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GX7 live video out
  • Good Day

    I'm new to this forum. Have already done some research but havent found the information so far. i'm owning the panasonic lumix gx7 and i'm pretty happy so far. but one big dissapointment is, that there is no live video output during filming. it is not working on hdmi nor on the av out. dissapointed that panasonic does not mentoin that on their product specifications... anyway i wanted to ask if someone here is working on a hack on this camera which would enable live video output. i think it is "only" a firmware related limitation...?


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  • Nope, sorry.

    Usually absence of such feature is based on hardware and is typical for most m43 cameras except GH series.

  • Hi Vitaliy Thanks for your feedback. what a shame so there is nothing more do then sell the camera again. i cant understand why they do not mention this restriction on the product page...

  • It is a way Panasonic using to segment their offerings. :-(

  • @nufan:

    Just check out the GH3. It´s getting cheaper and cheaper.
    And it offers a good performance to value ratio.

    Also the grip is better fitting - At least my hand ^^.
    (So it´s better with bigger & heavier lenses too.)

  • @Tscheckoff and Vitaly_Kiselev Thanks for the feedback.

    Thanks for pointing to the GH3, but it is not an option for me. i need to fit the camera on an existing brushless gimbal. GH3 is to big (and maybe also to heavy). if i can sell it, i'll go and buy the sony a6000.

  • Oh. Ok. Then check out the new Sony A5100. It also offers HDMI out (and the same A6000 Sensor).
    BUT offers full size sensor readout and downscaling (PLUS the new XAVC-S 50MBit codec). And it costs less.

    Especially if you don´t need the multifunction interface hotshoe (for a bluetooth mic or anything else)
    and the EVF of the A600, then it´s for sure a very good option!

  • many thanks for this input Tscheckoff. I'll definitely have a look at this camera. main use would be for video recording. looks like it is better for videos than the a6000? and most important, if i record video i can have live output on an external 7inch lcd screen?

  • You can also use it for stills - As it´s about as fast as the (quite ingenious) A6000.
    (It uses the same hybrid AF system together with the phase AF points on the sensor).

    About the video quality of the A5100: It´s using the full sensor image + a scaledown to 1080P (as far as I know).
    So it SHOULD perform even better than the A6000 (which isn´t using the full sensor readout for the 1080P output).

    But I think you need to check this by your own - As the A5100 is still quite new (and I only had the A6000 til now).
    In general a downscaled full sensor readout is better. But also the new XAVC-S codec is REALLY nice.
    WAY higher bitrate than the A6000 delivers (50MBit/s on the A5100 vs. just 28MBit/s on the A6000).

    According the HDMI out: Yes. It´s equipped with the same Live View HDMI out (like the A6000) (!)

  • thanks for all the explanation! its definitely worth a closer look. from what i have read so far from your input, the a5100 seems to be the better choice for what i'm looking for. i'm a bit surprised that the cheaper camera does perform better on video. hopefully there well be some test shooting available which show the autofocus on video mode. but as it uses the same sensor and af systems as the a6000 it should perform the same i guess... have seen a a6000 focus testing video on vimeo, quite impressive. well then, hope someone is buying the gx7 :D

  • Well - It seems to be so yes. The A5100 is more feature packed, because it´s the newer camera.
    The A6000 isn´t "old" either - But also not "brand new" any more.
    Maybe it´s also getting the XAVC-S codec over a future firmware update - Who knows - But I wouln´t bet on it.
    (Beside that, also the full sensor scaling would be necessary to compete against the A5100.)

    If you don´t need it now, you can wait a little bit to see, if there´s a firmware update coming for the A6000.
    (Or an updated model within the next few months - An A6100 or A7000 with A7s like sensor performance would be nice.)
    But as the actual A6000 isn´t better in any way for your primary usage, you could also go for the A5100 now ^^.

  • thanks again! it seems the a5100 is the better camera for my primary use. photo looks pretty simmilar to the a6000. i dont care if in burst the a5100 is not as fast as the a6000. the full sensor readout for video sounds also pretty nice with the a5100. dou you have some test video on vimeo or yt with your a6000? hmm i see.. but it is like always with electronical devices... you coud wait and wait and there is always comming something better and more powerfull. what would be nice is to have something like the a6000 / a5100 with 120fps for 1080p and 4k at 30frames.but i think at least for 4k in those kind of cameras we have to wait another year.

  • About the A6000: Just check out YT or Vimeo (for quality check and moire / aliasing performance - There are a few videos online) - The overall video quality is maybe compareable (details and colors for example) - But you´re getting way less moire with a (good implemented) full sensor scaling.

