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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • That bird's got attitude.

  • Cam arrived yesterday! Have turned it on a and played around with flat profiles and it looks like the highlight shadows with cinelike d are going to be a huge help. Impressed with the LVF and LCD. Sadly I've got a wisdom tooth extraction this morning so it might be that my first shoot will be a 4k selfie of my face looking like the elephant man!

  • Peaking is a tad subtle it seems but will be a help for sure.

  • Great Comparison of the GH3 and GH4 highlighting the GH4's new features and benefits. By Griffin Hammond.

  • @natureflixs 96fps is excellent on the GH4. Definitely has quality.

  • @manu4vendetta so much mis-information in that video. Crop is wrong, aperture setting is wrong, says the adapter is made by blackmagic, and goes onto state it'll kick everything's 'ass'.

    Appreciate that the guy is just sharing what he knows and thinks, but casual viewers beware.

  • Unfortunately VFR is pretty much useless IMHO. I thought the footage looked soft or low res. Kinda like it was shot in 720 and upscaled to 1080. My tests show the bit rate at 96fps is only about 20-ish Mb/s. Fun for goofing around but not acceptable for any kind of broadcast or professional web production. Down sampling the footage to 720p helps this but who wants to do that? Disappointing BUT you can get wonderful slo-mo reinterpreting 60p footage to 23.97 in Premiere.

  • Its funny all the 96fps footage i'm seeing is totally usable. Yes its not close to the 4K but its still very usable.

  • The bit rate is the same for VFR when recording (~100Mbps). It just gets stretched out over more time when the camera flags the file as 24p. The same thing happens when you, say, shoot 60p on the GH3 and then conform/reinterpret to 24p in your NLE: that short 50Mbps 60p file becomes a long 20Mbps 24p file. The GH4 just does the conforming/reinterpreting for you, in the camera.

  • @itimjim Not sure what camera he used to film his intro, clearly the shutter speed was off (unless it was intentional), the 4K stuff looked fine.

    I believe he meant to say he was using the Metabones SB made FOR the Blackmagic cameras (either BMCC or BMPCC)

  • Philip Blom excited with the GH4?

    1025 x 608 - 684K
  • Just wanted to report GH4 arrived in Germany on wednesday - picked up mine today. The dealer told me the cam would only be delivered to major Photo stores, Panasonic Germany even thought about distribution only via Pro video stores. Strange. Viewfinder is bliss after having to deal with the GH3.

  • @Da_Sting: Strange, I still cannot find a single German shop that offers GH4s. From which dealer did you get yours?

    I can hardly believe that Panasonic would deliberately withhold their camera from those shops that sell cameras in the largest quantities. And indeed, if you "search for dealers" on the page, they list especially the most incompetent mass-discounters (e.g. Ich-bin-blöd-Markt) as their "Reference Premium Autorisierter Fachhändler".

    However, since I could not get one early enough for my trip, I can now wait until there's competitive pricing.

  • @Karl: Foto Hamer, Bochum . That's also where I was told the funny story. ;-) Concerning Mediamarkt and Saturn: The stores I know don't even carry the GH3 as they can't sell it in large enough numbers.

  • anybody else having trouble activating the highlight black/white flashing for over exposed areas? i can't get that to turn on no matter what mode i'm in

  • @SeekingHeartwood At first I thought you were referring to Zebras. But it dawned on me you're referring to the "highlight" mode like the GH3 has. Tried to turn it on with my GH4 and .... you're right. I can't get flashing (like on the GH3) even when I completely blow out the shot. Zerbras work great so I'm not too concerned. But yeah, that's odd.

  • @maddog15 thanks for checking, thought i was crazy

  • Found on Vimeo. 96FPS

  • how does the tele convertor option in the camera work in 4k video mode can it crop as good like when in the 1080p setting ?