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Ask developers of the Panasonic Lumix GH4, plus, answers about the m43 format
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  • I have been wanting to ask/comment on this with Panasonic for a long time, so hopefully this will make the cut...

    • Is Panasonic aware they are missing out on the wildlife/sports segment of the market by not offering longer telephoto lenses?

    • Does Panasonic have plans to add longer telephoto lenses for its m43 cameras?

    • Will we ever see 3-axis stabilization on the cameras?

    Thank you!

  • May I suggest a hardware product or redesign for the YAGH interface? Its place and size can cause difficulties for some users: for example, one can't attach a set of 15mm rails and use devices like follow focus rigs. So I have two suggestions:

    1) Redesign the interface's case to incorporate a 15mm rail system: it might add two or three centimeters to the YAGH interface's height.

    2) Enable a remote connection to the YAGH interface: a small interface that attaches to the bottom of the camera, perhaps a centimeter high at most, and a cable that attaches to the YAGH interface somewhere nearby.

  • This topic is for SHORT and CLEAR QUESTIONS.

    Any thoughts, possible suggestions are nice, but not here.

  • Sorry for the length of my previous questions & commentary. Here are my questions, in brief:

    1. Will the GH4 be getting better support than the GH3?

    2. Will the GH4 be getting more/regular firmware updates other than the showstopper bug fixes the GH3 received?

    3. Can you see the value in providing 1 and 2 above?

  • GH4 went GLOBAL, so what is the reason that previous cameras were made region dependent (PAL/NTSC) Will Panasonic consider enabling this feature in other cameras by firmware upgrade? (it's clearly possible since, at least for GH2, this can be done with Ptool)

  • I am going to buy YAGH just to take it to pieces and convince myself that most of YAGH's inside is empty space. After that I am going to throw it away.

    1) Is Panasonic aware of loosing key advantage of m43: p o r t a b i l i t y ? (YAGH 'brick' case) 2) Is Panasonic aware of loosing portability due to 4:2:0 internal codec?

  • So many in this thread just sound greedy and or clueless whiners.

  • So many in this thread just sound greedy and or clueless whiners.

    For me - looks ok.

    Btw, if it was not asked yet:

    • Panasonic have any plans considering fixing horrible plastic skin tones produced by m43 cameras?

    Sorry, could not resist.

  • There are many useful suggestions in this thread. Since Nick has the attention of Mr. Koyama, it would be foolish to waste this opportunity. I propose that Nick submit two documents - a list of questions and a list of suggestions, with a note that Mr. Koyama need not respond to the suggestions at this time.

    Sound reasonable?

    • Will panasonic create a YAGH system with just XLR and battery grip ?

    • +1 @CFreak "Any plans for a servo powered zoom, like on an ENG camera ?"

    • What will be next to replace AF101 in the future ?

  • Can you ask if LUTs can be loaded in camera besides the cine-D and Cine-V. Thanks

  • Could Panasonic consider making electronic EF-m43 lens adapter-focal reducer?

  • Probably has been pointed out already, but regarding the GH3 I would really like to know:

    • if is possible to implement a higher bitrate in the intra modes which demonstrated too low on complex scenes?
    • focus peaking? to make up for EVF
    • and the colour shifting in timelapse (HUGE bug)?
    • Case the answer is yes, if Panasonic has plans to do it?

    This are just suggestions (4 firmware):

    • would be nice to be able to lock exposure with shutter button while focusing with AF/AE lock
    • have the WHOLE array of switch options in each of the five physical Fn buttons.
    • still that AE lock button assigned to focus-on triggered Focus assist when in MF mode.
    • and also that in C modes returning to menu goes to last access and not always in top C menu, very time consuming.

    Thank you so much Nick =)

  • I am constantly changing the settings on my G6 because the fn buttons are too easily pressed (especially when used for still photography in portrait orientation). I would like to see an option to require that two buttons must be simultaneously depressed before a setting is changed. Would this be possible with a firmware update?

    I really enjoy using the DMW-GWC1 wide angle adapter but it does introduce some distortion which is not corrected in-camera like with other Panasonic lenses. Would it be possible to add a menu option so we can "tell" the camera when the DMW-GWC1 is attached and have the camera correct the distortion?

  • @maxr - Ditto on the color shifting with timelapse. I see it even in RAW pics.

  • I would like to ask :

    1. why gh4 has no 2,35:1 cropmarks, or letterboxes for framing?
    2. Any plans implementing this function?
    3. Why panasonic didn´t implemented LOG color profile for gh4?


  • With regards to the future GH5 and all that may follow:

    1. Will you return to the multi-aspect sensor?
    2. Why stick to 16MP and not 12MP and improve low light sensitivity?
    3. When will you move from 12 to 14-Bit ADC?
    4. Can we expect implementation of H.265?
    5. Why not ditch the YAGH and make bigger, sturdier body with included SSD slot for 10 or even 12-bit recording, or at least with dual CF card slots?
    6. Any chance for on-screen cropmarks with different aspect ratios for better composition when shooting different projects?
    7. What happened with the micro color splitter technology?
    8. How about built in ND's?

    Thank you.

  • The GH4 seems to have a very complete package. Pretty great actually and already very little to be desired.

    Here is my list coming from GH2. I don't know if these things already exist on GH4/GH3/GX7 I've used Magic Lantern a lot before and some features I really miss.

    • widely available in April (Please,please get me one for my full month Masai Mara safari shoot in Kenya in June)
    • full sensor width 4k (I would prefer cropfactor 2 or better less)
    • selectable colours for focus peaking (can't see tiny red dots very well due to decreased sensitivity for tiny red/green spots), set sensitivity level, select colour/bw background and available in all modes including ex tele, focus assistant
    • build in ND would be very handy
    • EV value at focus point for quick exposure for skin tones
    • blue zebras underexposure, red overexposure. Set sensitivity level.
    • RGB histogram with red/blue/green dots appearing at clipping point and numbers for amount of 1/3 stops over exposed for each colour. (linear/log view ML style)
    • trap focus (release shutter/rec when subject is in focus at a pre set focus point)
    • HDR timelapse in 4k silent mode
    • wireless follow focus on AF stepping motor with the mobile app wifi, also program rack focus between hard focus points. Set point A and point B and rack speed.
    • turn tablet into full field monitor. Make the tablet compute overlay features that are missing in camera.
  • -Highly customisable picture profile software: supporting LUT and 2880x2160 mode(desqueeze in post).

  • Is there anyway to disable the 12-35mm exposure changes while zooming, eg provide a function to lock physical aperture?

    PS: I noticed that the 12-35 isn't a real constant aperture lens that Panasonic forced it to close down at the wide end, during a video shoot, slow zooming on the lens makes exposure jumps that is so disturbing.

  • @exhardy switch to manual exposure?

  • Here's my question, why all the crappy batteries? Isn't this bad for the environment?

  • Is it possible that GH4 could ever record Cinema DNG in 8-bit 1080p?

  • My couple of questions related to the Panasonic m43 cameras.

    • Any plans for the USB3 port? How about to provide an application programming interface (API] for tethering via WiFi and USB ports?

    • Any plans for a MFT camera with support of external GH4-type EVF? Can the external EVF be sold together with a camera as a kit option (with some discount)?

  • I'll add more serious question.

    How about GH4s (s comes from "secondary"). Same camera, same body, but lacking both internal EVF and screen, and with added connector for external Wi-Fi antennas (to allow long range operation).

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