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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • I note how angry a lot of replies are.

    I am simply stating what my eyeballs very clearly see. I have no axe to grind.

    I wanted very much to like the GH4 - and to spend $$$ getting one.

    But now I am far from convinced.

  • @AndyS - post a link to a clip or two of your GH2 filmic footage. Without that your words are just flame bait. Please do this. If you don't then peoples' angry replies are, I fear, justified.

  • You mean the thousands of GH2 clips already posted are not enough?

    What I am after is just a FEW clips from GH4 (not sunsets or lakes - just everyday stuff). Before I lay down my $$$ I want to know that this thing can sing.

  • @AndyS who says color grading is against the rules for filmic work? "Color Grading" is not a new science, and the things you describe as filmic were often achieved by the non digital predecessor of color grading, color timing. Most good images don't come straight out of the camera, it's always been this way

  • @AndyS Yes. The thousands of GH2 clips posted are not enough. Why? Because one can't look at thousands of clips. If you want to make a point about the GH2 footage you shoot - or the GH2 footage someone else has shot - put a link to the clip HERE and we can talk about it. Otherwise you're just trolling. And I'm wasting my breath.

  • Simply post anything "organic" or filmic from a GH4 that is not a sunset or lake.

    Anything that even resembles 'cinematic'.

    A simple request.

    I guess I should have known better than raise this issue here.

    But I really wanted a reason to buy the GH4. -Still don't have one.

  • @AndyS dude you full of crap. If you gonna troll, I will play with you. What GH4 filmic video did you say someone posted above. By the way its not of sunset and its straight off the camera with zero grading done to it. Show us how you shoot your film video with your filmic camera. If not have several seats and keep trolling.

  • Thanks.

    I will keep watching this topic to see if someone posts actual GH4 "filmic" footage. Not seen it yet.

    Graded or ungraded is fine.

  • Didn't see this posted so sorry, if dupe. Turning your GH4 'video' look into something more 'organic':

  • Andy - I'll ask again - which film doesn't it look like? Because the last few films I've watched were very dissimilar in color and lighting. The Hobbit looks nothing like Gone With the Wind. Is one incorrect?

  • No indie filmmaker in their right mind wants to imitate the Hobbit (I).

    If that is what "good" 4k looks like, the whole concept is in trouble.

    Simply post some nice organic filmic footage from GH4. Otherwise why should I buy?

  • @AndyS

    I think talk about "filmic" or "not filmic" is like a flu. It happens in certain period of time after each camera release. And it vanishes after some time if enough logic and immunity is left :-)

    believe my experience.

  • PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE TROLL - I don't want my inbox filled with this 'organic filmic' nonsense

  • @mo7ies Did we watch the same video? The GH4 4k scaled down looked to me like it had much more detail than the BMPCC. I don't actually have a BMPCC to test. How was his test in that video not equal?

  • I don't post vary often but no one owes you a thing. RENT the camera yourself and do your tests or shoot with a Film camera. If you do not like the GH4 or any camera. Don't SHOT WITH IT. Filmic! HOW about telling a STORY.

    Testing one camera with another for it's DR or finding it's native ISO or how you are going to match it's color, those are tests worth doing if you are going to work with different cameras even a film camera, because, your going to make a DI of your film with in a certain color space. eg; rec709 or P3 or BT.2020 and then color from there. Sorry for going off topic. I plan on getting the filmic GH4:)

  • There was a reason we all stopped using video cameras and went to DSLRs or m43. It was the "look" and the image "quality". If I see a new camera looking "video-ish" I would like to be able to say so without being called a 'troll'.

    I wanted to buy a GH4. The whole reason I write this is because I want someone to give me a good reason to trade my GH2 for one. I have not yet seen such footage. Please show me I am wrong.

  • @LukeV @AndyS

    I already told, go to

    Any further talks about "filmic" here will be deleted, do it in proper place.

  • This footage I just ran across looks excellent, love the look. Shot on GH4

  • Entirely done with DOF, my friend.

  • Seriously can anyone who wants to discuss "Filmic" or "Cinematic" go to the right topic. I read this topic whenever someone posts something of genuine interest about this camera, but the last couple of days has left me absolutely astounded at how people are so quick to a) Judge others b) make absurd statements c) ruin a good topic

  • I'm still in a more or less testing mode. Here are just a few snippets from a recent weekend getaway. All handheld (did not use Mercalli), Cinelike D graded in Resolve Lite in an attempt at a sort of nostalgic feel. All shot with Voigtlanders + Heliopan ND. I'm no expert but seems the images are easy to manipulate in post. I was dealing with some harsh mid-day sun where it's critical to avoid highlight clipping. Love zebras and focus peaking.

    Filmic? Organic? Video-ish? Sure beats the heck out of my older Canon Vixia camcorder.

  • Great stuff, Mistas.

    Yes - that had "it". Nice retro film feel. Well done.

  • "I wanted to buy a GH4. The whole reason I write this is because I want someone to give me a good reason to trade my GH2 for one. I have not yet seen such footage. Please show me I am wrong."

    unfortunately, no one can be told what the GH4 is, you should see it for yourself, and i mean it, you need to shoot with the camera, and i am talking about any camera, so you see the difference between what your eyes see and what you get on the sreen, you see what level of control over the image you have, only then and only you can tell if this camera is good enough to let your trusty GH2 go ( i don't shoot with it anymore, but i still have mine :)

    and -

    making decision on buying any camera based on footage that someone else shot is ridiculous; i watched "Prometheus" and bought Red Epic, but every time i shoot with it it doesn't look as 'cinematic' (sorry - filmic) as Scot Ridley and Dariusz Wolski footage, what am i doing wrong ?!?!?!?!