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Introducing Rectilux FF single focus CinemaScope Adapters
  • This thread is dedicated to the discussion and testing of Rectilux FF single focus CinemaScope adapters

    For product specification, pricing, availability and business matters please visit my web site below as a matter of courtesy to our host.

    The vintage look digitally remastered...

    I have a vimeo channel set up for the tests here: (passwords are on the web site)

    I also have a flickr account set up to view stills, which is the best way to evaluate sharpness etc

    I will shortly have a blog up and running, but you are very welcome to discuss these breakthough products here.

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  • Congratulations!

  • @JohnBarlow

    Good idea to add to post photo and video.

  • Very impressive!

  • Thanks apefos and plasmasmp!!!

  • Thanks Vitaliy,

    It is good not to clutter your excellent site with these things ;)

  • I set up the blog today

    Over time I will be adding news and posts on how to setup the Rectilux 3FF with various taking lenses and how to operate the Floating Zone Focus.

  • I think people need to see more sample footage, especially shallow DOF stuff that really accentuates the anamorphic characteristics. Focus pulls are a must! If it can't stay sharp throughout the focal range with shallow DOF, what's the point?

  • I guess the 70-150mm zoom anamorphic stuff didnt float your boat ;)

    Not to worry, there will be lots and lots more parts covering all the bases, different primes, close focus, follow focus, flares and zooming in and out of a 2ft close focus shot (thats very special). I take requests too.

    It does everything you dreamed a 2x anamorphic adapter would do and I promise not to dissapoint.

  • Recticlips are short ungraded clips illustrating a feature or an operational aspect of the Rectilux 3FF

    This one shows a finger touch focus pull

    I left it at 32:9 so you could see my fingers performing the focus pull

    The vignette disappers when cut to 2.35:1

  • Here is a medium follow focus test, live non rehearsed

  • Recticlips are short ungraded clips illustrating a feature or an operational aspect of the Rectilux 3FF. Here we have some slow handheld focus pulls to a WWII memorial over 60ft away, using a Sony E1.8/50mm taking lens behind the Rectilux 3FF.

    It is instructional to compare the mumps in this clip with the mumps of a Vantage Hawk between 01:27 & 01:30 in the clip below it, which was shot in the confines of a small living space

  • Part 2 testing is now up on page 2 of the Rectilux Channel

    Password at the website given in the first post

  • @JohnBarlow

    Why passwords? I mean - remove them.

  • Vimeo Copyright Guidelines

  • Vimeo Copyright Guidelines

    What you mean exactly?

  • Vimeo recently announced they would ban video with copyrighted audio unless it is made private. I like to comply with Vimeo rules. I like to comply with PV rules.

    I will always post short silent clips here without password as a news item, if that is OK with you.

  • Vimeo recently announced they would ban video with copyrighted audio unless it is made private

    Best idea is to use appropriate audio, not add password.

  • Good suggestion. I make alternate versions later when I find time. Still testing..

  • @Vitaliy, I followed your advice and have stripped out the Audio and made Parts 1&2 public

    I will getting my Schneider Cine Xenons back from a job next week and will be able to show close pulls, bokeh and flares

  • Anamorphic Zoom, CinemaScope Flares, Follow Focus, Pull Focus, Oval Bokeh. Basically everything you need to know about Rectilux 3FF in one clip. The world of Anamorphic shooting defined in one clip. Ungraded NEX 5N (-3,1,-3) No focus assistant used or required. The vintage look digitally remastered and only 500g in weight.

  • some stuff on weight

  • Fooling around with flares and fast close focus pulls

  • In this post, I thought I would provide some insight into the technology behind Rectilux.

    I have a considerable collection of anamorphics built up over the last ten years or so and the clip below shows just a small part of my collection.

    Every scope seems to have its own personality and over two years ago I started a project to investigate what would be the optimum solution for a focusing group for each scope in terms of spot radius, chromatic aberration and so forth.

    The project's aim was to make each scope single focus. The work involved disassembling each scope, taking measurements using good engineering practice and modelling each scope in software. Following that, many iterative solves were conducted to minimise the merit or cost function, which is a measure of goodness, taking into account practical ergonomic issues like for example having a workable stroke.

    Over 30 species of scopes were analysed this way and the results have been catalogued and burnt onto the DVDROM that you can see at the end of the clip below. The DVDROM details the best optical prescription for each scope.

    Rectilux truly is the vintage look digitally remastered.

  • When will this be out/ and how much is the cost?

  • Hi Sammy Rectilux 3FF is already available. Please refer to the first post regarding pricing. Thank you for understanding