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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • @AndyS. This will be my first and last comment about your request. Everyone here wants to help you make a decision about your purchase but all you have been doing so far is throwing some words out there without providing any tangible proof. you need to provide couple of samples of "filmic" look you have done using GH2. Only then people in this forum may want to help you by matching that look using GH4 so you can have some tangible proof to make your purchase decision. If you continue in the path you have been going, all you are going to do is develop a bad reputation for an unreasonable person not only in this forum but all the other forums that are reading this one. Unless you provide an evidence of what you are looking for, I for one will totally ignore your comments going forward. I don't know what else to tell you. Show us or stop. Sorry @VK for making my comments here. I'm done.

  • @AndyS

    "..It is not ridiculous to want to make sure a camera is actually capable of a certain "look" before you buy it.."

    What you and your ilk are famous for doing is ignoring the elephant in the room. To paraphrase a famous quote,

    "It's the optics, stupid."

    Case in point. The one clip you liked was shot with a lens that brings a certain quality to the camera sensor. And that's before the whole discussion about lighting. The camera is a capture tool. The optics the interpreter. So go ahead, buy the GH4 and get some outstanding lenses. You will have "cinematic" up the kazoo (or not, depending on your talent which I might add I'm unable to judge due to a lack of evidence.)

  • , I'm curious if anybody knows how to turn off photo review. I know this is a video thread, but, I find it annoying that while playing with the photography features the viewfinder is unusable for a few seconds after taking a photo.

  • @soupertrooper

    in the custom menu - auto review - duration time - off

  • Topic cleared.

    @AndyS First warning, use the topic we have, not this one.

  • IMO pretty good for stills also. Took this yesterday. image

    840 x 562 - 209K
  • @tonalt - beautiful

  • Has anyone used old vintage lenses wide open with the GH4 in 4K?

    I have the nikon 50 1.8 which is quite soft wide open on the GH2... but I figured the softness combined with the resolving power of 4K might look quite spectacular.

  • @dbp I use my canon fd 1.4 with and without the speedbooster on my gh3 and gh4 and they are both sharp as a tack wide open!

  • how not to test your new GH4 on the Liang Steadicam

  • @tylerknight, is your lens sharp as a tack in 4k or 1080p?

  • I shot this video using the GH3 to take the 2 time lapse sequences in the beginning, and the GH4 in 4K for everything else. I was able to take the card from the GH3, pop it in the GH4, and have the camera generate the two 4K time lapse segments.

  • Lovin' the GH4. Anybody tried using lipo's to power the yagh? Manual says dc 11-17v is okay which would mean a 3s or 4s should work. Seems like a great portable solution. Or have I missed something?

  • Shot this today after some heavy rain in town!

    Mostly shot at 96fps and everything in regular speed was shot in 4k UHD scaled down to 1080


    Man that 96 is soft though :(

  • Regarding earlier opinions and comparisons between the GH4 vs BMPCC, I have both and plan to keep both. When shooting detailed nature shots I prefer the GH4 - a film LUT was used in the grade of this 1st video. I think the post process workflow of the GH4 is easier than the BMPCC and a huge advantage in the field is that you can get away without an external monitor on the GH4. The BMPCC does have certain look that I also like especially on people shots - some day I will try some skin/people comparison tests with both cameras and try to match in post as close as I can. The 2nd video here of GH4 footage does have some skin shots in the early clips...Also check out the hat in the 2nd video - BMPCC could not have captured it so clean like the GH4!

  • @ezbzpop ...not transferring it to film when you are done... re: prometheus

    i realize you are being sarcastic... but seriously... it's not gonna look like that at all unless it's transferred... regardless of acquisition format.

    My issue seems to be macro blocking on the internal codec at 4k.... I shot with a GH4 and I'm playing with the footage and I'm getting frustrated at some shots looking utterly gorgeous... but then in high contrast areas there's macroblocking in places that don't make sense... like white objects... or white walls that are otherwise clean, but adjacent to spots where there's a dark object or both a dark object and a medium toned object there's crazy blocking...

  • @shian Are you finding the maroblocking more on one setting more then another? I wound expect it because of the 8bit color space but when you say crazy blocking I get apprehensive about this camera. @all I don't own the GH4 but has anyone tried the 10bit to a recorder yet?

  • @soupertrooper the lens is sharp in both resolutions!

  • i just want to confirm that autofocus is dog slow shooting in 4k compared to 1080. what is the reason behind that?

  • There's probably less processing power available for AF when so much is being used to encode the 4K all the way down to 100mb/s.

  • There's always going to be 'some' macroblocking recording 4k to a 100mbps codec. It's actually amazing what can actually be achieved, but it's not infallible.

    GH4 will come into its own once paired with an external 4k recorder into a better codec like prores 422/hq.

  • yeah its a shame. was giving it a run at paris fashion week, couldn't perform so had to switch back to 1080. burst shutter speed is amazing though, I feel like i can keep up with the big boys now in that regard =)