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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • That's inspiring stuff... can't wait to read the field review!

  • Can't wait to get an external recorder for this camera. Using Cinelike D -5 sharpness there is more real resolution than the BMC 2.5k and none of the aliasing or moire. The 4k codec is very impressive for what it is but needs more bandwidth for higher isos. Next up is putting it against the epic

  • @Tron I was using the Panasonic 12-35 and 45-150. Since DFD reportedly only supports Panasonic lenses you'd expect that they would outperform Olympus lenses.....

  • Silkypix (not free) also has GH4 support in the recent update.

  • @AdamT I suppose it's possible the DFD algo is slowing down the frame rate but boosting accuracy in exchange. I noticed my 45-200 didn't feel quite as snappy in AF-S, but I just attributed that to the quieter focus motor. Unfortunately I could not perform the same AF-C tracking test because it is not a close-focusing lens. I would not be surprised if Panny issues a firmware update in the next couple of months that refines DFD further or allow DFD to be disabled in the menu when needed.

  • GH4 only 8 stops of DR at iso 400

    Test by macgregor

  • Only 8 stops... 4K is not all... I prefer 2.5K with 14 stops of dynamic... Not the same price but wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

  • What has 14 stops, the bmcc? I dont think so. Real dr is more like 10 so 8 for the GH4 is believable but you have to remember it was a quick and dirty test.

  • So your comparing a $80K camera to a $1800 camera... Right... Ok that's cool.

  • No i'm not comparing. I just said i prefer the 2.8K from the Alexa. Everybody today is saying 4K is the future. Maybe everybody's right. But the definition doesn't make everything. Does your 50MP Nokia sensor on your phone is the killer to make good video for theatres ? Of course this is a big NO. 4K is not the only argument to take care of... this GH4 is such a killer in its price level, i'm ok with that. But when i'm shooting, i have to know if i can trust my gear... and this GH4 is, for me, a bit limited in its dynamic range to be the gear i would bring with me... and for this argument i'm saying i prefer other cameras... and particularly Blackmagic, which offer more flexibility to shoot with. That's my thoughts...

  • I agree completely actually, I work with ARRI here in Burbank, CA. The Alexa is still the king of the image (in my and several other people's opinion), That's why every major movie chooses Alexa. But 4K is the Future, But we do have to perfect other things like Dynamic range and image quality (codec) before you move on to resolution... Together they make a great image, you don't sacrifice one for another ARRI knows this. Unfortunately for everyone consumer demand dictates a need for something tangible and 4K is far more marketable than more dynamic range to the average Joe unfortunately. I agree I wish the GH4 could really nail the dynamic range bit, then it truly would be amazing but nothing is perfect, after all Panasonic is in the business of selling products to people, not studios or rental houses. Its a great camera, Can't wait to nab one myself. I agree for dynamic range the only thing that comes close price wise is the ever so difficult to live with, Blackmagic... I would say flexible only in its dynamic range, not its form factor, design or features.

    (It's also funny you mention 50MP Nokia Sensor, Because I actually have a Nokia Lumia 1020, and I must say it does take some nice 1080P video :)

  • @larouflaquette

    You simply cannot compare an $80K to a sub $2k personal prosumer one.......

    Blackmagic Pocket is great for Dynamic Range, but if you pull up a spec sheet the Panasonic GH4 is a much MUCH better camera overall. First and foremost it's a Hybrid camera where you can Shoot 4k Video + 16MP photos. Countless frame rate and recording format specs.

    Beautiful oled screen + evf. You ever try shooting with the Blackmagic's screen, you're basically shooting blind. I own a Blakcmagic Pocket Camera and for it's advantage in Dynamic Range I still prefer GH4 for an all around much better camera + excellent image when exposed properly.

  • Who is this MacGregor doing the tests ? and where do you see it is only 8 stops DR ?

  • Based on the way the DR test falls off, I wouldn't be surprised if the footage was not taking into account the superwhite workflow that seems to be doing the GH4 rounds at the moment. If that's the case, then there's at least another stop available.

  • I think there's a half or a third of a stop more somewhere in there at the most.

  • GH4 has abut 11+ usable stops of DR (this is also what Panasonic has stated) DXOmark gives it 12+ but it is 11+ usable DR. It is very OK in my opinion. For example Nikon D800 has almost 14 stops of DR in DXOMark score but in reality only about 12+ workable DR stops, so GH4 is not far away.

    By the way, I still can not understand the comparison with ARRI :), if you are not satisfied with GH4 and it's accessible price, go get the ARRI, o I forgot it is not accessible LOL.

  • Can someone with a GH4 test the DR of the camera with i.Dynamic set to low, medium and high? Despite what others have said about the feature on GH cams, I used it extensively with my GH3 for outdoor and well lit scenes with great results.

  • 11 stops? Can you please post something that proves that?

  • DXO Scores are all about the sensor in stills mode, video is a completely different matter as the RAW data is scrapped.

    The GH2 is about 9 to 9.5 stops in video maximum. From what I have seen the GH4 does better than the GH2 in both highlights and shadows. Since the GH2 is my primary camera now and I have been able to live off it for 2 years, the GH4 being better in pretty much every respect except price will do nicely in my shoots. DXO does help howerver in determining how good the sensor is and if Video mode could have more DR, and it is 1/3rd of a stop better than the GH3 which was already slightly better than the GH2. Good progress.

    Will you have to be careful about exposure? Of course same with GH2 but now you get 2 sets of zebras and much more tweaks like pedestal, 0-255, Cinelike -D and the possibility of 4:2:2 external recording whats not to like?

    I think we can all agree that the GH5 should be a 12.5MP sensor next time to cover DCI 4k at 8.84MP and 16*9 4k 8.29MP with room for stills up and down. The DR should be better. Now who at Panasonic will forward that idea? Probably it wont happen as the 16MP sweet spot for 4/3 seems to be what is required for stills.

    Until we get a studio controlled test with a scope for the true DR in video all of these tests prove nothing. I expect it to be around 10 stops which is what the Panasonic rep said at NAB. A conservative 10 stops he said.

    People expecting 12+ stops in a $1698 8bit H.264 body should save their pennies for a large pro camera.

    What makes me more excited is no aliasing or moire in 4k mode. That is a first for an ILC or SLR other than the 1DX and 1Dc.

  • GH4 apparently has a larger crop factor in 4K then 1080…

  • Can a GH4 owner test Wifi remote control with an HDMI monitor plugged in ? Txs !

  • @Chef FYI Most people here already know this.

  • @jamesgh2 thanks for that info. Will there be more dynamic range to work with when recorded 4:2:2 to an external recorder?

  • @manstok Usable DR yes, actual DR, no. Outputting 10-bit 422 means stuff won't break up quite as easily and if you have to push it, like you do with more limited DR, it will yield wider results. It's not going to be a magic bullet however.

    I expect this camera will be exposed to the left more often than not, as the highlights look delicate. With an external recorder, I'm expecting some of the shadows to come up nicely though. Internally it's going to look a bit crap.