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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • that DR test is startling how much better the A7 is on highlights

  • ooph, massively. really like the GH4 but have to adjust how I am shooting doc in which I am in a dairy barn with strong daylight through many windows, barn doors, etc. tough, tough.

  • I wounder how much extra dr in highlights would a log style format pre processing(rumored) would add to total dr of gh4 ..similar effect to what a7s has with slog2?

  • Eno Evidently, you are the only one having battery logevity problems or you just have higher expectations. My GH4 is a lot better than the GH3 was for me. I can record with the LCD lit for over two hours on one battery with plenty left. That is with FullTime AutoFocus AFF, DFD and other functions active.

  • After spending a day with my GH4 I have come to the conclusion for now that 24p 1080 will be shot on GH2 or 4k Mode period.

    Moire is just too much of an issue with this camera unless you are shooting jungles. (NOTE: This may interest @VK, but have you noticed that moire is always an issue with cameras launched with jungle video advertising? Maybe the start of new topic? Like: Advertising Video predicts moire issues.)

    Anyway its nice for 60p or 50p slow motion. Also bitrate really struggles to get up to 100 or 200 levels, GH2 hacks seem to be much better at using data.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Nice screen though!

  • @RRRoger, all my GH4's consume the same, with 40% more current on 4K vs full HD. In full HD I've filmed side by side with GH4 and GH3 and the batteries last about the same.

    After me, the battery life in 4K video recording is mediocre at best in comparison to full HD, or GH3.

  • I've realized that it's much easier to nail exposure outdoors with an ND, even at higher F stops.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • ok, here's a quick question for folks.

    When i change the aperture value in movie mode, I can see the focus depth change in real time. I.e, at f1.8 only a small section shows focus peaking, but at an extreme setting of f22, more of the scene (front to back) is peaking, & the picture changes with it as you'd expect.

    When i'm in stills mode & i set the camera to f22, I still see only a tiny section in focus until i take a picture, & only then do a get the 'flattened' look that an f22 setting would give??

    I've tried this with both the Lumix 12-35 & Olympus 25mm & they give the same results.

    Is this a bug? A feature? Or a setting I need to change?

    This is what I am seeing on my screen/viewfinder…note it looks like it has a shallow DOF…but the aperture setting is a massive F22 !

    1280 x 960 - 846K
  • ..and this is the picture I take..which of course looks like an F22 picture (most things fairly in focus)…but just doesn't match up with what i'm seeing before i take it !

    F8 example_med.jpg
    1280 x 960 - 768K
  • Ru_C: that is entirely normal behavior. SLR's behave the same way (do not step down the aperture until just before the shutter starts moving). This allows for a brighter viewfinder and more accurate AF.

  • @aldolega Thanks for the reply. I would love the EVF to show it though under certain circumstances, to take the guesswork <ahem, sorry I of course meant skill;)> away. It certainly should be capable of if it, & could added as a menu option. It would be just one more handy thing, like the brilliant focus peaking i.m.h.o

  • @Ru_C There is a Menu Option. In the Custom Menu, set Constant Preview to "On".

  • @fredfred27. Yep tried that. Doesn't change anything with stills

  • @Ru_C

    Constant Preview works only in manual photo mode (M)

  • @Ru_C: There is a function called "Preview" that allows you to see your actual exposure and depth-of-field in Still mode. As aldolega mentioned, in order for AF to function best for stills, the aperture must be wide-open. That's why the camera functions like this in Still mode. On the GH1 and GH2, the "Trash Button" also functioned as the "Preview" button. On the GH4, it has now been replaced by the Fn4 button, which can be assigned to other things. You can map the "Preview" function to any Fn button you like and then you will be able to preview your actual DOF and exposure before taking a shot.

  • Still not seeing what everyone's problem is with the GH4 in lowlight! This was shot with both a Canon FD 50mm f1.4 with RJ speedbooster as well as the 14-42 3.5-5.6 lumix lens. I think it looks great as far as noise rendition and overall look. That's right out of the camera as well no correction or grading yet.

  • any info for profile picture and iso setting? looks very clean to me..

  • May I ask a favor from someone with a GH4? I'm planning a project for creating stock footage, and I'm considering renting a GH4 for the job-- shoot in 4K, create versions for 4k and lower resolutions.

    Thing is, my current editing machine kind of chokes on hi-def footage. I'm figuring that stock footage segments are perhaps 35 seconds long. So, I'd like to see if my machine can handle a 4K stream at that length,

    Is there some way someone could spare a 30 second 4K native GH2 file for me to experiment with? Heck, thirty seconds of a cityscape or mountain range'd be fine.

  • WOW, ive had the GH4 for a few months now, i call it a swiss army knife camera to friends as its packed with helpful features. After only having the great GH2 for a few months i soon noticed that setting the NR to maximum 'Minus' removed that MUDDY video look. So all my Picture Profiles have the NR set to off -5 on the GH4. Coming from a canon background the GH2 and GH4 have opened my pallet to BETTER video with less artifacts, the slow mo is great, and the dollar. and well an extra option of 10bit 4k output....i was sold. A 10bit 1080 recorder will soon be in my camera bag. cant decide on the Blackmagic one with HDSDI/HDMI or the Atmos ninja star, but the cards a stupidly expensive with the Atmos....hmmmm.

  • @stucameraman1

    I'd wait on an external recorder till the next firmware update. Rumour has it that Panasonic is working on something and right now the HDMI stream has issues with Atomos recorders so I would assume since they both are working closely to fix the issue it might come in next firmware but honestly I have no firm idea.