    I personally just checked the video performance with a few quick and dirty clips (and used the A6000 over a weekend for shooting stills - A DREAM in that aspect - Especially speed wise!) - But I sold it again quite soon (to wait for something else - As I also have a hacked GH2 and a BMD Pocket lying around here ^^).

    I also sold it, because there´s the GM2 coming from Panasonic. Though: The smaller bodies from Panasonic don´t have live view out (over HDMI) - Only over the analog AV port it´s working (at least I read something about it). The bad thing: I am sure, it´s also the case with the new upcoming GM2 (and LX100). THOUGH: Maybe they enable it with their new upcoming Micro 4/3 fixed lens camera (the LX100). Would be for sure also a nice option (especially, when the fixed lens is of a high quality and acceptably wide at the lower end).

    Btw.: ONE cool thing about the new Panasonic cameras: You can control ALOT over the WiFi remote apps. You get a live feed on your smartphone or tablet, and you can control alot of the features & parameters. And especially with a bigger screen client (a 7" tablet or so for example), you can even control your camera from the ground WHILE flying. And you don´t even need a HDMI transfer from your camera to the ground. Though: The image is A LITTLE BIT delayed over that apps. So it´s not as good and fast transfered as a live view HDMI feed. And the reach of the WiFi signal has to be tested out. But also a VERY NICE option.

    Especially, because the new GM2 and LX100 are for sure equipped with an internal 4K video mode - As Panasonic is really focusing on that feature lately. So wait a few days til the Photokina starts (and check out for example according news about the new bodies / cameras). Maybe even Sony is releasing something new (body or firmware wise) - Who knows ^^. Though I think internal 4K is not coming that soon in the lower price range (from Sony).


  • once again a lot of interessting information.

    About Panasonic: i like the GX7 a lot. it is not the cheapest cam but it is very well built and has some good features. also the wifi app you mentoined (even if i did not use it so far). it is really only the live video out which makes me sell it. about the AV Out port. i bought the av out cable. with it, you can enable live view over that, but only for shooting stills. as soon as you start recording video, the external screen goes blank.

    About Wifi: Sure you could controll the camera over wifi whilst flying. BUT the (at least legal) Remote controlls for copters/planes and so one are working on the same frequenzy (2.4GHz) then if you are using FPV they are mostly on 5.8 GHz for transmitting. Because of interferences there should not be any other wireless device using the same frequenz mounted on the copter. this makes the wifi not really an option. but nice thought!

    About Sony: As far as i have read, sony does also have a remote app for controlling the camera over wifi..? I just checked some vimeo video and there is interessting one testing the autofocus during movie shots. its really impressiv and looks even smoother than the AF on the GX7.

    i'll have a look about the news from photokina but at the moment i think i'll go for the a5100 or the a6000. just have seen that for the a6000 there would be a stereo mic for the hot shoe mount... this could maybe be interessting because both the a5100 and the a6000 do not have an external mic in. at the end the perfect camera is just not there or at least not for the price and size range i'm looking for... gh4 would be nice or the a7s but they are way to expensive for what i use it for.

  • Hmm. Ok. About the WiFi on the copter: Sure there can be interferences. BUT: Normaly there should be none (as then it would be even extremely risky to fly where WiFi is in use - Which is today nearly everywhere the case). Normaly the control SHOULD be wide enough beside the "standard" WiFi ranges / frequencies. Though: I am not that well informed about these controls (to say it here for sure) ^^.

    About the Sony: Yes. They have an app too. BUT: It´s by far not as feature packed as the Panasonic. Just start / stop trigger, focus and I think also the live feed and that´s it (more or less - Maybe there´s now more implemented already). I just mentioned the Panasonics, because (I think - and hope) they will offer internal 4K too (like the FZ1000 and GH4) and they are also REALLY good alternatives to the Sony bodies (also as mentioned according the remote features).

    About the AF on the Sony: Sure. You have the Phase-AF System points PLUS the Contrast AF System. The Panasonics only have the Contrast AF (though quite improved one). BUT: The question is - Do you need AF while flying - I don´t think so ^^. Maybe an AF point preset - But a flying system is way too unstable, to offer stable AF tracking for example.

    About waiting: Good choice. Maybe an update is coming at the Photokina (for the A6000 - who knows). OR they are announcing a timeline for an update. Actually the A5100 seems to be the best choice. About the advanced hotshoe of the A6000: Yes. You can use a bluetooth mic wit it (which is even supporting external 3.5mm mics on the sender) - Quite nice unit. But don´t forget - The range / max. distance is (because of BlueTooth) quite limited.

