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Softbox to fit 5 CFL head?
  • Im looking to purchase this cowboy studio CFL kit:

    ...which includes this 5 CFL head.

    Are there any higher quality softboxes that will fit this head that I could upgrade to in the future? They all seem to have built in sockets or proprietary mounts.

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  • just my 2 cents, i've had 2 of these kits for over 2 years now and have used them countless times. i traveled all around the country with them and really beat them up, but I haven't had a single one break yet. no, they're not high quality, but i'm amazed how long they've lasted me. took a little bit to break them in so that I could set them up and break them down faster, but it quickly became a piece of cake.

  • @SeekingHeartwood Thanks for the comment, I wasnt sure about them as they look a little wobbly, but decent light stands can be found used pretty easily. Im glad they have worked well for you, hopefully they will last as long for me!