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Extended Tele Converter (TEC) Mode wont activate on GH3. Any advices?
  • Hi there!

    I went to film racing event last weekend with my GH3. I've remembered playing with this option on my GH2 but then never require it really. I wanted to give it a go on this event.. and it dosen't activate. I mean it's available and goes to "ON" mode in menu but does not affect picture at all (it's still same focal distance being displayed.)

    I have being played it with different manual recording modes and while in preveiw and actuall recording mode. Tried different codecs and resolutions. I've swaped and tried 3 different lenses (20mm lumix, 35-100 lumix and 45olympus). I went to menu and used "Reset" option to bring camera to factory settings. No result

    Is there something I'm missing any advices before getting myself introduce to Panasonic customer service :) ?


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  • It's gotta be in cinema mode.

  • @pedrinho What kurth said AND any OTHER THAN 60p mode. For photos (digital zoom x2 or x4) only works with Jpeg and in film mode digital zoom works with everything; of course DZ comes with special shitty bouquet taste. Inte =)

    PS, probably you know, but TEC mode comes with (about) 2.4 times more noise as there is no downscale, in good light is less noticeable, but with lesser good conditions on in pushing grading it'll show for sure. That said, I use it all the time

  • I could swear I've tried both 50 and cinemode (PAL). It appear I didn't as it works as you have said. Thanks guys!

  • Glad you got it working, I was going to suggest dropping it from a balcony, that way you find other problems to deal with and you forget about the original:-)

  • Anyone know why Panasonic decided to NOT enable ETC mode with 1080p60? Almost all of my video is recorded at 60p (sports and want the slow motion). I just don't understand why.

    BTW, thanks to @maxr for the heads up. I was about to pull out what little hair I have over this!

  •'s gotta be in cinema mode .....ah's gotta be in cinema mode...ahhh

  • @kurth - If you are referring to the "camcorder icon" on the upper dial, that is what I shoot on, that is what I shoot on. ETC won't work on my camera when set to 1080p60... 1080p60... 1080p60... ohhhh. :)

  • apologies. Apparently you can use etc at 1080/60p on the g6, but not the gh3. I just assumed it was the same, but not so.

  • No problem. It irritates me because I do not understand what TECHNICAL reason there is for it... especially if it works on the G6, a just slightly newer (6 months) camera. UGH! :-/

  • If I remember correctly, the GH3 sensor didn't have a windowed mode (or a good enough windowed mode), making the readout speed insufficient to support 60p for that sensor area without binning.

  • @balazer - I'm not sure I followed all of that...

    However, if an attached ~$250-350 monitor can provide focus peaking, then I struggle to understand why the camera itself couldn't. Even if it couldn't be done at 60p, then focus peaking at 60i/30p or even 24p should be possible.

  • I was talking about ETC mode, not peaking.

  • Oh, sorry. Brain fart. I was thinking about another thread.. LOL! Oops!

    I just would have thought that it would have been easier to do a read from approximately 1/4 of the sensor than the entire sensor, even for 60p. After all, the same number of pixels are being read. I guess I can't understand why they'd intentionally exclude a feature of the full sensor when reducing the area read... especially for a feature they were already designing into the sensor/camera.

    Oh well, just another of the all too many things I don't understand... :)