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Feature length movies shot on GH1 or GH2 cameras!
  • I've seen a few threads about individual films shot on GH2s. I would like anyone who has shot a feature film on their Panasonic camera to post their trailers here so we can more easily find them! :-)

    I did one called Scream Park that just got worldwide distribution -- on-sale at Best Buys and Wal-Marts in the USA and will be in many outlets internationally soon (if it's not already). Shot almost entirely on 2 GH2s (the third unit had a T3i) using old, fast Minolta primes, a Jupiter 9, and the Panasonic 20mm.

    It's no Ridley Scott film, but it was made for less money than his car costs... ;-) And it actually got a real distribution deal! :-)

    • Nathan
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  • @nfx1138 Scream Park looks great. Cool idea for a horror. Editing a GH2-shot feature now - will post trailer once ready.

  • Here is my movie "The Killing Silence" it was shot with 2 GH2 and with very very limited budget, a lot of DIY, & almost non existing crew.

    It is a Moroccan movie in Berber/Tamazight language and it is the first Berber/Amazigh (Rif) tv movie.

    We ended up selling the movie for Moroccan tv (Channel 8)

    Here are 2 Teasers with English and Spanish subtitles for both.

  • @aksel - There are some creepy visuals in there! Nice!

  • @nfx1138 thank you man, I appreciate it. I wish I had more money or time, because I had to wear many hats, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Production Designer, wardrobe, Director... by the way we ended up winning the best screenplay in Meknes Tv Festival 2014 (Morocco)