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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • @kurth when did it go up? I saw that the other day, it's ca. 750 USD with a 14-42 kit lens… and couldn't believe it.

  • @kurth

    The G6 is still around 500€ for me (austrian amazon) EDIT: 450€ was the lowest price here

  • @CFreak


    ...before the end of last year ! 500 euros isn't 500 dollars but I guess you're stuck with euros ! I'd imagine pany will do a big black friday sale again in november ..which isn't too far off.

  • @kurth

    Yep, I know, but I'm stuck with the 450-550€ price range

  • @claim - yeah but my point is that's even more expensive than the price now in the US in dollars. 500 dollars is only 370 euros ! Of course , then there's international shipping and taxes if applicable.

  • Film documenting my climb up the highest mountain in England...all shot on the Panasonic G6

  • It seems like G6 is not produced anymore. End of life.

  • What sucks is no remplacement but that means more GH4 sales. Like my G6 but I'm considering upgrading for a more robust body. Not that my G6 had any issues, it's been trough a lot w/o any problem.

  • @Adam_Mercier

    G7 and GF7 was cancelled in the optimization process this year.

  • It seems like G6 is not produced anymore. End of life.

    ...from whence came these words ? Have you seen an official announcement thus ?

  • ...from whence came these words ? Have you seen an official announcement thus ?

    From at least two sources :-) I did not see anything official.

  • So, is it coming a new cheaper (than gh4) G model before the end of the year? Someone was saying it's not like this, but who knows. Let's hope Panasonic will make the same mistake with gh3 and g6 (LOL -> G6 it's much more a good compromise between quality/price than Gh3, imho of course).

  • I was going to buy a second body, or maybe a white w/pz . I called bh about 4 months ago and asked when they'd come stateside. They said any day. I can't imagine this unless they have a g7 on it's way at photokina. 43rumors has posted that 2 m43 cameras will be announced a fixed lens.

  • I put together another video using my G6. Just wanted to share it. Thanks for taking a look!

  • The G6 wont be produced anymore? They're still selling the G3 and the G5 as well - do they have that many in stock or are they still producing them? If the latter than I don't understand why they would stop producing the G6. Anyways. What does that mean, will there be a G7 next year? And if not, what other alternative do we have - the FZ 1000 bridge cam? Looks like there won't be a real option left with equal qaulity and price.

  • The G6 wont be produced anymore? They're still selling the G3 and the G5 as well - do they have that many in stock or are they still producing them?

    It is various stock that dealers have.

  • Sad to hear that it won't be produced anymore. I guess that means that the chances of having a hack for it are now almost none. Here I was hoping I would eventually find a way to have live HDMI output on this bad boy! :(

    Oh well, if Panasonic won't launch a new G model, at least this one still has some resale value.

  • My G6 short film in a police shooting center.

    Long life to G6!!

  • Very nice images Grimor !!!

    What an incredible cam for those POV and close up images that would be so much more difficult to get with some of the larger FS700/Red type cams.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Got a heavily discounted G6H kit here in France : 400€ with 14-140 MK II Brand new :) It's a steal !

    What I like in a nutshell : new touch/screen panel, more compact, faster processor (good for reviewing clips for ex.) excellent buffer compared to the turtle GH2. Better ergonomics (Too much to say in this area ;) And... peaking ! (yet not perfect or customizable, doesn't work in ETC mode).

    What I dislike : crippled WIFI functions (SDK Anyone), no HDMI out (but not using it, yet on my GH2) silly home menu, REALLLLLY bad EVF, it's like coming from an iPhone (GH2) to nokia 3310(G6) rofl. No External controls for AF/MF and focus types, bracket timer mode. Stupid SD card slot underneath.

    The 50p is pretty good and high ISO are better managed (roughly 1 stop more in the shadows) I don't know which of container gives the best result (mov or mts) for now.

    Codec is a bite blocky for hard scenes (waterfall, leaves, big motion blurs) and I can definitely peep the difference with my mighty hacked GH2.

    Didn't tried colouring clips yet, hack should differenciate furthermore with heavy treatments.

    Basically was just looking to sell my old 14 140 for a new, but at the end of the journey I ended up getting a brand new 14 140 for for 85€ with a body offered :) Not bad as a freebie I can say.

    As a side note the new 14-140 is a marvel, physically, optically. Yet more noisy IS/AF I think and i find the OIS to be less good than the old one but that's subjective. For photographers this lens is challenged with a shitty shutter shock issue between 1/100 and 1/400 at moderate to long focal. Obliged to use e-shutter with this lens to be safe. Same problem with GH2.

    Looking forward a solution for EVF, maybe a VF-4 loupe as the body screen is far better than integrated EVF.

    For now I use the two bodies with their strenghts : ultra low light and slo mo with G6. GH2 when I want to use the EVF in the sun, have good details in a moving scenery, want more field of view... Pretty cool that they share the same batteries and form factor ! It's like the evil twins lol.

    Though, GH2 still win :D Not by far though, but considering its venerable age... I think I could use it for 2 more years without feeling limited.

  • @CNek, that's an interesting comment regarding the EVFs of the GH2 and G6. I had the GH2 and G5 for 18 months and sold them off together, getting a G6 kit a few weeks later. The EVFs all seemed similar enough to me that I did not notice the difference. My main gripe with the G6 is the fact that I have to trick it to give me 6400 ISO where the GH2 could be hacked and shoot high ISO easily. The G6 is pretty awesome though, with only the slightly plasticky body that you feel on first impressions being a negative for me. I got over that and love this thing. The G5 had the best feeling body of the three I think. Thanks also for reinforcing my opinion that the new 14-140 is not really an upgrade for a stills shooter. Mine is very sharp and immune to shuttershock so I'll stay with it ...

  • @cnek, peaking works perfectly on my G6 in ETC mode. Don't know where that comes from, but is definitely not the case with my G6.

    Cheers, Pete

  • How do you trick the g6 to shoot at 6400 ISO?

  • @lmackreath, why? it's horrible at ISO 6400

  • @c3hammer yeah but what is this trick?

    Is the low light capabilities of this camera that bad?..I mean with a 1.8 or 1.4 lens at 800-1600 with NR at 0 I have been getting pretty clean results?