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GH4 - Best Video Settings
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  • I had a GH3 and did not buy the GH4 for 4k but for much better Stills. So far, I have been extremely happy with 1080 P60 recorded to AVCHD 28Mbps. My 4k trials have all been disastrous, I am not into post processing but shooting.

  • @SeekingHeartwood Do you know if Speedgrade can auto-sense the DSC OneShot chart? It doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. The only info I've been able to find online is that it supports the Macbeth chart. Also, it doesn't seem that you can set the size of the chart in Speedgrade like you can in Resolve when in the Color Space tab.

  • @maddog15 that don't look to bad at least on my iPad mini.

  • I did a quick video showing that you can take that digital look out of the GH4. So far I love the cinelike D profile.

  • @AronJAnderson Yeah, when you take the 1080p footage and scale it down on a 720p timeline edit it's not too bad. But editing the VFR footage in 1080 is really bad. Looks like footage that was shot @ 6 to 8Mb/s. For Consumers, Prosumers, Professionals and Manufacturers its all about 4K. I feel like editing in 720 is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Though TV stations are still accepting 720p for broadcast I think it's best for web delivery in most cases.

  • Many American broadcasters will be accepting 720 for the next few years, because that's the end signal they're delivering.

  • We would def make good use of a high bitrate hack when it comes to 96fps.

  • Short color grading test with Filmconvert pro , and Cine Style filter

    and Tested new uploading features 4K on vimeo on new FCPX 10.0.2 ( do you see any difference ?)

    ...Nothing special silly video LOL !!But maybe finally I got what I would from GH4 ! and still loving my Nokton 17,5mm

  • @valpopando - lovely stuff! Profile?

  • Yeah maddog I do some video for broadcast here in Puerto Rico and 720 and even SD is used. I also think 720 still holds for the Internet being that most people watching YouTube don't switch the video to HD and uploads and streaming is faster. But I think I'll still upload in HD just so people won't loose their minds if it's not in 1080. I'm not hearing others say how bad the 96 fps looks. I'll google it now. That's to bad it's that bad.

  • In my experience, GH4's 96fps looks heavily aliased and not quite HD on scenes with lots of details and movement. Think Times Square NYC. However, on relatively simple scenes, it may look OK.

    Workaround: if you deliver in 24p, just shoot 1080p60 in 200Mbs and then slow down in post to 24p. Not quite like 96fps, but image quality is very good, and you can compensate for the difference (and then some) with Twixtor.

  • @ mo7ies To bad 96 is bad, doing 1080 60 is how I did this on the GH3. Wish 96 was better.

  • 96 fps is far from bad. Some of you guys and your bs about this cams features and "look" sound completely ridiculous. If this isn't good enough, by all means go buy an fs700 or phantom, but for the rest of us playing in this realm, 96fps is an amazingly good tool to have in the quiver. There's no other cam at even 4 times the price that can touch this. What could you possibly be complaining about?

    Cheers, Pete

  • I have to agree on the 96fps. To me it looks great. Not as sharp or quite as well encoded but basically really usable and fantastic to have. Tips for shooting in 96fps - don't go super flat, bring back sharpness in camera to -2 no lower, make sure shutter is 1/200 or 180 degrees.

  • @5thwall No color charts needed

  • Let me just put it this way...... 96fps on GH4 looks better than 720p on 5D Mark III.....

    If people use 5D Mark III for video professionally in it's compressed format, I think GH4 is more than enough, Most people who pixel peep don't even shoot for a living let alone make any money from it. There is nothing wrong with that, but please put everything into perspective. Yes 96fps is softer, but still MUCH better than many other cameras. Also remember GH4 has great 1080p 60fps mode as well if you need best detail.

    Furthermore I would not shoot in Cine D as I've found it really destroys skin quality, I would be shooting in Natural or Cine Like V and adjusting contrast/color/sharpness settings in camera.

  • Also 1080 96fps on GH4 is better than 7D 1080 or other bit cheaper canons.

  • I've found shooting at 200ISO is ideal when using 96fps. The image seems to totally fall apart in low light at higher ISOs. I shot slow motion at nighttime at 800ISO and it looked like footage from an old VHS tape, really strange.

  • @seekingheartwood can you post your workflow or pm me directly?

  • @mrbill Thx just CINE D -3-3-5-3-0

  • A closeup from a priest, 4K UHD, cine V, contr -2, sharp -5, nr 0, sat -2, hue 0, graded at premiere cc w/ filmconvert +sharpness

  • @EliasD That clip looks amazing! What lens were you using? Any more footage?

  • Lens: Olympus 12-40mm f2.8