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Which Super 8 projector?
  • Anyone have advice about which super 8 projector I should buy? The idea is something that is repairable, bulbs etc. There seem to be a lot on ebay. I don't know where to start though.

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  • Simple. There are two perennial classics & universally proven machines for projecting Super 8:

    • For home use, the Eumig Mark 610D (100W bulb, 18 fps, silent). A small machine built like a tank that never makes trouble and never chokes on the film you feed it.

    • For professional use (cinema or outdoor projection), the Elmo GS-1200, the only Super 8 projector with a 250W xenon bulb. Supports each and every feature of Super 8, including stepless 16-26fps speeds and sound, but is technically much more complex than the 610D.

  • I just got a Silma delta 3 sound. I need it to put films on dvd, my old projector was not working anymore. It looks ok. Simple to use and with aux audio output.

  • I own the elmo. It's a work of art...which is why I didn't sell it, even though it goes for upwards of a grand, which is probably out of your market. And it'll cost you 10 times the eumig. Another good projector is the elmo st180. The elmo gs1200 does variable speed...down to a frame a second, if you're interested to telecine your footage. Or if your interested in auditorium projection then the elmo is about your only choice, along with the beautiful but notoriously difficult heurtier 42. But to make it elmo or a eumig, and then a prayer it will work !

  • I love my Bell & Howell 1733 Filmosonic super 8 sound projector. I have converted the OEM DJL incandescent bulb to a ESD Halogen bulb. Here's a link to the conversion process. Check out the very last post in the thread =) I hope that helps;f=1;t=007457#000011

  • Anyone know if the Eumig Mark 610D requires and adapter of some kind to play Super 8? I found one on ebay but the seller seems unsure if it's missing and adapter to play super 8.

  • The Eumig Mark 610D requires no whatsoever adapter but is internally switchable between Normal 8 and Super 8.

  • I have a beautiful Elmo ST600m that just needs a new belt if interested!