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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • @JBraddock The difference of almost 5 mm in height is most likely a problem:,453

  • @pizza4D, Oh, you are right, I forgot to check that. I wish it only had one mounting point and a bit of space at the top. I think I'll wait for the Honu cage for BMPCC. Looking at the preview image, it seems like a good option.

    On a final note, has anyone managed to tether GX7 to a Mac? I've tried numerous times, but it cannot find the shared folder.

  • A couple of underwater videos made with Panasonic Gx7 into a Nauticam Housing to some mantas in Maldives. Manual White balance , ambient light

  • I shot this short clip today. Details are in the description.

  • @Manu4Vendetta, do you use any sort of support for your setup? I have Kowa 8Z and I worry that the weight is too much for the lens mount. What do you think?

  • @JBraddock, isnt my video, Im only sharing.

  • here is a little video I made of my son

  • Can be usable the GX7 viable as semipro camera for video? I explain my doubts.

    The bitrate is very low, but in internet and the videos I downloaded on my monitor look great, along with the GH3 and the 5D MKIII, cameras with a bitrate several greatest, where is the trick?, has Panasonic some new technology that allows a low bitrate more information than the cameras wit a higher from two years ago?

    This image quality in video look good only on internet and a medium monitor (I have a 14"), I can send send some footage to a festival without fear that after having lost the image quality?

    This camaera dont let use the HDMI output while recording video, but if monitored via WIFI, can connect to some device in which the director see what we recorded via tablet, note, etc but mantening the controls in the camera?

  • @Manu4Vendetta It's not only a matter of bitrate, you know ;) GX7/GM1 video quality is suitable for festival projections as well as GH2/GH3 footage. I've tested a pair of shots last Friday on a cinema screen shot on the tiny GM1 by a fiend of a mine ...definition of GM1 (who shares the same sensor of GX7) was very very good, and the fine digital grain in high iso scenes (3200) gives the footage a nice cinematic grain without excessive loss of DR. A little remark on fast movements, perhaps, but it would be useful a more accurate test to verify it.

    To my eye, GM1/GX7 looks very natural on the cinema screen, much better than G6 footage...but it is also a matter of taste ;)

  • I recently obtained a GX7 and have to say Panasonic done a grand job with the camera. Video quality is excellent even the "low" bitrate its pretty robust in comparison to other "low" bitrate cameras ive used..certainly less video looking than the G6 and more natural skin tones...something ive always had an issue with the Pannys since the GH2.

  • I can confirm that skin tones are better in GX7/ GM1 than G6/GH2 for me too...

  • Is there more people here that uses a GX7 for filming? Maybe is time to open a Best Video Settings thread?

  • @Marciok I agree, I think we need that thread

  • @MarcioK that would be quite useful.

  • @Marciok I agree :) GM1 & GX2 are very capable camera, for low budget shooters avoiding heavy raw worflow the compromise between quality and size is really interesting :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I searched but didn't find anything on whether GX7 has been hacked? I like the IBIS and with a hack this could be a cool combination. Thanks.

  • @MarcioK I am GH2 enthusiast using a GX7 a lot at the moment for shooting video and Yeah, I think such a thread would be very helpful ;)

  • @DanPV Thanks for info.

  • @mikelinn I really enjoyed your video, great looking video from the gx7!!

  • @Manu4Vendetta The quality is better at similar bitrates to older cameras because Panasonic's latest video engines are using higher h264 profiles. Higher profiles activate more complex encoding processes within the h.264 specification. These require more complex hardware but give you better encoding performance.

  • @duartix this means that you need a more powerful processor on your pc to edit higher h264 profiles footage from GX7? or the hardware you say is only at the top of the process (the cam's processor)?

  • I've created the Best Settings thread, feel free to share your discoveries:

  • Anybody here able to offer a comparison between the GX7 and the GH3? Specifically low-light performance, EVF, LCD screen. I love the GH3, really want the GH4 but finding it hard to justify the cost when all i really want is a better EVF!