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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • @chauncy You do know this camera is full frame right?... Plenty of good old manual nikon/zeiss/canon/etc lenses out there.

  • Plenty of good old manual nikon/zeiss/canon/etc lenses out there

    If you ask me - most affordable and useful for initial set are Minolta, Olympus and Pentax glass. Canon FD also has some good lenses, but most of them now usually go for more.

  • Not had any experience with those but I bet they are good value. Old contax zeiss might be an option too. I use a set of Nikon Ais glass at the moment.

  • @majoraxis LOL. That was funny reading but also very much on point. I wonder whether there is a hint at something here about dynamic range. This is totally unfounded speculation so take with a major grain of salt. I mean the Shogun has been promoted by Sony themselves as being a good fit for the camera. And we know that Atomos talk of it having the ability to capture Cinema DNG. Any gurus know whether Cinema DNG can be transferred over HDMI? Just a thought

  • @HenryO Thanks! From what I've seen so far, the images coming off the sensor look really nice. If this preforms as advertised, it will a very liberating experience and I anticipate I will be motivated to create more art rather than be focused so much so on trying to avoid the limitations of my gear.

    I think for what I want to do - capture what is right in front of my rather than have to manipulate the situation to make things look right - this would be a good camera choice or me.

    Lots of benefit to external 4K recording (even at 8 bits) as it offers higher pixel count and color resolution, and most likely less compression artifacts than internal 1080p recording, but still no reason not to try the internal recording option to see if it provides enough quality, maybe in part due to the excellent dynamic range (we hope that it retains in video mode) packed in to slog2.

    I believe that a Cinema DNG file would have to be decoded back to digital audio and video to be transferred over HDMI, so the Cinema DNG recording and playback device would have to have an HDMI output to be compatible with HDMI, but maybe I am mistaken and some else can clarify.

  • Is the HDMI 2.0?

  • Because it´s still not posted here: According "SonyAlphaRumors" it´s equipped with an ELECTRONIC SHUTER mode! Great to hear (as the shutter is quite loud - And I personally LOVE the silent modes of the Panasonic bodies).

  • @Tscheckoff

    It is not "according to sonyalpharumors". As it is stated in official Sony pages and many shops pages. You can just check Panasonic camera topics to see how it works.

  • Ok. Didn´t check it THAT precise ^^.

  • The rolling shutter test in the above video was done at 120fps 720p mode and in no way represents normal use since the increased frame rate may change rolling shutter.

  • The α7S will go on sale in Europe from the end of July 2014 priced at approximately £2,100 and is available to pre-order now.

  • Sony has announced a firmware update with a silent shutter mode and 15.3 stops of dynamic range in raw.

  • Man this camera looks really awesome.... Remarkable low light performance for video and stills... Canikon must be worried right now a lot of game changing cameras hitting the market. I honestly think if Canon and Nikon don't catch on soon enough they will be in big trouble. I really wish Nikon or Canon came out with something like this as I don't really care for Sony products, but even so this camera looks awesome and I can see it becoming very popular with wedding photographers/videographers.

  • This is unheard of technology: Sony has brought us a mindboggingly featured presenter, capable of reading off the telepromter at stunning speed, leaving the competition far behind. The outcome is pure performance, a gobsmackingly bold and again stunning foray into the world of product specs.

  • Not gonna splurge for this right now. Not even going for the GH4 just yet. I've got a ton of other needed gear and upgrades to make. I'm gonna be saving for this camera tho. I just can't ignore the DR and Low Light capability. No camera is gonna be perfect, but this would cover so many issues i'd have at my budget level. Of course by the time I actually have the funds things could change :)

    I've got a lot of low light work in clubs and theaters and a camera like this would be a Godsend.

  • I was torn between the GH4 and A7s and went the GH4 route. So far I'm pleased with my decision with the only reservations being low light performance. However, my current budget does not allow for the A7s and the external recorder needed for 4k capture. The GH4 coupled with my existing lenses from the GH3 made the choice easy. My client that wants 4k will be happy and I get a great all around camera that just won't be great for low light. It will be fascinating to see how Canon responds to this... Between Sony and Panasonic, Canon really has a dilemma on its hands. I can certainly understand their resistance to undercutting themselves on the C300 and C500, but they've got to respond with a higher quality video capability for the $3000 and under camera body market. Then again Canon is hard to figure out!

  • It's official guy's the Little Tiny Sony A7s is confirmed by a sony Representative of having 15.3 Stops of DR for both Pictures & Videos here is the link to the video.. I didn't say it Sony did. pay close attention starting @ 2:30 minutes.

  • 15.3 stops is for raw stills, not video. S-log2 is more like 12-14 stops, depending on how you count. Refer to page 12 of this topic for the 15.3 stop press releases, and page 10 for an S-log2 chart. And please do not think so much of what a random Sony representative says for a shakycam interview.

  • @balazer I get what your saying.. but who knows we might get lucky and get that 15.3 Stops.

  • There is no way in hell this camera will have 15.3 stops in 8bit slog 2 video. Lets just stop dreaming about that as it will only cause unrealistic disappointments for a few.

    I agree with @balazer that 12-14 stops is much more realistic and I'd even say 12 stops similar to Canons 8bit 50mb/s Clog on the c300.