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Cheap chinese tablets you can look at
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  • Thanks VK ;-) Google is your friend and has some interesting reviews about I'm glad that paypal and other banks blocked the payment to them. I couldn't expect more ;-)

  • I'm looking for a tablet similar or better to Huawei MediaPad, dual core processor, 1280x800 IPS screen, and 3G. It seems that MediaPad has been discontinued and it is really hard to find. Any other products out there am not aware of?

  • I'm glad that paypal and other banks blocked the payment to them. I couldn't expect more ;-)

    As I said, it is strange. And as I said, it is normal shop, I know many guys who got tablets from them.

    I'm looking for a tablet similar or better to Huawei MediaPad,

    It is available on ebay.

    Here also (and cheaper) -

  • here is some more info:

    On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Root User  wrote:
        hi, good day.
        thanks for your purchase!
        sorry,but the shipping of your order (100368075) may be postponded for more time because some product
        is out of stock.if you would like to take an exchange,please contact with us by chat online or email.
        we appologize for any inconveniences this may cause.and your understanding would be appreciated. Emails Sent Automatically by Pandawill.
  • Thinking about getting one of those Elf 2s for investigating developing an app. After you've had it for a while @Pedro_ES, what do you think of it?

  • here is some more info

    Sounds pretty ok. Just contact them and change to one in stock or get refund.

  • At pandawill the U30GT is again in pre-sell for 219 dollar including shipping. Did someone tried it actually? It looks like it had some problems but think the new batch (28 July it's available again....)will be an updated version somehow....

  • image

    • Rockchip 3066 dual core (and quad core GPU)
    • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
    • 7' IPS 1280 x 800px screen

    Price: $149 shipped

  • Considering Pipo U1, got one not long time ago.

    Thing is quite good, fast, 1280x800 IPS screen (not highest quality, but really bright).

    Absolutely worth the price.

  • Pipo U1 seems good for the price, but is missing GPS. Any recommendations for device with GPS? I'm planning to get one android device for navigator use.

  • @tonalt

    You can check Ampe A10, they seems to have one version with GPS.

    Under same name it is three different tablets in fact (single core with A10 CPU and no GPS, double core with GPS, and quad core without).

    You can just attach suitable bluetooth GPS to them (as mostly it'll be in the car, reception will be better than any build in one).

  • just wondering if this would be at all possible. I have some experience with hackinotshes, specifically an msi wind. It was great, but after high school it began to sort of shit out. It still sort of works, but now I use a 15" mac book pro with 16gb of ram. I was thinking about trying to turn one of these tablets into a hackintosh, but couldn't find any info on it, and I realized that I would have the same issue of it being underpowered to use it for anything that a full (non mobile) OS would require. Then I got another idea:

    Basically, I want to know if anyone can provide me with any info about using one of the tablets as a remote editing station. I do a lot of outdoors stuff, and I like to bring a minimal kit (glidecam, mic, fisheye, maybe a 50mm and gorilla pod). Would it be possible to use this to dump my memory cards, upload them to an online service (or directly to my mac), and then open a vnc to edit in lightroom/premiere. I have a data plan and tethering on my iphone also, and if any of this could be done easily enough (cheaper than buying a tablet), that would also work. Sorry if this is the wrong place

  • I'm looking around for a 10" or so sized tablet, primarily for reading books (books on filming!).

    This looks tempting for just $137.56:

    This Ampe A10 Quad Core Tablet PC Tablet PC has 10.1" IPS capacitive screen wide angle display, resolution 1280 * 800 pixels, using the popular processor Allwinner A31 Cortex A7 quad core, equipped with Android 4.1.

    Most impressive for this price is quadcore CPU, 2GB Ram and a 8000mAh Battery.

    Any other suggestions, or sites on which to research this topic with good reviews? South of US$150ish is preferred, and the cheaper the better, so long as it meets the minimum I need for it: to read long PDFs on it, textbooks with lots of colour graphics (which is why my Kindle isn't much good).

  • @IronFilm

    Just use search of brows topics here. is usually good source for tablets. If you read PDF I suggest to look only at tablets with 9.7" retina screen (like on ipad). Any good modern tablet with quad cores will do without problems.

  • I'm looking into buying a tablet in china. my wife is in beijing and shanghai the next couple of weeks. any suggestion for a good store to find that. is hong kong better for this. also anyone knows where to do it for smart phones and photo cameras?

  • my wife is in beijing and shanghai the next couple of weeks

    It is both very large cities :-) I think best for her is to just look for specific models and in nearest shops.

    Btw, topic is really old.

  • I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to an iPad (4th gen or Air) for my kids.

    They will surf the web and watch movies streamed or from an microSD-card.

    I also would like them to hook it up to a midi piano and use GarageBand-ish software.

    Would something like this do the trick, or should I cash out for an iPad instead?

  • Never buy Android tablet if you want to use it for music/midi etc

    Only iOS or Windows tablets are usable for it.

  • Ok, thanks :-)