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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • I am more into super telephoto AP as opposed to widefield time lapse. My understanding is that the GH3/GH4 can do time lapse but there were some bugs with the GH3. I will try to shoot the owl nebula tonight.

  • I'm still waiting on my GH4 to arrive sometime today and I also wanted to try out some astro-photography but as a timelapse. Is it possible to do this with the in-camera time-lapse mode? It'll be nice to be able to do this in 4k resolution and set the shutter to bulb mode. Thanks.

  • @mpgxsvcd I'd be interested too, I imagine the HDR specs are similar to the GH3? but be interested in seeing any changes good or bad, thanks :)

  • @Tron

    Yup. If the weather holds I will get my 800mm F4.0 scope out. If not then I will take dark frames at the very least.

  • @mpgxsvcd You seem to be knowledgeable with shooting astro-photography on the GH3, any chance you can compare some long exposures on the GH3 & GH4 tonight (weather-permitting)?? Thx.

  • for my limited grading tests from online gh4 files (4k files), i feel like it hold more than i would have expected.Compared to fs700 slog2 (un detailed and lots of noise in shadow)files i recorded this summer, the IQ on the gh4 was clearly above (sharper and more detailed) the fs700 slog2 internal files , i say its almost like grading bmcc pro res to me , but a little bit more detailed than bmcc to me so far

  • EVF is money. Everyone knows I hated it on the GH3 but I don't use them anyway. This one looks just fine to me. I would use this one.

  • @mpgxsvcd and the IQ? To your liking?

  • @mpgxsvcd would be great if you can compare 96fps and 60fps mode , thanks

  • Focus tracking is now the best I have ever seen. Can't post videos yet but focus tracking will surprise everyone at 60p. 24p unfortunately was not as good for focusing.

    Burst rate at highest setting is almost too fast with afs. Lots of new menu items.

    Auto iso in manual photo mode is great.

  • Anyone tested how good is audio on GH4? I am very interested to know.

  • Lightroom doesn't support the GH4 RW2 format, yet. No DNG conversion support, either. Which means that you'll probably need to use the bundled version of SilkyPix if you shoot RAW (I haven't tested this).

  • That would be bad if it didn't support 128GB SD cards as I just ordered that Trascend UHS-1 SDXC from B&H!

  • Can anyone confirm if shutter speed can be set under custom settings, in the same way that it does so for ISO in the GH3 but inexplicably not for shutter speed? I'd love to be able to quickly go to a custom movie mode from photo mode and not have to frantically turn the dial to adjust the shutter speed...

  • you can't use auto ISO in Movie mode set to manual?

    @rickastro I did not see an option for Auto ISO in Creative Movie Manual Mode.

  • I noticed on page 203 of the manual that, when you are in Manual Movie mode that the [AUTO] of the ISO sensitivity will switch to [200]. So am I to assume that, basically, you can't use auto ISO in Movie mode set to manual?

  • If someone can check, I'm curious to know if it's true that stills shot with the electronic shutter are 10 bit rather than 12 bit files.

  • You'll need to use the Panasonic Image App to control the camera. The Lumix Link application will connect, but you will have limited functionality. In addition to stills functionality, the new app permits you to start and stop video from the iPhone. Yippie!

  • Not sure about this. However, the Advanced manual states that the GH4 only supports up to 64GB cards. Has anyone tested 128 GB cards with it? I believe that it will write to 128 GB cards but it may not recognize the full capacity.

  • Hm, it sounds like the addition of auto-ISO to manual mode may have been a bit of an after thought. I would imagine it's something that could be addressed in a firmware update.

  • Probable Issue: AF/AE LOCK will only lock focus (AFL) when in Manual Mode (PASM=M), Advanced Manual pg 159. Now that there is an Auto ISO option available in Manual Mode, the AF/AE LOCK function should also include exposure lock (AEL) when Auto ISO is engaged in Manual Mode so that ISO can be locked . The AF/AE LOCK button does work this way with Auto ISO in other modes (PASM=S for example) - assuming you have the AF/AE LOCK button configured to lock exposure in the Custom menu, of course.

  • @rNeil

    I only know of one person that has the GH4 already. Mine won't get here until Monday morning. They marked the shipments as weekday only since it needs to be signed for.

  • Ok, so I'm impatient ... a few of you have had your cameras in hand for at least four hours now ... where's the posts? ;-)