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GH4 slowmo 96fps recording problems and bugs!
  • Hello, I´m having several problems with the lumix GH4 slowmo 96fps mode, camera just freeze during recording sea or water sports just before 3 seconds. I´m using the Kingston UHS-I U3 80mbs writing speed 64GB SD card, so may not be a writing problem or data transfer, or I´m wrong. Has anyone else having the same issue?, thanks!

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  • Newest firmware installed (v1.1 is out now for the GH4)? Card fomatted in the body? Tried another card yet?

  • Yes, having the same problem also with the new v1.1 update and formatted card in body. It´s only happends with water, especially with wide shots using 14mm f5. I´m shure that is a problem of writing speed, but i´m not shure if is the camera or SD card capability. Will try to test in the future the SanDisk extreme Pro 280Mbs, but I´m shure that de problem will keep on, new 1.2 update hope will fix the problem.

  • I'm shooting to Sandisk class 10 extreme pro cards flawlessly. There is something wrong with your camera or the card. Firmware surely has nothing to do with it.

    Here's my test conformed to 24p. Last two clips are 1080-60p conformed to 24p just as a comparison.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Thanks for the reply! As I say, only happens with water shots. Yesterday I shot an entire wedding in 96fps, flawless with any issue, but another history with water.

  • @c3hammer

    There IS a problem when shooting 96fps mixed with 4K Cinema Mode. Has happened to me plenty of times, I also use Sandisk Extreme Pro Cards. Since it happened to me about 3 times on a Pro Shoot I have just shot 60fps since, waiting for any updates. I plus many other users have had this problem as well.

    Camera completely locks up and you have to do a battery pull. Once again this happens when mixing 96fps 1080p mode with Cinema 4k, not always, but in the 6+ hour shoot I had it happened about 3 times....

  • Interesting point FilmingArt, didn't figure that! I normally mix 4k and 96fps in the same card. Will do another test only with 96fps in the SD card avoiding the 4K recording.

  • Moving water, when recorded, is known to require lots of bandwidth for high quality encoding, so I would not be surprised if the symptoms you experienced are triggered by stressing the processing power of the camera to its limits. Shoudn't happen, of course, but should also be easy to solve for Panasonic by configuring more conservative encoding parameters.

  • Not sure if it helps but I recorded several 1-2 min clips this weekend, mixing UHD & 96fps on a Transcend 128GB U3 SD with no problems or hangups. Running firmware v1.1 and filming off the Pacific coast. Prior to v1.1, I'd experienced 3 camera lockups. All were during 96fps recording.

  • I shot several clips, about a minute long each, at 96fps a few weeks back up on the poudre river here in Colorado and never had a single hiccup. I'm using the new Transcend UHS-3 cards. I have yet to have a camera lockup, and I've shot some pretty busy scenes.

  • The manual mentions several playback limitations with having mixed C4K and non-C4K clips on the same SD card. I don't recall what they are off the top of my head, but it sounds like these problems are related to that limitation.

  • Once again, unless you are mixing C4K and 96fps on the same card you will more than likely not experience this. This is for people mixing both recording formats.... Not UHD or regular 1080p , but strictly C4K and 96fps

  • @FilmingArt Yeah, I had the same issue, and it was while shooting both C4k and 96fps on the same card, as well. Usually happens while shooting a long 96fps clip, or immediately after on the next shutter push. Battery pull fixes it, and you get a corrupted file on the card. Using SanDisk and Transcend as well - both lockup. You are not alone.

  • I've had 96fps lock up, but I did not shoot C4K on the same card.