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GH4 - Best Video Settings
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  • It doesn't look bad to me except there is a fair amount of noise in the blacks. I wonder if you have iDynamic turned on?

  • @ezbzpop what kind of lens used? but honestly there is something wrong to me , my files looks more detailed and crisp , And I use to set sharpness - 3 ??? and no need sharpening in post at all

  • yes, 'fair ammont of noise in blacks', terrible man, at ISO 500 :), GH2 looks better with the same lens (12-35mm) , same settings , but in HD, yes, i think iDynamic is on;
    my last hope is if i messed up with the PP, so if you guys hwo's getting good results with this camera, can you please share your picture profile settings? Thanks!

  • I think you are not using the right settings in your camera. I had some disappointing results like these at first even with the GH3. I agree the GH2 sensor looked cleaner when hacked but now I found very acceptable GH4 settings and I love the camera. It is not a low light queen like the Canon but it is a very nice 4K footage you get out of it. After a few days I was wishing it hadn´t so many options on the setup menus :-)

  • @ezbzpop I'n not surprise about noise in black area , I got the same , but at least when you downscale 4K at 1080p goes away almost everything ! did you set the quality file format at ( MP4 LPCM ) or (MOV) ? my setting is profile cine D -3-3-5-3-0 , no i.dynamic or i.resolution pedest. at 0 and light shadows too.

    although it depends on the situation .

    in this way should have a result very similar to GH2 , and believe me you can't compare 4K vs GH2's FHD !!

    Gh4 is far away as cleanliness and IQ

  • @ezbzpop, Did you dial in the Kelvin or did you use AWB? AWB worked really good on the GH2, maybe AWB is more difficult to use on the GH4.

  • @ezbzpop turn off iDynamic; it creates way too much shadow noise. If you want to lift the shadows in-camera the best way to do it is to turn up the master pedestal to around 15. What you say is ISO 500 looks like around ISO 1250 on my GH4.

    Edit: doing a quick test, hell, I'd say my ISO 3200 is as good as the ISO 500 footage you posted. Something definitely wrong with your camera or settings.

  • This was one of my first tests with the GH4. Cinelike D -5-5-5 0 0. No sharpness in post. Please watch in 4K.

  • Hi. So I got the Gh4. Using Pp cs6 what are the best sequence settings to use for my footage. Should I choose dslr 1080? It seems a bit jittery? Shooting 4k uhd.

  • I want to thank everyone who replied to my post and the whole community for just being in this cyberspace, thank you!

  • @mattjames ...

    What happens if you simply create a new timeline & drag&drop a clip onto it, don't you get the option to set timeline to footage specs? If so, I'd recommend starting there.

  • @rNeil

    Well you first need to set your sequence settings. Then it gives a message saying - footage doesn't match sequence settings, change. If you choose change it changes the sequence settings to match footage. This creates a red 4k sequence. I heard if you drop it on a 1080 timeline it speeds up editing. I want to use 4k and export it as 1080 anyway.. thanks

  • @mattjames Open Premiere Pro. Import you footage in the project manager window. Drag any one of the clips the new item icon (a little page square icon on the bottom righthand corner of the project window). Premiere will automatically create a sequence with the exact size, frame rate, aspect ratio etc. of that clip. Name that sequence whatever you want and your ready to start editing with all your other clips.

    If you want to set up a 1080 project sequence and edit using GH4 4K footage - Switch the "Editing Mode" to Custom Sequence. Just make sure the frame rate and size are correct. (I use this method to have the ability to crop or push in on the 4K footage on the 1080 timeline and still maintain a full 1080 HD output.)

    If there's no footage on the 1080 timeline and you try to drop in 4K (2160p) footage that doesn't match that sequence's settings Premiere will ask.... "Keep existing settings or change to match clip?". Select Keep Existing.

    See attached screen grab of a 1080p sequence. (You can edit with 1080 footage or 4K footage or a mixture of both in this sequence.) I've placed pink markers by the most important areas that I check and set.

    723 x 715 - 99K
  • cinelike v, cc at premierecc

  • A revisit to the GH4/GH3 footage edit.... All the GH4 footage shot in CINE D

  • Messing around with my GH4 just got the other day. JM's CineV, etc. info in the video

  • Wow. Great review by Dave Dougdale. So impressed with his 5 week GH4 loaner that it appears he's decided to get rid of his Canon equipment and invest in Panasonic's M4/3 systems. Nice, long and detailed review.

  • I saw that as well under the personal view news section. Very interesting that he did not like the Cinelike D or V settings and used Natural profile.

  • I'm kinda liking Cinelike V when I don't have time to do any color correction. Here's a shoot a did last week. Shot and edited in one day to be viewed at the wedding. Rained most of the time and the GH4 held up like a champ. Love this camera.

  • @johnnymossville Very nice video. To reiterate: no grading or cc work at all on this? This vid looks good. I'm mean for CINE V, I don't see a lot of crushed blacks or whites. (The blessing of shooting in an overcast day.) Dynamic range and tonality is there. Skin tones look good/normal. A good point made here IMHO. While we (myself included) are all trying so hard for the perfect "flat" profile - that we can spend hours color correcting and grading to death - it's simply not practical in some real world working scenarios. I'll keep CINE V in mind when I know I've got to turn something around in a day. This is probably more realistic in many of today's shooting environments than I'd like to admit. I love it when something points out the forest that I've been missing for all the trees. Thanks again for the post and the enlightenment.

  • I've also been liking cineV for it's simplicity. I've been shooting it with 16-235 luminance and between 0 and +10 master pedestal. Most of the time now at zero. Pushing the master pedestal only works in really flat light conditions, otherwise you blow the highlights.

    I add a bit of an s to the color curves in post and it makes it pretty snappy image with virtually zero work. I'm finding the simpler you keep it with this cam, the cleaner the results.

    Here's my first try. I used Vegas and their 4k xavc s codec to upload to youtube.

    Cheers, Pete

  • @maddog15 exactly. sometimes we just don't have the time and/or budget to play with the image in post. The GH4 is pretty darn spectacular out of the box. I have to say, this particular video I would have probably normally crushed the blacks a little or put in an s-curve, but in reality, when I output this to a 60" LED tv at the reception, The TV did all the grading, it looked absolutely spectacular on that screen. Skin tones were great, contrast was great and the clarity was over the top. This youtube video doesn't do the original justice. The bride actually cried at the end. :) made my day.

  • @C3hammer that codec seems to hold up pretty well. Your video looks good, I may give it a try. Thanks for posting that.

  • I needed to try and match a GH4 and GH2. Here is what I came up with. Hope it helps if you need to do same. Both cameras iResolution and iDynamic OFF

    GH2=Smooth= All -2 (Flowmotion 2.02, HBR 25p)

    GH4=CineV= -2,-3,-4,-3,+1 (1080p25 100mbps) Luminance 16-235, Master Ped at 0 and no change to highlight shadow.

    Same lens on both cameras.

    1920 x 1080 - 832K
    1920 x 1080 - 780K