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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • @v10tdi ah - yours is simpler. Looks like when I pasted mine one of the backslashes got lost. It needs two backslashes before the x33 to work. Thanks for trying it though!

  • @anti12 Yep true,I dont think back focus was switched on in the Red.

    Although the foreground trees in the Red (assuming that its supposed to be the focus point) seem to be softer than the GH4 as well, interesting.


  • Picked mine up yesterday from my local shop in the UK they had 2 delivered I got lucky! a few test shots.

    Took it out in the wind, initial thoughts and I will try and pick up on some bits not already covered (and avoid just typing it's great!) :)

    Surprised how well the codec coped with all the moving trees etc. some of those shots had so much going on in them in the wind.

    Surprised how well the shots stabilised, it was so windy I really needed sandbags on tripod, the track, power lines and bird on roof at the end all had high frequency vibration going on in the original, because I was going for 2k delivery didn't need to warp stabilise, I tracked a fixed point and cropped, used hitfilm for that worked fine with the 4k footage direct, used vegas to open the stabilised hitfilm shot so no intermediary files required.

    you can choose either mov or mp4 containers this is good news on windows you can go mp4 and avoid the 32 bit quicktime limitations. This used to cause me other issues in my workflow with the GH3 as some apps expect mp4 to be 16 - 235 and the GH3 only delivered 0 - 255 with the GH4 you can select either 0-255, 16-255 or 16-235 luma output to suit your workflow.

    With a couple of tweaks sony vegas 13 works fine with the GH4 raw 4k footage, I was able to work with no proxies re-sampling on the fly to 2k cropped / rotated and with film convert pro, curves and a few other plugins and get real time 24p play back in best quality except where there were transitions blending. I need to get some more ram easily takes up the 6-7 gig I have allocated to vegas and the 3gig on the video card but that's fine at least it's using it.

    Focus peaking is awesome, you can change the colour and there is a monochrome view on the production release that you can easily assign to a function button. Manual focus has a nice touch where you can tap the screen to do the initial focus quickly even in manual mode.

    All my old accessories fit, I have the varavon adjustable loupe that you can angle to one side with the screen out that they stopped making for the GH3, with focus peaking an the gh4 it's amazing + gives extra point of contact for stabilisation. They need to start making them again! I was going to start getting a manual lens collection and an external monitor but after playing with the peaking for what I use it for some sort of friction based focus puller on the flyby wire lenses and a nice loupe is going to work just fine for me.

    Used the same sandisk 95mbps class 10 cards as in my GH3 all worked fine no problems.

  • hi, whats the best software to use for the following ? all I want todo is edit 4k and down convert to 1080p add some sound and use some anti shake addon , I cannot afford allot as I have just shelled all my money out on hardware.


  • for those who already own a gh4, can you tether the camera to lightroom during a shooting?

  • If you're shooting in 4k, does the focus punch in still work?

  • Zebra question...

    It's been awhile since I've owned a camera with zebras, but I was under the impression that the zebra display and levels were tied to the exposure setting. If you had zebras set at 95%, then the display of zebras would show areas that were potentially blown out - based on the current exposure setting (A, SS, ISO). I would then reduce exposure (+A, +SS, -ISO, as warranted) until the zebras went away (watching the histogram, of course).

    Seems with the GH4 the zebras appear without regard for actual exposure setting. You can only use the histogram/exposure meter.

  • I have found that using the zebras in conjunction with the exposure meter on the GH4 is a good way to achieve a proper exposure.

  • I tested out the 2.5mm remote trigger jack (with a tethered remote as well as my Edelkrone timelapse slider) and the GH4 seems to only take video when triggered. I've tried it in every mode and they all just record video.

    In the settings, I set the Video Button to OFF (custom menu, second option on screen 7/9). When my remotes send a signal to the GH4's trigger port, the display says "Video button is set to OFF in the custom menu"

    I'm trying to get timelapse slider shots (triggered by the slider), so it needs to trigger photos, not video. Does anyone have the same issue?

  • @natureflixs

    I think you might be correct. The zebras in the GH4 are minimum values - meaning the actual exposure is at the level set in the Custom menu or higher. I'm still playing around with the various exposure Modes (A, S, M), meter modes (multi, center, spot) and ISO (auto or not), to learn better how to use GH4 zebras. The odd thing is that you can alter the zebras by re-pointing the camera. For example, use some auto settings and repoint the camera to a bright area and the camera will adjust and zebras disappear. Need to figure this out...

    I think it would be helpful if zebras were set to an equivalence (=X%) rather than minimum (>=X%).

  • @v10tdi Your zebra problem can be solved by turning on Constant Preview in p5 of the first tools menu. I believe this to be a bug.

    I ran into a similar thing - though my problem is a feature rather than a bug. I set the exposure to manual yet the display would auto-adjust to the brightness of the scene. Turning on Constant Preview solved this.

  • Thank you, I'll give that a try. [EDIT] This worked, thank you!

    For what it's worth, the behavior of zebras in Creative Movie mode was completely different. Zebras are tied to exposure and operate in a way that I was familiar with. Constant Preview setting didn't seem to have an impact.

  • @v10tdi Yes, seems they left the questionable feature of trying to simulate a wide open optical viewfinder out of movie mode. I don't know why they'd want such a feature when the user has chosen M in the first place.

  • Here is a good comparison of the same event recorded with a Canon camera vs. the GH4. The top video was with the Canon camera most of the time. However, they also had a GH4 for some of the shots. Can you tell what is Canon and what is GH4 in the video below?

    This one is my video that I already posted with only GH4 footage. We basically filmed the exact same thing as we were standing next to eachother. You even see his monitor and camera in my video below near the end.

  • Why can't I still not (in relation to the GH3) see the Exposure Meter when I've setting the ISO - GRR!!!!

    and why can't we assign a wheel to ISO, if using P, A or S modes !

    I want to fix the aperture and shutter speed - and adjust exposure with ISO - can't see the meter when changing iso

  • @thetrickster Yes, frustrating that it is the case with the GH4. I eyeball it, since it's not exactly a fine adjustment.

  • Anyone know how the GH4 handles Aperture Priority Mode in Creative Movie, if you set the ISO to Auto?

    Set the Aperture to f8. ISO on Auto, so the camera can choose either Shutter or ISO to play with. Does it try to maintain a 180' degree shutter (based on FPS) and use ISO to keep the exposure and then, if hitting ISO6400, it will reduce shutter speed??

    Manual doesn't state anything in this regards, and I'm not sure how I can confirm this, as it doesn't display SS nor ISO on screen while in Creative Movie (A) Mode.

  • 8-minute-setup for 2 cams and audio, GH4 4K on left (with some reframing) and GH3 on the right. Pushed GH4 colors to match GH3 in FCPX (no use the other way round, and this here is far from looking good skinwise), no denoising. Wanted to see how reframing looks like, this is at 125, 150, 200% size and one zoom from 200% to 100. 1080p Timeline in FCPX. Uh, almost forgot: There was no speedbooster involved, the end titles wrongly say so.

  • My 15 day travel in Sicilia, in the rhythm of the Mysteries of Trapani: The Sicilian March.

  • Anyone been able to test the sensor's response to IR when using standard NDs? Interested to see at how many stops it becomes a problem, if at all. I'm not a fan of variable NDs due to the inevitable polarisation.

  • Hi guys, do you know oem batteries how much time lasts, recording 4k?

  • Hi I got my GH4 yesterday. I have a problem to get the exposure meter to display in Cinema creative mode P. I have tried to turn auto ISO of. Do not know what settings I missled. I have sales the settings in C2. Any idés?