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Preparing few posts about tablets - let me know your interests
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  • During Christmas 2012, I bough an Acer W700 tablet that has a core i5 processer, 128 SSD, 11.6" HD screen, and running Windows 8 (now 8.1) operating system. I have been using it ever since then, now replacing both my laptop and desktop. I can truly say that I have never regretted it. Here is how I typically use it.

    At home, I plug it in the docking stand (that came with the tablet) and 24" external monitor to fashion a desktop computer out of it. I have the MS Office suite and Sony Vegas on it, among other software. I edit my video on it without problems.

    When I am on the road, I take it with me, along with the BT keyboard and mouse. It is all I need for every thing. When I stay in hotels, I connect it to the TV using the HDMI port.

    Every Sunday, I connect it with a projector to display hymns in pdf format at my church (I am the projection man). The nice thing about a touch-screen tablet is that I can use my fingers to move the contents smoothly on the screen, much smoother than a laptop with a keyboard or a mouse could.

    Every night I take it with me to bed. I read the Personal View blogs most of the times in bed. One of the best part of the tablet is the battery power, can typically last 7 hours.

    But it is one and half year old. I am now looking for a similar tablet with the following features: (1) Everything that the Acer W700 has, e.g. USB 3, HDMI port, Windows 8.1, a battery that can last at least hours, a screen size of 11" - 13", etc. (2) A higher resolution screen, mainly for editing photos on the road or in the field. (3) Ideally an Intel 4 core processor and high performance video card, for processing 4k video. (4) A built-in SDXC card reader

  • But it is one and half year old. I am now looking for a similar tablet

    You mean you are looking for Microsoft Surface Pro 3?

    As your current one is at 900g :-).

    You can also check Yoga or convertible style laptops with touch screen.

    As personal recommendation for home - check Dell XPS 18 :-)

  • Btw, Dell Announced Inspirion 20", comes for $450, has battery and touch screen. :-)

  • @Vitaliy Yes indeed I have looked at all those three tablets, and they all appear to be very good laptop/desktop replacement tablets, for my purposes. However it was the Dell XPS 12 that I have looked at; but now am thinking about the XPS 18. The size is on the big side as a tablet, but a large screen definitely has its advantages. I used to have an HP 17" laptop and loved it.

    The only reason I have not jumped to buy one of those is that my Acer Iconia still works flawlessly just like it was new (in fact its performance improved along the way as Microsoft has been updating the Windows operating system). Also, it survived numerous drops from my bed to the hardwood floor; also survived the numerous occasions that I sat on it by mistake.