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Thunder over Louisville 2014 (air show/fireworks, bmcc/5d3 raw)
  • shot on EF BMCC/5d3 mlv raw with canon 24-105 no LUT, only VERY minor color correction and WB adjust in resolve10. (dont' mistake compression for banding ;) I don't have the fastest internet in the world and had to get a 90gb uncompressed video to 1gb lol also, the 3 smudges that you may see in a few clips I think come from the "little ones" fingerprints lol)

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  • err, I'll get a vimeo version up. it depends on mobile device/country for it to play. may allow you to bypass it all and just directly download the video

  • Thanks. Good shooting. And interesting images and lighting there. I think you are on to something with your film. The juxtaposition of the crowds, casually playing cards and sipping slurpies. while overhead a staggering display of military ferocity plays out. Capped off with fireworks, you’ve got it all.

    I would imagine in parts of the world where these aircraft appear, a show like this might put spectators in the psych ward, dogs in the dog psych ward.

  • @bheath I could see that being a possibility lol This was all just messing around, no purpose honestly other than seeing how well a bmcc and 5d3 cut and low light performance.

  • They do so (cut together) well.