 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter did you use to have this set-up work? Can you provide link or picture or simple description?

    Thank you.

  • @Roy_Batty You say you have the HVM-101F but it should be the XVM-101F, the mono to stereo version. Then use a regular 2.5mm to 3.5mm jack adapter, like Hama B000X1CDME, or even cheaper stuff.

  • @HillTop1 ATR875 never really worked on the GH3, mic levels far too low, GH3 works perfectly with AKG C747

  • @John_Farragut

    Actually, I do have the XVM-101F. I typo'd that last post. Many thanks for your reply.

  • @John_Farragut

    The AT875R combined with the XVM-101F and a very inexpensive 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter works like a charm.

    Kudos to balazer for the original post.

    Thank you.

  • Just got a GH4. The ATR875 does not really work, mic levels are far too low just like with the reports of the GH3. I think this has to be an incorrectly wired cable, going to try a TRS to TRRS adapter.

  • Hi Balazar,

    I tried to access your new links to your tests, but was bombarded with requests to install a video app I'd never heard of, and don't need, so I declined.

    I am using the AT875r with my GH2, using a cable I made as you've described. I am getting a hell of a lot of hiss on the recording, but it's otherwise really good quality at level 4 on the GH2.

    Would supplying a higher voltage to the mic from an external source, such as a 9v battery be a good idea? I could then presumably lower the gain on the GH2 preamps to say, level 2, and get a really excellent onboard mic sound, similar to the AT875r on a real video camera with phantom power and XLRs.

  • Something like this might work well, for this mic/ camera combo, don't you think?

  • @LucasAdamson, you clicked an ad instead of the 4shared download link.

    Powering the microphone with a higher voltage will improve its sensitivity just a little. I think most of your problem is that the preamps in the GH2 just aren't very good. If you're not using an external preamp, you'll only get good SNR if the signal is strong, i.e. when the sound is loud or very close to the mic.

    More recently I've tested the AT875R on the Sony a7S, and though it works, I've come to the conclusion the mic sounds much much better when connected to a proper preamp with phantom power. The frequency response is flatter (fuller; more bass), and the hiss is much quieter. I'm not thrilled about the bulk of a preamp, but I don't know any way to get really good sound without one. There are some small and light ones, e.g. Juicedlink Riggy or Fostex AR501. The older Juicedlink CX series can be had cheaply on eBay. I use a Tascam DR-100 mkII.

  • For as big and heavy and expensive as that phantom power supply is, I'd get a preamp instead.

  • I also use a Tascam DR100 Mk2 but I do think that having a good directional mic on the camera is a great backup for pro work, or else a greatly convenient way of improving the sound for non pro shooting, when you just want to grab the camera and shoot something. Perhaps you're right that a Juicedlink is the proper way to go.

  • AT875R also works really good on G6

  • It's an old thread, I realize. I did finally determine that the AT875R sounds a lot better when powered to spec instead of with 2.5 V. Of course some external pre-amplification also helps to overcome the noise of the GH2's preamps (or whichever camera. These days I use the Sony a7S).

    The inexpensive iRig Pre provides phantom power and pre-amplification. It needs to be adapted or rewired to plug into a camera's mic input. I haven't tried it myself , but if my math is right:

    • The AT875R's self noise is 20 dB. With the mic's high sensitivity, that makes -102 dBu on the mic's output.

    • The iRig Pre's equivalent input noise is -113 dBu.

    So the iRig Pre's noise is well below the AT875R's noise. They should be a good match for each other. A mic that's much less sensitive or much less noisy than the AT875R wouldn't be as well matched to the iRig Pre.

    I still like the AT875R a lot for dialog. (it's not very good for music) It has particularly good wind resistance. I wish there were some on-camera mic solution that was smaller, lighter, and simpler that sounds just as good, but I have yet to find it.