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GH4 laptop Requirements?
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  • think you can edit on a laptop. If you need scopes, two screens is pretty much a must.

    And if you don't? :-) Really - you can just put scopes overlay on voice command or keyboard shortcut.

    I would also be very careful what display screen is on the laptop. There's no way I'd buy without some reviews of that exact screen. Big gun laptops have a tendency to save money by putting a lousy display on.

    Yep, but now it is quite possible to fund good FullHD IPS screen. Some are even very accurate with 100% sRGB.

    You might want to reconsider all ssds as laptop drives, put the project you're editing on the local drives, and then move it to a big usb3 external when done. Most editing programs hit the drives more than you would think when they're rendering effects.

    And it is also easy. Some notes have mSATA connector so you can just snap SSD inside. Others also allow to remove DVD drive and install converter to second HDD. SO you can have 2x2TB drives + SSD inside.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Why is it that manufactures are only making the smaller 15 inch screens with 2.8K and 4K and not the bigger 17 inch screens? Having a smaller screen with that much resolution does you no good.

  • Why is it that manufactures are only making the smaller 15 inch screens with 2.8K and 4K and not the bigger 17 inch screens? Having a smaller screen with that much resolution does you no good.

    Because they done market research. 17" notes market is tiny and specific. It is like home notebook you use for work. But why making it 4K in this case? Just put normal 32" IPS monitor.

  • Quite good deal for very powerful laptop - Asus Gaming G750JW-BBI7N05 Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4GHZ 2GB Nvidia 8GB 1TB

  • Has anyone tried something like the Inogeni with a 4K laptop? Cheap 4K frame grabber HDMI/DVI to USB3. Color space RGB, YCbCr, 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 (4K = RGB).

  • what you guys think bout this Sager laptop for gh4 footage?

    Sager NP8651 (Clevo P650SE)

    i7 4720HQ CPU 16GB Ram GTX970m 3gb

  • Just a heads up, you can buy refurbished MacBook Pros for up to $900 off from the online Apple store. I got a retina 15" quad-core 2.6Ghz i7 with 16GB Ram, Nvidia 750M with 2GB RAM, 1TB SSD (sustained R/W speeds of 1000MBps, 300 more than advertised) -- for $2500 ($3400 retail). Yes it's still a lot, but it's an incredible workhorse.

    I pack it away in a Pelican case together with a 4TB WD Thunderbolt Pro RAID drive, for an on-the-go 6K-ready editing machine.

  • yeah way to outa my budget, i got 1500 tops to spend. Im wondering if the Cuda cores in the 970 desktop are similar to the 970m or are they slightly slower?

    also can i use my 500gb samsung ssd in the laptop?

  • I have the P650SE (the Schenker XMG P505 branding) and I have three SSDs inside, so yeah, you can do it. I have not tried editing 4K footage with it though.

  • does it have the 970m?

  • Recently bought a Toshiba P55T B-5340 laptop that has 4K screen, quad core-i7, 16GB ram, among other things. Very happy with it, and the price at $1,100 also very reasonable. See below:

  • Also, it comes with a full (not trial) version of the Lightroom 5. Surprised that there are so few reviews out there for this seemingly excellent laptop. Some user reviews says the cooling fan is quite loud and the computer hot. Mine however is the quietest AND coolest laptop I have ever had. Not sure whether Toshiba updated the power management recently or not.

  • Would anyone point me to (with a link ) an affordable laptop for now-a-day of video editing A friend asked me and I gave him this link topic -;)

  • @mpgxsvcd

    why 870m is an overkill for 4k editing? did you try t see how much the 870m is being utilized via GPU-Z? if its hardly being used, check the memory usage levels as well...perhaps 3gb is considered too low for 4k footage and premiere tries to avoid using the GPU... Just thinking out loud because am trying to decide between your laptop and a new model with 1070 nvidia graphics card.

    mainly for 4k, the 1070 is almost twice the price.