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  • @soupertrooper maybe you can tell us the times at which it happens so we don't have to watch a 7 minute video with our faces pressed to the screen!

    On another note, just got back from Henry's and they fully replaced my gh4 and deemed it a defective sensor. There were black vertical lines and they acknowledged it and recreated the issue. The new copy shows no lines whatsoever! Keep an eye out.

  • @tylerknight I'm glad Henry's replaced the defective GH4 for you. I hope your new GH4 body treats you well!

  • @tylerknight I completely forgot! theres one at 3:12 and they happen a couple times throughout the video. Playing with the camera today and yesterday I realized that currently one of the best methods of preventing this issue is to watch all of your clips to make sure there is no problems and then transfer them on to your computer. If there is an issue, then you need to disconnect the gh4 or remove the sd card from your computer, plug it back in and try again. I'm calling Panasonic tomorrow since this is an absurd workaround for 30+ minutes of video.

  • @soupertrooper

    WHOA! That is a weird glitch for sure! And that's actually on the raw clip right out of the camera ??

  • @tylerknight No, it looks like the files on the card are fine. But, when plugged into a PC they sometimes are read incorrectly. I think it might have something to do with formatting. I'm not sure how many other people are having this problem though.

    Like I said, the only way I have found to solve this problem is to just disconnect the camera and reconnect (remove the card and then put it back in). And, it's not always reliable. For example, if I disconnected and reconnected the camera, the files that seemed corrupted before might be corrupted in a different part of the clip and other files that weren't corrupted might be corrupted.

    Something I just thought of. Did anybody have to install a firmware on their computer provided by the dvd? (I don't have a dvd drive...)

  • When I'm in manual moviemode, the automatic exposure seems to counter act its own purpose by darkening the pictures and low-light surroundings and vice versa. The display meter confirms the weird behavior. Anybody else experiencing that and have problemsolved? There seems no settings in movie-mode where I can control SS and exposure manually or where auto-exposure behaves right. Is my camera body to be returned?

  • Here it is - confirmation from Atomos that you CANNOT get 10bit 1080 25/30p out of the GH4 over hdmi onto any of their recorders. I feel I've been misled and mis-sold.

  • No 10 bit with Atomos Blade? The Blade has no HDMI ports and the Ninja II will not record 1080 P60 or 4k.

    What about the $2000 Shogun? It has SDI and HDMI. Should I save my money or buy an Odyssey 7?

    My understanding is that the GH4 actually does output clean 10bit thru the HDMI port.

  • Watch the video. It produces a brand new interlaced stream in NTSC/PAL modes, which requires software de-interlacing to produce a progressive image. Panasonic need to sort this out.

  • I switched from MOV to mp4(lcpm). The tearing issue might not have totally been solved, but, it didn't show up afterwards. More updates soon.

  • Possible update/fix from Panasonic on the audio buzz. Assuming this is accurate, you'll need to send the camera back to a Panasonic service center for the fix.

    got a phone call today from the panasonic engineer who had originally called me about the buzz issue when I reported it on their facebook page. He said that they had found the cause of the buzz and indicated that it was a relatively simple hardware modification to eliminate the buzz. Anyone with the issue can call the service number (800 211 7262) to report the issue. It will require sending your camera to the texas service center. He also said that the email about the issue and the fix just barely went out to the CSR folks, so when you call, they may not be familiar with the issue yet, If that's the case, he said to tell them you need to speak directly to the service center in texas and that they are aware of the issue. He also said there is currently no backlog for gh series repairs so turnaround currently is 1 day.

  • I wish Panasonic would have an EVF mode where you can shoot using the EVF but when you hit playback it automatically uses the LCD on the back. I do not like the slight delay when the eye sensor switches from LCD to EVF. The eye sensor also switches to EVF if I have it close to my chest or wave my hand while camera is shooting video on a tripod.

    Also, is there any way to set camera to shoot 4k in Aperture priority mode. I have to switch from aperture(for stills) to M(ovie) mode if I want to shoot 4k as it seems to default to 1080p on aperture priority.

    BTW, anyone using metabones speedbooster with nikon lenses? I read the image quality improves but I've noticed with 35f2 and 50/1.8 the contrast goes down and there is a slight haziness to the images especially the 50 wide open. I checked the 50 and there is no fungus or dust. I have to tweak the image in Capture One(sharpening, contrast/saturation) a lot more than with 12-40/2.8 olympus.


  • Is that just how those lenses are when shot wide open? Many older lenses have problems/shortcomings wide open.

    The camera will automatically add processing to the image when a native m4/3 (Olympus or Panasonic) is used. Even without the processing, the Olympus may better just be optically better than your old Nikkors.

  • Regarding Firmware 1.1

    Has anyone encountered a problem or seen lower bit rates? There was a rumor going around that it reduced bit rates for stability.


  • Could any one confirm that the new firmware fixed audio buzz or not, or have to send it out to fix?

  • @tinbeo You have to send it in for the audio fix as it's a hardware issue. The firmware fixed the random lockups.

  • hi guys anyone is having issues with Time-Laps? my GH4 it turns off

  • Has anybody been able to send pics via playback off the gh4 via their home network to a smart tv. I have a samsung d7000 led connected to me network via LAN. The gh4 sees the network,sees the tv, connects but attempts to playback to tv receives reply on tv "not supported file format" . I've changed the record parameters on the gh4 to all different variables but no luck. I can play any other device to my tv no problem. IPad.iPhone, samsung 5, samsung note3, Olympus stills cam, but not the gh4.. Any suggestions

  • Has anyone had an issue with noisey footage even at low ISOs? I seem to consistently have noise in the darker areas of footage even when there's plenty of light (sunlight, 2k, etc) and I'm at ISO 200. This is specifically when shooting 4k cinelikeD or cinelikeV. I haven't tested any other profiles yet.

  • @ Xenocide38 I posted the same concern in the "gh4 best settings" thread. Have a look there and read thru the responses which I took to heart and no longer have that concern... And keep experimenting with what works best for what you shoot.

  • Here are some test shots. Exposed dead center on the histogram. These are 100% 1080p crops of the 4K footage. No alterations in post. All profiles shot with the same settings, Master Ped 0, No highlight/shadow +/-.

    GH4 Low ISO Noise CinelikeD 1080crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 928K
    GH4 Low ISO Noise CinelikeV 1080crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 955K
    GH4 Low ISO Noise Standard 1080crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1000K
  • @WalterH thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll have a look over there. Sorry for adding to this feed. I posted and upon refreshing your comment loaded.

  • I captured some fireworks last night and had huge issues with rolling shutter artifacts. I shot in variable frame rate 60, and 96 as well as 4k 24p 180 shutter angle and all had the same issue. Anyone else had this problem? I've seen other fireworks clips that don't. Any solutions? The clip here is at 96fps.

  • 360 deg shutter might help a bit - at the expense of the excessive motion blur... but in general that's just how rolling shutter works... If the event (explosion) is faster than the time it takes GH4 to scan the sensor (or if its' out of phase), then the camera will only capture part of it...