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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • I know it's been said, but I just have to add... battery life is INSANE on this cam. I shot the entire day - every day of the music vid shoot on one battery. That's nuts!

  • So I put together another round of test. This time comparing the Ninja Star 10Bit Recording to the GH4 8Bit recording. I shot the three profiles I liked from my last test, (Cine-D Regular, Dragon, and Film Convert Low Contrast), and made a vid for each one. There's no doubt that the GH4 internal recording at 4K looks great, but the Ninja Star can record a better range of color and light (though you have to be prepared as it may not match your histogram and be over exposed).

    It was a foggy overcast day, so keep that in mind as you watch.

    The GH4 internal footage just looks a little murky in comparison to be honest. There is a little more write up about the footage in the descriptions.

    Cine-D (which ended up a little over exposed)


    Film Convert Low Contrast

    And I also shot a Slow Motion Test with the three profiles. This one was hard to judge myself, at times 48fps over crank looks worse than 96fps does, but I do believe that 60p slowed in post came out looking the best, especially with retaining the color information.

  • @zachasurp Thanks for the tests, the difference is there, not sure here if I need the extra depth vs cost at the moment, especially looking at the 4K recorder's price when its due, but never say never ;)

  • @chef

    Great shots and editing! But that is single handedly, the worst song I have ever heard haha I applaud you for not going crazy while editing!

  • @tylerknight It's not my vid… just found it on youtube i like the CC doh…just posted here ….

  • My First Test on day I got the Cam 100m from my house - A lot of learning after GH2 :). Anyone links to workflows easiest ones to Premiere---> with MAC? or PC :) ? I have new Retina and on PC only 1080 screens, so, no to eager to get at least 2,7K screen to PC and of cource 4K TV !

  • I think if anything the ninja star tests make the wait for Shogun a little more unbearable! Can't wait to see some 10bit 4K

  • Pushing the GH4's dynamic range!

  • @nopacnone - Amazing skills! I'm intrigued by what pic profile was used on this video.

  • @nopacnone, WOW!!!

    What was your shooting setup (frame rate, shutter speed, polarizing filter?, etc.)?

    So you color graded the video in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw? How does that work? (Disregard this part, I'm downloading your tutorial right now -- THANKS! :) )

    Again, WOW!!!! :)

  • What he is able to do in that video is awesome

  • Draft version before graphics and final soundtrack.

    GH4 Canon FD 1.4 w/RJ Speedbooster

    4k UHD Cinelike v graded with filmconvert pro

    Password: culture

  • @nopacnone I agree...super incredible video!!

  • The C100 C300 GH4 video looks very nice. Shows how good modern cameras are. In a few more years we will probably be arguing about 8K formats and why the only decent codec will be 4:4:4. Slight joke ;-) I'm still very impressed with my GH4. It gives a lot of options to customise for different shooting conditions. It's not the very best camera for low light shooting but is excellent value for money!

  • Hi Everybody, here's my review of the Panasonic GH4 in various conditions/shoots. I also did a shootout between the GH4 vs Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera vs Black Magic Cinema Camera vs the 5D mkIII Magic Lantern Raw

  • @cinemasteve87 I watched your review...I have watched a ton of GH4 reviews (I bought a Gh4 and 12-35 lens over a month ago). I've seen the EOSHD, Bloom reviews and a ton of others as well. (Tony Northrups is good...and Learning Cameras)

    I have to say your review was hands down one of the best I have may be late...but its great!! Very clear, humorous...and your slo mo footage was the best I have seen so far...beautiful really. Your nature shots were amazing, thats where the GH4 is crazy good. As far as low light goes...I can understand people that have to process a lot of footage having a problem, but for me, neat video removes any noise at high ISO's 6400 upwards and the 4K retains the the end of the day I would rather have that, than the softer 5D MK3 with internal noise reduction and soft FF pixel binning look...each to their own I guess, I do love the 5D Mk3 colors tho. Anyway there is a lot of low light GH4 footage that looks just fine to me..and I am pretty fussy.

    BTW The Sony A7S...its a nice camera and kind of the flavour of the month amongst bloggers, but aside of that you may want to read this on's pretty hilarious wether you agree or not.

    Fantastic review Cheers

  • Any news on the rumored LOG firmware update for the GH4 ?Is it true?

  • @Astro You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. Thank you so much for watching the review and I'm glad it was informative and entertaining for you!

    I totally agree about the ergonomics of the A7s and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I think the handling is terrible with poor button layouts, strange design for the articulating screen, and that damn record button makes me want to kick something! Other than that, the image quality is outstanding, even though the rolling shutter is atrocious. I just shot on APS-C mode the whole time which is good enough for me. The low-light is incredible but I just don't see myself using anything past 6400 ISO to be honest. Is the A7s better than the GH4? In low light yes, in overall image quality and usability? Hell no. People are kidding themselves if they think this camera has 15+ stops of dynamic range on par with the Arri Alexa because I just don't see it. Or maybe I'm kidding myself? It's all subjective, and there's no perfect camera. Sony created an awesome beast of a camera. I love the choices we have now as consumers and it's only going to get more exciting for the GH4 and the A7s when the Atomos Shogun comes out :)

  • That was a great review good job on that one. I don't think the GH4 does that well in low light but it's about what I am used to in my other micro cameras. Here is my GH4 series Part 2