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Multiple Cameras Tests
    • ARRI Alexa XT
    • RED Dragon 

    • RED Epic 

    • Sony F55
    • Sony FS700
    • Canon C500
    • Canon 1D C
    • Canon 5D MKIII

    • Blackmagic 4K 

    • Blackmagic Pocket
    • Kineraw Mini
    • Panasonic GH4

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  • I couldn't tell them apart.

  • I picked the F55, Red Epic and GH4. I actually was not familiar with the F55, but after I googled the price I guess I won't be buying it anytime soon.

    I guess the GH4 will be AOK. I was shocked that I did not pick one Canon camera.... The FS700 looked weird.

    Looking at the vid for the umpteenth time I realize I discounted the first cam because it was framed differently. Still, I don't see a big enough difference to justify anything more than a GH4.

  • Alexa did look better, but wonder if it was because actress was so close up, perhaps that caused image to be just a hair out of focus...or just a hair softer in focus, causing viewer to think the image was less harsh than the others...less video-ish. But that aside, all the other cams seemed to have similar levels of quality. Interesting test. Thanks for posting @MikeLinn

  • I found my impression influenced by the expression of the model. If she smiled I tended to favor that camera. I also seemed to favor the tighter angles. They really all looked about the same however, though I did, for probably the wrong reasons, favor the F55, GH4 and Pocketcam. #7, 12 and 13 somehow, for again most likely the wrong reasons, seemed worse. I actually hate these tests. I feel like a better test is to show these cams in adverse shooting situations, like overhead sunlight with streaks of shadow, indoor shots with big un-gelled windows in the bg, lots of motion, low light. Just no bushes please. No more bushes.

  • I picked 3, 4 and 11. Red Dragon, C500 and GH4. I watched few times and eliminated one by one until there were 3 left. But to "guess the camera", no way..

  • Great test. If lit well the majority of the people aren't going to notice much of a difference. I was surprised at how much I didn't like the BM cams. I usually like the colours.

    @briani I like to see both tests. I like these well lit tests because they show with some love how close these cams can be despite the price differences. I also like the see the tests in challenging situations because those are what make and break some shots and knowing where your cam's weaknesses help shape scenes towards its strengths.

  • Maybe include a GH1 and a Samsung Note 3 in the next test :)

  • Grain is covering a lot. I would like to see it without the grain.

  • 1DC looks terribly outgunned. GH4 is right there in the pack of great footage. Sony colors look bad.

  • I doubt it was using the IR/UV cut on the Pocket! That´s unffair to the beautiful BM´s color.

  • @DrDave You'd be surprised at how good Samsung is. I shot a mini-test scene with my Samsung S3 once because I happened to find a location that looked cool, and only had my phone at the moment. It actually graded well too.

  • Not really a great test to me. I don't understand why they add the grain. But one think that was really apparent was that some of the cameras have terrible banding. the large red circle on the left of screen really showed off the banding in the Cannons, and the noise in the BM.

  • I was really shocked! I chiosed 3 6 9 12 and viola! ALL the Bm, the Dragon and the mk, all the cams I like! And I just wached the test on my iPhone....

  • Another test

    • ARRI Amira
    • AJA CION
    • Panasonic VariCam 35
    • Blackmagic URSA
    • Kinefinity KineMini
    • Kinefinity KineMax
    • Sony Alpha 7s
    • Sony FS7