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Olympus OM-D E-M1 topic
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  • Have been having fun testing the stabilisation of my E-M1 and seeing what I can get away with -it is really amazing. Here is a quick test of some longer shots with minimal or no post-stabilisation added.

    Password: em1

    I am surprised the E-M1 isn't used more widely for solo run and gun and travel-documentary type work, especially when the end product is mainly being viewed online. Sure its only 30p and 24Mbit but it makes almost all of your shots usable and is invaluable when shooting from moving cars without rigs etc.

  • One downside with the E-M1 is manual control for video is only available in the movie mode, and the movie mode disables a few useful features like focus peaking pre-shot, highlight/shadow alerts, the super control panel and one touch WB (although you can always quickly switch to a photo mode to set custom WB and then switch back, so not too bad). This may already be well known but exposure lock does work for video when in 'photo' aperture/shutter priority mode, which can be helpful in some situations. It seems low iso (100) does not work in video even if this is locked in with AEL, and the camera just bumps you to iso 200 and adjusts shutter speed to compensate so best to avoid this.

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    The OM-D E-M1 and the X-T1 are certainly the two best mirrorless cameras to date along with the Panasonic GH4. Both cameras can be used for professional work as they feature great image quality and very high quality lenses.

    800 x 499 - 81K
  • E-M1 goes anamorphic reggae party :

  • Nokton 25mm F0.95 (@0.95-1.4)

  • @act Was this shot handheld or you had some sort of a rig, shoulder support etc?

  • @zigizigi it was completely handheld. Just spontaneous shot on beer weekend festival.

  • Don't take it too serious. Clip made as remake of another clip found by client. All at 29.97p. Just 1st landscape graded. Part of carting shoot with iA mode with Lumix 35-100 and 12-35mm.

  • One week in and around Dunedin, New Zealand with an E-M1

  • A winter weekend in Dunedin, NZ.

  • I doubt it, specially the 4k part. But 1080p24 with better quality and higher bitrates would be enough to make me consider one.

  • I don't believe it. They will add new AF mode or something, but definitely nothing related to just video.

  • I think that will be some video updates - Olympus said in some interviews that will give some attention for the video part from now on. But 4k is very unlikely.

  • We shall see. Maybe the association with Sony will bear fruit. Or maybe not.

  • stabilized multi-format 24/25p would make me happy

  • 4K can be available only with firmware?

  • This sounds like total fantasy,'s a Panasonic sensor in the EM1 right (as opposed to Sony on EM5)? Maybe it's been this mini-GH4 trojan horse just waiting to be unlocked. #wishfulthinking

  • It isn't final editing for client, I was edited that part just low light test demo at night ISO3200, only available light with 3 Nokton lenses wide opened. Edited at 23.976p sequence for 80% slow motion rapid.

  • @act Great stuff as usual! So what's your take on the E-M1? Worth the upgrade?

  • Thanks @oscillian ! I have dual feeling about EM1.

    Pros: Better bitrate, less artifacts. IBIS even stronger than EM5, but EM5 was always the king of IBIS. Panasonic sensor drives better at artificial LED light, as usual with Lumix cameras. Better body build, don't need a battery grip just for improving camera handling. Feature 4K firmware upgrade will overweight all cons, especially if we will get more useful framerate modes.

    Cons: faded Lumix-style colors at daylight, skintone of EM5 was really the killer. Anyway, there is new improved sensor like GH4, not GH2. The green of trees and grass at EM5 more beautiful, same with blue color of EM5, it very special and lovely. I need edit more color grading to understand it better. I don't feel LCD and EVF was improved from EM5 era, I'd say it's so good as EM5. One shared problem, rear wheel stopped to work. Many peoples reported about that. I change shutter speed with UP and DOWN arrows, because I can't go to service right now.

    Both EM5 and EM1 problems: Impossible to change aperture (and shutter) while recording at Manual mode with Olympus/Lumix lenses. Occasionally fast and short unexpected and uncontrollable changing brightness while recording, like blinks, that's result af IBIS feature, not too frequently, but it's there at EM1, EM5, EP5. Haven't seen it at EPL5 yet (2-axis). I miss fast Lumix-style tap-to-zoom-in on touch screen function at both cameras for x10 focusing with manual lenses.

  • @act thanks for the info! Let's hope olympus has got a nice present for us soon :-)