    Yes. The "perfect" cam isn´t there yet (at least below 1000 bucks). Above the GH4 and A7s are quite close ^^. I personally hope for an A7000 or so - A7s features with APS-C sensor (and a price around 1000 bucks max). But I don´t think that will gonna happen - Sony is pushing the Full-Frame E-Mount WAY too hard =/. Time will tell though ^^.

  • well it is definitely not recommendet to have another device wifi enabled on a multirotor when you have a 2.4ghz remote. everything is to close on the copter frame... i dont say it does not work, but the risk to have failures in communication between rc and rx is much bigger. it is not worth risking to lose a 2000-4000 bugs copter because of that

    just did some more research and found an interessting articel and test about the a5100 video function on as far as they say, the a5100 has pretty much better performance than the a6000. so this confirms as you told about (not that i dont belive you, but it is always nice to see it on a testing site). just thought about 4k which would be very nice but it needs also better hardware for the pc editing system. think processing 4k data needs much more power then full hd. anyway, we will see what news we get from photokina.

  • Sure. The risk is there - Just saying that it SHOULD be no problem.
    About losing the copter: Is it possible to insure it according such damages? Just came to my mind.
    (Also according the damage to people - Such risk is always there - And it´s essential.)

    About the A5100: Good to hear you found a confirmation.
    According 4K: Forget about it. It´s not a "must have".
    (It´s actually just a gimmic which is "nice to have" - No more - No less.
    Even on YouTube the masses don´t even watch 1080P -.-
    And as the client hardware is missing - With 4K resolution - Who cares ^^.)

    Btw.: 4K is even less important, if the downscaled 1080P signal is already very good.
    (Out of camera - From the A5100 for example or other Sony camera - RX10 or RX100M3 for example.)
    But wait for the Photokina - No one knows what´s really coming (100% sure).

  • well we need a special insurance if we fly something heavier than 500 grams. but this covers damages you get if you lose control and crash into other things (which hopefully never happens). not sure if you can make an insurance which covery damage to the Copter itself...

    yes lets wait and see... otherwise i have two options a6000 and a5100 but think i'll go for the a5100. thanks for all your input!

  • just got an answer from sony support which makes me a bit skeptical. some days ago i wrote an email to the support and ask if it is possible during recording a video to see the picture on an external monitor connected over hdmi... (i asked this to make sure it is possible, because it is not on the gx7) then today i got the message that this is not possible. this feature only the professional 4k recorders have... well i after all this discussion here, that cant be true what sony wrote me back...? confused....

  • O.K. - THAT´s a strange answer (as it´s referring to the 4K recorders - Not the A5100 body + Monitor).
    AND as in every press release & store (which is showing the full specs) this is written (more or less):

    "Additionally, using the integrated HDMI type D output, both 1080i60 and 1080p60 uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2 video can be recorded to an optional external recorder."
    (I just hope, that it´s not only the Sony recorder supported and otherwise the HDMI refuses to work -.-)

    But on the other hand there is also a point "HDMI info display on/off" option.
    So I think it´s quite sure, that it´s capable of outputting a live view image over HDMI (also to normal screens).
    Too bat, that there´s still no manual available for the A5100 - At least I didn´t find one.

  • it is indeed strange... i ask about this feature for the a6000 and the answer was no, only professional 4k camcorder are capable of that (which i cant really believe) what could be, that if you connect an external hdmi device, it is just for recording... so you can record internal or external. but no internall recording and external screen... i sent an email to our local sony center, lets see what they the end i probably take my 7inch lcd screen and go to a store and test it to know it for sure... anyway i'll do some more research and post the results here

  • Well - They maybe just try to sell their own recorders - Who knows. It´s Sony ^^.
    I mean - Even the RX10 offers uncompressed HDMI output (while recording internally).
    And the A6000 for 100% SURE offers HDMI out (live view / live feed). Tested it by myself.
    So if they also tell you that according the A6000 - Then it´s just wrong / nonsense.

    And yes - It´s working also simultaneously - So internal + external recording.
    (Or internal recording plus an external HDMI monitor.)
    It´s even possible to remove the menu overlays (so the external feed is "clean").
    And all that should be also possible with the A5100 - I mean - It´s basically an A6000 ^^.

  • yes i asked that for the a6000 (was before your disscusion here). well i sent the request to sony europe sales department... looks like some sales guy sent me the answer -> never trust a sales person if you ask technical questions... so.. ;))

    If you tested it yourself then i believe it is working! wondering what the response from the local sony center will be :D

  • I think it´s easier to check it by yourself in a local store ^^.
    The A5100 should be in the stores quite soon.

    About the support: In general those "standard" support guys are really just trained to sell stuff.
    (And the max you can get from them is the info which is written already in the manual.)
    Though: Maybe you´re lucky - And the local sony center guys are more competent ^^.