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Panasonic GH4 - Manual control while video recoring
  • Hello,

    I have two GH2 that I love for video work. One major disadvantage of the GH2 is

    when recording video start, I loss camera control, of ISO/Iris/Shutter. The only

    control I have is focus.

    Would any GH4 owner kindly advise me that the GH4 let them control the camera

    fully when the camera is recording video.

    Many thanks for your help, Shaun

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  • You can adjust aperture, shutter speed, and ISO while recording with the GH4. Hell, you can even do it with your iPhone.

  • Thank you Adam. I was just checking before purchase.

  • Just had a thought, when video recording, can I use the Extra Tele Conversion, without stopping record.

    Thanks :)

  • No. And Ex Tele mode is not available in 4k.

  • Although if your doing an HD delivery you can kind of create your own ex-tele in post on these 4K files. Its proven a life saver when I find stuck with a shot and too short a lens

  • Btw, on the GH2 you have control of shutter speed and aperture while recording video. Not ISO and color temp, that's right.

  • Thanks you everyone. Very kind for your help.

    Thanks for the GH2 tip too,