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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • Thank you Vitaliy
  • Thanks for all the hard work Vitaliy! I am really looking forward to use the new Ptools 3.62, being a real fan of the GH1(3)/GH2(3)!!
  • I also removed 1920x1080 MJPEG size restrictions because PTool engine now can calculate necessary patch parameters.
  • wait . . . . MJPEG can go beyond 1920x1080?
  • That's what it sounds like but I'm wondering if it will be upscaled or closer to native. Sounds interesting to say the least. Probably will be more useful for anamorphic stuff.
  • @ishvar what steady cam is that?
  • that steady cam looks nice and compact...
  • @OSGondar

    Many people follow this topic, so either use PM or make new topic about this steadicam.
  • Upcoming PTool also will have some things for low GOP lovers (as it'll properly internally and transparently calculate changes to internal GOP related parameters for your new GOP length)
  • FWIW, my hacked GH2 (now with English menus) still produces a Japanese language screen on my Viera TV when connected via HDMI. The language applies to the control-buttons on the TV remote. Not a big problem, just a mystery.
  • Hi Vitaliy, is there any chance of adding unlimted exposure, instead of the current 30 second limit. Thanks
  • @ADB - You will find unlimited exposure in current ptool 3.62 in - Patches for end users - Movie related restrictions - 30min limit removal. Just check it:-)

    Oooops, see my mistake bellow, sorry!
  • @Tomaso

    He means maximum shutter time. I think.
  • Ooops, I see, 30 secs - 30 mins, sorry!
  • Both I and Chris are working on film modes.
    I also work on new HDMI patches that will be available to strike team members soon.
  • Sounds good:) Hopefully there will update the firmware, the new AVCHD spec. Then the whole, thanks to your work once more! One more question: Can we soon hope to telecrop hdmi with no problems?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for your reply, So as my request is more photographically related it wont be covered in any of your hacks?
  • @vitaly, i bought a gh2 about 4 months ago. I want to do high-end video production. i felt that the GH2 would be a strong platform, and heard that "hacks" would improve performance. with that in mind, i want max video potential with the highest bitrate i can, and i have no concern about photo settings. if you don't have a consolidation of all the settings, i'd be more than happy to help create one, but if you do have a consolidation of settings, that would be very helpful. last, if i mess things up, how easy is it to take the gh2 back to its original or previous state? ps: thx so much for all your work, i look forward to donating once my gh2 has been reset.
  • not sure what you mean by consolidation, but maybe check out this thread

    Going back to factory settings is very easy - you just use ptool to create a hacked version of the firmware with only the 'version increment' patch checked and load that onto the camera. Back to original settings.
  • Guys, who have extra GH1.
    I am searching for someone who could provide GH1 body for Chris (he'll return it if it won't be bricked :-) ).
    He is mostly focused on film modes research and having body at hand and making risky patches could speed it up very considerable.
    Results will be very useful for GH2 and other camera users, because film modes implementation is very similar among them.
  • Hi Vitaliy, is that possible to enable GH2 to use ISO above 3200 in video mode? I shoot underwater video and so I think higher ISO can be useful.
  • Hi all! So I'm aware many folks are working on the testing of the gh2 hack, and I was wondering when this would be ready for the layman gh2 shooter? I'm beyond excited to get some films made using it. Thanks!
  • it is ready, if you stay conservative. The main problem currently is that spanning (that ability for the camera to automatically start recording to a new file when it reaches the 4GB file limit) does not work reliably if you go much over the stock bitrates. If that is not important to you, its not hard to do. If it is important to you to have spanning (ie continuous recording for more than ~20min at a time (less if you set to a high bitrate) ) then use these settings: of mine - not a dramatic quality increase over stock, but spanning will always work, even on mediocre SD cards:

    Edit - the main problem as I see it - spanning may not be the main problem for others - don't want to speak for them