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Sony FDR-AX35 and AX33 4K, balanced steadyshot camcorders
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  • whoa...there's rumors of 2 more models. I'd bet that their web team screwed up the specs . If so good news . Still the ax33 is a pany killer imho.

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    The new FDR-AX33 model is Sony’s first 4K camcorder feature the acclaimed Balanced Optical SteadyShot (B.O.SS) image stabilization technology, which ensures that 4K video output is smooth, stable and blur-free at focal lengths ranging from wide-angle to extended telescopic zoom. This is particularly useful during 4K shooting, where stabilization is often a challenge due to the immense amount of data in each frame. 4K video can be recorded by the camera in the advanced XAVC S video format at an extremely high bit rate of 100 Mbps, allowing each frame to be packed with extraordinary detail and with minimal distortion thanks to high speed sensor readout .

    For the more advanced videographers, the new 4K camcorder includes a customizable manual ring and manual button that can be assigned to key functions like zoom, focus and exposure adjustments etc. The camera is equipped with a high-performance electronic viewfinder approximately three times the resolution of previous models, and a beautiful 3.0” Wide Xtra Fine LCD WhiteMagic™ display that performs admirably in all shooting environments including bright sunlight.

    Post shooting, 4K video content shot with the FDR-AX33 camcorder can be played back directly on a compatible 4K television through the supplied HDMI cable, or in super-sampled Full HD is connected to an HDTV. The camcorder can also ‘trim’ 4K images from video frames, enlarging a chosen portion of the frame to fill the screen with Full HD quality. In this mode, trimming size can be changed with zoom lever or on-screen icon 3.

    Also, with support of 4K still image capture, users can extract and save 8.3 MP still images from 4K movie footage without impacting the impressive 4K video quality

    Standard on all 2015 Handycam models, Highlight Movie Maker automatically creates great-looking short movie clips accompanied by transition effects and background music with no editing needed. Handycam picks and assembles your best shots like smile and tagged points to create short, social media friendly mp4 format videos to share with friends and family. Through use of PlayMemories Home™ software, shooters can customize the length of their highlight video to match the length of pre-installed or personally selected background music.

    Also offered across most models in the range, Multi Camera Control utilizes Wi-Fi to allow a ‘master’ Handycam to control a variety of Sony’s Wi-Fi connected cameras including key functions like Start/Stop recording, zoom and other standard settings. When the ‘master’ Handycam is paired with Sony Action Cam or QX ‘Lens Style’ cameras5, it can control up to 5 devices simultaneously. Footage from all of the connected cameras can be easily combined post-shooting through use of PlayMemories Home.

    Many of the new camcorders also feature Live Streaming capability through use of Wi-Fi and the USTREAM platform, which is particularly convenient for sharing key moments with distant friends, family and other relatives as they occur