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Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Looks like it'll be big and deep shit.

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  • Im pretty excited about it, from what Ive seen J J Abrams didnt overdo it with his well known idiosyncrasies in his style. Looks pretty sweet. I dont think it could be any worse than the prequels.

  • MaMa kind of liked it

  • 'Chewie, we're old'

  • I have a bad feeling about this (c)

  • New trailer

  • I'm very encouraged that JJ is a fan of Star Wars, but the trailer left me a bit leery. I don't know, maybe it's how skeptical the prequels made me, but there still seemed to be a bit too much polished CGI look to it, which I was hoping would be lessened. The contrails on the Falcon seemed a bit over the top. The lightsaber screamed "I want to be different!!!!" Hopefully I'll go in with terribly low expectations. Then I might be able to enjoy it! =P

  • Yeah, I wouldn't underestimate JJ abrams. It will darker and more powerful than any other sw. The series will grow up into more mature themes and storylines. The less Lucas the better.

  • @Brumbazz I agree 100% with everything that you said.

    Personally, I think the real "art" Lucas brought with Star Wars was the Universe itself, followed by the strength of the visuals (for the time). The casting chemistry was very good in the original trilogy and the story was also interesting but nothing extraordinary, IMO. Dialog was both brilliant and horrible.

    I think J.J. will run with this and deliver, he is a SW fan first and director second. I think he also gets a lot more freedom than some other directors in Hollywood would have with this kind of responsibility placed on their shoulders. Dialog and storyline could make the originals look mundane by comparison. I'm certain the visuals won't let us down either, but we shall see.

  • But now after the bullshit Episode 1-3 there is nothing left and the money has to be invested upfront - and thats where investors come into play and they want "save and fast" money, which does not work with art.

    Where do you get this idea? I mean that they are not very profitable?

  • @psyco: It is a well known fact that Lucas changed ROTJ to Ewoks from Wookies which it was originally supposed to be. Even look at the anagram of the names of the two. All for one reason: Merchandise. This will be 1000 times better than 1-3 and even 6. Also, Andy Serkis is a Boss.

  • I think it looks awesome and the cleanliness of the shots reminds me of the first original Star Wars. For the first time since Lucas raped us all with the new Episode 1, I'm actually looking forward to a new Star Wars movie.

    Lucas was a visionary, when it came to dreaming up new special effects. When computers made everything more or less doable, he had no idea on how to stop. I don't see how Disney and J.J. can be anything but a benefit for the saga.

  • @rockroadpix Yes and no, Episode IV financed Episode V, and Episode V financed Episode VI. But now after the bullshit Episode 1-3 there is nothing left and the money has to be invested upfront - and thats where investors come into play and they want "save and fast" money, which does not work with art.

    I think the new Starwars will be bullshit. (I will be happy if I'm proven wrong but I really doubt it.)

  • I'll be happy if it's better than Eps 1-3. Which shouldn't be too hard. I have faith in JJ, I don't think it will equal IV &V, but if it's close... yep.

    And @Psyco, don't kid yourself, by the time that Jedi rolled around, it was all about the marketing and $.

  • I'm pretty sure its going to be shit. There is just to much money involved in the StarWars franchise, so every dighead in that money-chain wants his ideas to be realized. It might not even be JJ's fault.

    I love Episode IV-VI (the original ones, not the Luca-fuckups) - it was a different time/different mentality. Now its big business, which is killing ever piece of imagination/real fiction (because thats allways too risky for shareholders).

  • Been waiting for this the last 31 years:-)

  • Part of me hopes that J. J. Abrams is putting out false leads (up to and including this trailer) with the goal of giving fans who line up on opening weekend something totally surprising and different than what they were expecting.

  • I didn't like it much

  • I love everything about it except the voice over.

  • This looks and sounds incredible.

    I actually thought this was a fan trailer when I started watching it. The first storm trooper suit looks like a Halloween costume and the interior of the X-wing looked like a garage-made project. Just felt really cheap to me overall. Besides the CGI shots, which I actually thought were pretty good.

  • The best Star Wars videos IMHO:

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