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  • @Aria

    I made one with an x_acto knife and a lot of thick paper. Haha. I have some friends that are going to cut some apertures and 1.5x, 2.0x ovals.

    It works though, and works really well. It even helps with the distorted fall off.

  • Hello Kholi can you please send some samples of your device and the result?

  • Yeah that's pretty much it. My friends are going to laser-cut some pieces out of plastic for me, so it'll be a bit easier.

    It worked well... but I need to get the final anamorphot before I can post footage that really shows it. So soon I think.

  • DSO also has an option for custom iris inserts on the FF58. Hopefully they'll have a wider lens in their catalog this year.

  • What is happening. Will be shooting a Children movie this summer and Anamorphic would suit it perfect. But is there any chance of finding an working anamorphic adaptor?

  • Hi everybody and anamorphic lovers ! Here is my 1st movie with the upcoming SLR Magic anamorphot 1.33X - 50 anamorphic lens on OM-D & Sony A7 !!! :)

  • Hey, just wondering if anyone has received theirs from the pre-order yet. I love their 12mm and have been thinking hard about whether I should get in line for this.

  • Hi everybody and anamorphic lovers ! Here is my 2nd movie with SLR Magic anamorphot 1.33X - 50 anamorphic lens on OM-D & Sony A7 ! And now some of the shot taken with the Speed Booster copy, the Turbo Lens M4/3 to Nikon, and some comparaison between SLR Magic diopters 0.33X and 1.33X and Tokina 0.5X !

  • Seb - Love your stuff! I'm going to be shooting a music doc over the summer and am really tempted to splash out on the Anamorphot for it but am desperate to try it out first. Any ideas on UK hire options?

  • No sorry @nbbystylus , maybe you can ask to Andrew Reid from EOSHD. Thanks for your comment ! :)

  • @sebfarges Thanks Seb. I'll dig around a bit more.

  • The UK distributor are going to hire out an Anamorphot to me for a weekend so hopefully i'll be able to get a good sense of whether i should buy it or not then!

  • UK DIGITAL by the way..

  • Video shot with SLR Magic CINE II 25mm and the Anamorphot.

  • I'd love to know two things. The first is how the kit MFT lenses (like the 14-45 lens that came with my GH2) work with this lens. You know, the lenses everyone has.

    The second is how this looks compared to my using my 12mm SLR Magic and simply cropping for widescreen.

  • "...The first is how the kit MFT lenses (like the 14-45 lens that came with my GH2) work with this lens.

    (Read my observations on Vimeo.)

    Anamorphic capture has a unique character that cropping only mimics in the dimensions of the playback window. It's not something I can define, but I know when I see it.

  • I got the Anamorphot a little over a month ago and wanted to start doing some tests to see how it focuses at various distances with various lenses and aperture settings. Before I begin I thought that I would ask if anyone had any advice for the tests or things that you want me to take into consideration. Or if there is some other forum where people who use this adapter are already posting their test results. The only lenses I have with me now are the 25mm f.095 Voigtlander, the 20mm Panasonic and the 58mm Helios 44-2. I was going to measure the minimum and maximum focal lengths for both "near" and "normal" as well as with a +1 diopter I picked up. If anyone has found any really great surprising lens combinations for this adapter, please let us all know.

  • It works great with the Voigtlander 25mm!

    I wrote in french more info about my anamorphot use here but nothing you could learn easily by experimenting the tool.

  • Family trip to Oregon and the Red Wood Forest.

    Shot entirely on the Panasonic GX7 (1080p@24fps full manual) paired with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens and the SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphot-50 (no diopters as they vignette). Mostly shot at f2.8 (Tiffen Variable ND for outside) all run-and-gun style. Colored with Film Convert Kodak Vision 3 250D 5207.

    This was my first time out with the SLR 1.33x , dipped below f2.8 at times and paid the price in some of the shots. With the 20mm pancake you can really pull off anamorphic run-and-gun, lots of barrel distortion though. Shot of the combo I used:

    1024 x 768 - 501K
  • We are right now shooting the 45 minutes "Lost & found" financed by Swedish Filminstitute and public Service Swedish Television (

    It is a story about Caspian who leaves "society" for a life on the streets when his addicted mother is taken care of and he is not allowed to take care of his little sister. Sounds tragic but is very warm and adventurous as a story. We shoot it entirely with two GH4 and the Anamorphot, In pair with SLR Magic 25 mm CINE 2 and 35 mm cine plus a Leica 50, lumix 20 mm and some old Nikon. Lens support all the time and Follow focus. On day nine now.

    So for only Dailies and non graded material but it looks good, really nice. So far. Working with a full drama crew and very tiny kits like this is a new experience and we learned a lot. We will be happy to share after finishing next Friday. Some minor news can be found on Directors Facebook (there is only one Linda-Maria Birbeck and she is the most talented photographer I have ever met - now directing her third movie. But best way is to look for #Hittabort at Instagram. Hitta bort is the Swedish title - though these photos are not Anamorphic of course so I hope I will be able to present a link on vimeo here soon.

    Due to release of other films that we produce, this film won't be edited (and graded) until next spring. To bad really because it is both a great film and the Anarmophot is doing a great job. But it is also a real world test for the Equipment. We have had our surprises and definitely some issues that we really did not expect but overall we keep a good pace, no Overtime and comes home with a nice material every day.

    Interesting fact is the problem we have with Syncing and creating sequences in Premiere. That works splendid with pixelation 1.0. But not with pixelation 1.33. Really tiresome to find workarounds and having a professional workflow. Being both Producer and taking care of the DIT work I do get overtime. I really, really miss a proper program like FC right now. It feels like Premiere CC changes it's behavior from day to day when working with pixelation 1.33. That is really a problem. I manage it, but more like testing, testing, testing than understanding the way the logic of the program works.


    Leif Mohlin Producer MINT ab

  • Pretty interesting deal for SLR MAGIC Anamorphic adaptor in the UK. Black Friday.