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Videoclip for Underworld competition GH3

    Almost zero budget shortclip filmed with GH3; lenses: sigma 18 35 and tokina 28-80 with RJ Lens Turbo; minolta 35, 50, 135 with cheap adapter; only 2 points of light ; graded in speedgrade cc in very short time. Check the website with other videos, some quite impressive!

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  • This was really good. About the low-light - when using the 18-35 what aperture were you at? I'm just wondering if you went wide open and then used the RJ Speedbooster to gain another stop?

  • Thank you for the feedback! the RJ Lens Turbo - not speedbooster, my mistake - controls the opening of the iris, I don't control the lens aperture AND the RJ aperture, it's all done by the adapter. I was always using it with maximum aperture, except when the highlights clipped, in order to obtain a fair amount of information to grade, later. But it obviously brings implications to the characteristics of the picture. Does that answer your question, or did I misunderstood it?