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Olympus 14-35mm f2 or Sigma 18-35mm f1,8
  • I'm using a gh4, previously gh2, and I'm thinking about selling my trusty Olympus 14-35 for a Sigma 18-35mm + speedbooster. Any thoughts?

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  • I have never used an olympus 14-35 f2 but ever since I bought a sigma 18-35, I have never taken it off my GH3/2. Very Sharp! Currently my work horse. Plus if you get the speedbooster, even better.

  • Well, the Sigma + Speedbooster it will be wider and faster than the Olympus, something like 13-25mm f1.2 my guess.

  • So it basically comes down to range vs. brightness. Thanx!

  • @HillTop1 is it your Sigma for Nikon or ? Does it have manual control for aperture ?

  • The Olympus is sharp edge-to-edge at the widest opening, and a great match image-wise for zeiss superspeeds. Unless you simply have an urge to acquire new gear I'd say you're much better off investing in good lighting.

  • @feha, mine is the Nikon mount. No it don't have a manual aperture control but I'm using the metabone N/F mount adapter to control the aperture.